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from Atty. Orly Taitz

Orly Taitz met traveled to Washington, DC from Southern California on Monday evening and met with at least one congressman’s office on Tuesday regarding evidence of forgery, fraud, and Social Security fraud on the part of Barack Hussein Obama

(Mar. 6, 2013) — 14 U.S. Congressman and House Judiciary Committee were served with subpoenas with attached Urgent Demand for Verification to be provided within 2 weeks by March 19th. If they do not comply, they are in contempt of court. Most of the congressmen served are members of the Judiciary committee. Most of them are attorneys, former prosecutors and judges. Proof of service on every Congressman is being posted on orlytaitzesq.com today and tomorrow. Copies are being sent by certified mail to the US Attorneys’ office-Department of Justice and are being filed with the presiding Judge Morrison C. England. Donations to cover expenses are greatly appreciated. Law abiding U.S. citizens have a right to contact their congressmen and demand that they comply with subpoenas expeditiously.

More information and posted proofs of service on OrlyTaitzESQ.com

Donations can be made through paypal on orlytaitzesq.com or by mailing to

Defend our Freedoms Foundation

c/o Orly Taitz

29839 Santa Margarita ste 100

Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca 92688


 A video of Taitz’s visit to Rep. Jim Jordan‘s office explains that Taitz has brought evidence of Obama’s use of a stolen Social Security number and identity documents.

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  1. I had a hard time understanding Orly Taitz’ youtube at Congressman Jordan’s door!
    What are the details of the subpoenas. What do they have to produce within the two weks?

  2. Let’s see how they try to spin this one on Orly this round and what excuses they will try. All theses politicians have to be removed and replaced and imprisoned.