I’m Asking: What’s Wrong with Americans?


by OPOVV, ©2013

Why is the United States giving Communist China “most favored nation” trading status?

(Mar. 6, 2013) — Visiting other countries around the world, from Cyprus to Hong Kong, I always make it a point to ask the “Average Joe” what they think about my country, and the answer is always the same, no matter where I am in the world: “Nobody understands America’s foreign policy.”

“Well, welcome to the club, because even we American citizens don’t understand it, either” is how I reply. And it’s true. Our State Department (and some say the Pentagon) is so messed up that they’ve no idea who our friends are and who our enemies are. Not a clue.

Look at the complete fiasco in the Middle East. Because our politicians refuse to be weaned from petrol dollars flowing into their campaign treasure chests, America is still dependent upon foreign energy supplies with no end in sight. And because of the total ineptitude of our politicians, our dollars are going to Muslims who in turn buy American weapons, American radio and television stations, advertising agencies, businesses, and politicians.

It’s a workable strategy waged by the enemy, so we end up financing our own destruction.

Let me see if I’ve got this right: we’re a country operating under Capitalism and we’re borrowing money from China, a Communist country? It doesn’t make any sense; it just doesn’t add up. And on top of that, we’re giving China a “Favored Nation” trade status, but they don’t reciprocate, which puts us at a monetary deficit. Equal trading partners puts the balance at $0.00, but giving China an unfair advantage cheats all our other trading partners.

These days, most Americans get their news from one source that’s controlled by the puppetmasters of Obama. Most Americans have been really dumbed-down since World War II with welfare and the Teachers’ Union, and the fact that the usurper, Obama, is the de facto president proves my point. No longer “What’s best for America?” but it’s the uninformed just going along for the ride, “Whatever makes you feel good, and don‘t confuse the issue with facts.” Birth Certificate, anyone? Here’s a thought: Republicans are more likely to give a helping hand to those in need than a Democrat. Surprising, yet true.

We’ve a very, very serious problem here in America, and it’s caused by a total disconnect with reality. For some unexplained strange reason, Americans somehow refuse to associate the behavior of Muslims in every other country in the world with the Muslims in America acting the same way, and it’s just a matter of time until they do. The fact is, they’ve already killed a bunch of us; Ft. Hood is but one example.  They have brought their own sick Sharia law with them, specifically so-called “honor killings,” which doesn’t get the coverage in the news as it would had not the mainstream media been bought and paid for by Muslims.

The TRUTH is out there, and it’s not from Western Civilization’s point of view: it’s Muslims telling us exactly what they have in store for us: Muslim clerics in America spewing the same message of hate and destruction as their counterparts in the Middle East, England, Sweden, and the rest of Europe. I suggest we pay attention and block any Muslim immigration and start to think, seriously, about deporting those who are here. If we don’t take action to save our country, they’ll be nothing left to save. There will be no America, no Civil Rights, no Constitution, and no Freedom.

There are some Americans left who still view Islam as a religion and still believe that Obama showed a legal Hawaiian Birth Certificate. My question is directed to them: what’s wrong with you people?



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  1. danamco   Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 3:31 PM

    From half of the country’s Average Joe/Jane you would NOT get an intelligent answer on that matter!

    If you ask what they think about “The American Idol,” well then they would tell you EVERYTHING from the show!!

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