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by Sharon Rondeau

Hamilton County, OH

(Feb. 27, 2013) — Breitbart is reporting that an organization whose stated purpose is to “equip citizens to take a stand for free and fair elections” told them that Obama campaign workers had sought to identify people associated with the group in Hamilton County, OH during the 2012 election.

TruetheVote.org believes that the identifications were made by matching emails obtained through open records requests with “known True the Vote affiliates in the area.”  President of TruetheVote Catherine Engelbrecht told Breitbart that the Obama campaign had given “time and effort to remove citizens that are well-versed in Ohio election code from the process.”

Hamilton County elections officials have issued subpoenas to 19 people suspected of voter fraud and nine witnesses, with a total of 80 people under suspicion of having voted multiple times.  One poll worker openly stated that she did so to make sure that Obama was re-elected.

TruetheVote recently filed a lawsuit against St. Lucie County, FL challenging the outcome of the congressional race between then-incumbent Allen West and his Democrat opponent, Patrick Murphy, who was declared the winner after a sudden spike in votes showed him ahead of West.

The Post & Email contacted TruetheVote for an interview but did not receive a response.  We also suggested that they request a forensic investigation of the voting machines used in West’s district as well as a CPA audit as called for by the Citizens Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Several groups have asked Congress to investigate reports of widespread voter fraud in the 2012 election, but both chambers certified the electoral vote count on January 4, 2013 without an objection.

The Ohio Secretary of State has asked all of his state’s county election boards to review complaints of voter fraud following substantiated reports of voters, including at least one poll worker, voting multiple times in the 2012 election.  An independent election integrity organization reported that in North Carolina, more than 11,000 votes were illegally registered for Democrats.  North Carolina narrowly went to Mitt Romney.

Obama’s alleged win in the state of Florida was reported to be .9%. In Virginia, Obama led by about 1.8%.  An article from The Denver Post reporting that Obama won 50% of the votes in Colorado has been removed, having been replaced by a photo of a cat and a mountain lion.

In the weeks leading up to the election, Mitt Romney had polled ahead in many national surveys, including those completed by Rasmussen and Gallup.  Pundits Karl Rove and Dick Morris had predicted a solid Romney win, as had the University of Colorado, which has correctly predicted the outcome of presidential elections since 1980.  Viva Colorado reported that because of very close polling numbers, “Obama’s Colorado team was banking on freshly registered voters in this state.”

TruetheVote accepts complaints of voting irregularities on a submission form here.

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