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by Sharon Rondeau

Whatever-his-name is now denouncing the sequester cuts as “dumb,” even though they were his idea

(Mar. 1, 2013) — The absence of increases to fund state and federal programs known as “sequestration” suggested by Obama in the debt ceiling negotiations of summer 2011 have “come home to roost” as of Friday.

Following a meeting with House and Senate leaders this morning, Obama held a press conference during which he said that the budget cuts necessitated by the sequester are “dumb.”  Since Republicans will not agree to raise taxes to meet Obama’s demands, Obama has thrown up his hands, claiming that he “is not a dictator.”

But he is a dictator, and more and more people have realized it.  He is also a criminal, as some of his closest friends from Chicago have gone to federal prison or are awaiting sentencing.  The rest are still trying to make the most of a serious crisis.

In the days leading up to the sequester, Obama peddled fear, mourning in advance the predicted loss of military jobs, teachers, child care workers, and TSA workers.

While Obama has called the sequester cuts “dumb,” Virginia Senator Mark Warner has called them “stupid.”

Beginning in 2008, those who raised questions about Obama’s birthplace and eligibility were ridiculed, marginalized, defamed, and accused of being racists.  However, Obama’s claim of a foreign father naturally led to study of the Framers’ intent when they included the term “natural born Citizen” in Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution.

During the 2008 campaign, a short-form certificate bearing Obama’s name was released on several websites which was quickly declared a forgery.  After mounting pressure, including from business magnate Donald Trump, on April 27, 2011, Obama claimed that a certified copy of his long-form birth certificate had been posted on the White House website.  Within hours, that image was also denounced as a poor forgery by many experts.

Complaints to members of Congress and state legislators have fallen on deaf ears.  Ballot challenges filed lawfully during the 2012 primary season were routinely decided against the challenger despite affidavits alleging the forgery of Obama’s birth certificate and his use of a stolen Social Security number.

In August 2011, two Tea Party groups approached Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who called for a Cold Case Posse to investigate the long-form birth certificate with the purpose of “clearing the president.”

However, one year ago, Arpaio held its first press conference during which the lead investigator stated that there was “probable cause” to believe that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration card were “computer-generated forgeries.”  At that time, the posse reported that it had identified the computer used to upload the forgery.

During the 2008 campaign, Obama deceived the American people, stating that he believed in the Second Amendment, yet decrying “bitter clingers” who owned guns and read the Bible and is now actively taking steps to diminish Second Amendment rights.  During his first term, his Department of Homeland Security, led by Janet Napolitano, devised the “Sovereign Citizen” program, which labeled anyone defending the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, home-schooling, and the Bible as a potential “domestic terrorist.”  Obama has now formed a new group to ostensibly monitor “online radicalization,” which is code for those who oppose his treacherous policies and flagrant constitutional violations.

It is no surprise that last week, Joe Biden falsely claimed that “No ordinary American cares about their [sic] constitutional rights” while in “the Constitution State.”

The 2008 Obama campaign limited the information it gave the media and reportedly intimidated major media executives by threatening to revoke their FCC licenses once Obama took office.  There is reason to believe that the 2012 election was stolen by Obama operatives who committed election fraud in every possible way.

Obama gambled that the press would keep its silence, even as bloggers, writers and opponents of his policies were threatened online and via telephone regularly.  Journalist Bob Woodward recently confirmed the tactics the Obama regime has used against anyone who criticizes his actions.

Today, Obama says that the sequestration cuts are “dumb,” but they were his idea.  “What more do you think I should do?” he asked his audience after his morning meeting.  He thought that the press would continue to cover for him indefinitely, but even the most stalwart “reporters” have finally begun to expose his lies, including his sequester fear-mongering.

If he lied about the effects of the sequester, is it such a stretch to believe that he has lied about his birthplace and other personal details?

Obama’s cabinet members are rapidly departing the regime which they helped to build with enthusiasm just four years ago.

Obama gambled that his true history would never be discovered, but investigators could be close to assembling the puzzle pieces.  He appears to have lied about his parents, childhood, adulthood, and identity.  His sycophants’ charges of racism against those who have correctly identified him as traitor to the United States of America ring hollow in the wake of the biggest heist in American history.

Anyone who believes that he can attain and maintain the highest office in the country with fraudulent paperwork and not be caught is “dumb.”  And anyone who helped him do it is dumber.

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  1. “What GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND!” and “You can FOOL SOME of the People SOME of the TIME, BUT NOT ALL of the People ALL of the TIME!” applies here~
    “EGO and STUPIDITY are just like OIL and WATER~they DON’T MIX”~