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by Sharon Rondeau

Barack Hussein Obama has been accused of identity fraud, ineligibility, and treason, yet he remains the occupant of the Oval Office

(Feb. 14, 2013) — The Washington Times is reporting that a letter sent by the White House to Capitol Hill claims that Obama “didn’t make any phone calls” on September 11, 2012, the night a U.S. mission building was attacked by terrorists, resulting in the deaths of four Americans.

The letter, which was reportedly directed to Sen. Carl Levin, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, does not appear to have been published as of this writing.

CNN made reference to the communication but said only that Obama, “according to the letter, did not speak to the Libyan president until the evening of the day following the violence.”  Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reportedly spoke to the leader of Libya the evening of the attack.

As hearings proceed on the confirmation of former Sen. Charles Hagel for Defense Secretary in the Senate, Sens. Lindsey Graham, Kelly Ayotte and John McCain said they want questions answered about what Obama was doing the night of the attack before voting on Hagel.

The full Senate is expected to take a vote on cloture, which would end the debate over Hagel’s qualifications, on Friday morning after a cloture vote failed on Thursday afternoon.

Outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta testified on February 7 that he had briefed Obama on the attack at 5:00 p.m. during a face-to-face, previously-scheduled meeting.  Some reports have stated that Joe Biden was present at the meeting, while some contend that Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Gen. Martin Dempsey was a third party present.  During his testimony, Panetta claimed that Obama left all decisions up to Dempsey and him that night and that Obama did not speak with them again.

As of this morning, McCain said he had not seen the White House letter allegedly explaining what Obama was doing that night.  According to The Washington Times, McCain said, “We still don’t know what the president of the United States was doing the night of the attack and who he was talking to. We know who he wasn’t talking to.”

Does McCain know that Obama was talking to someone?  If Obama did not “make any phone calls,” did he receive any?

The Times also reports that Panetta “told Congress last week that he knew immediately the attacks were a terrorist assault, though the White House downplayed that notion in the first five days after the attack.”  In actuality, the White House insisted for weeks that the Benghazi incident was a result of a spontaneous protest sparked by an anti-Islamic video produced by a Muslim living in Southern California with a criminal history, including using multiple identities.

Panetta’s claim to have told Obama at 5:00 p.m. about the attack differs from that of Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer (Ret.), who said that his “sources” informed him that Obama was with other officials in the Situation Room receiving a briefing “in the middle of the business day.”
Fox News reported in late October that a “stand-down” order was given to the U.S. military in regard to sending military assistance to Benghazi, and Panetta has claimed that there “was not enough time” to prepare a response “without adequate warning.”  Both Dempsey and Panetta intimated that “armed aircraft like F16s could have done more harm than good in a chaotic situation.”
Other former military members have stated that help could have been sent swiftly and could have come only from Obama.
Both Dempsey and Panetta have been accused of treason against the United States for failing to attempt a rescue or assistance mission on September 11, 2012.  Obama has been named in the commission of treason on numerous occasions with no action taken on the part of government officials.  His regime leaked serious national security information last June for which “the White House” was identified as the source.
Emails released among the State Department, White House, FBI, CIA and other officials reveal that the State Department knew of the attack by 4:05 p.m. EST.  However, the timeline provided by the Obama regime does not match the reports of Middle Eastern journalists.
While CNN has reported that McCain “is satisfied” with the information the White House provided to Levin, Fox News tells another story.
In breaking news on Wednesday, a law enforcement investigation into Obama’s background is continuing, with the suggestion that identity fraud has taken place.  On Friday, two cases will be considered for a hearing by the U.S. Supreme Court alleging Obama’s ineligibility and having committed document and Social Security fraud.


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  1. The face of a political criminal,usurper,Radical Black Sunni Muslim following in his father-Malcolm X’s footsteps to put America down and slowly bleed America dry. Counting on the average person’s lack of care or interest in the government, it has been working so far. They also blocked all legal channels to prosecute them. God must intervene soon since it may take a complete collapse of America even to begin to wake up most of the population.

  2. The rumors of a botch kidnapping attempt (going wrong)in exchange for the blind terrotist of the 93/wtc attack makes more and more sense!!!

    WHY was Amb. Stevens ordered to Benghazi without proper security on 9/11, hmmm???

  3. So it was blamed on a muslim who has multiple identities and living in California. Sounds like he too has all the qualifications necessary to be the president.

  4. 16 Special Operation soldiers were at the compound with a Colonel in charge. Who gave the orders for them to transfer (TDY) out of the compound in mid October leaving them vulnerable? High Treason, Perjury, Election Fraud, Identity Fraud, planned murder, Misprision Of Felony, Obfuscation.