My America, Part 2


by OPOVV, ©2013

(Feb. 5, 2013) — In my America, everyone is a Patriot, is proud to live under a system where the rule of law applies equally (that means that politicians don’t get a free pass stealing from the taxpayers). Speaking of politicians, the positions were never envisioned as a permanent vocation, but rather, a burden to bear for those with the ability and the inclination to serve for the greater good. There is no doubt that the morass our country is in today is due to Senators and Representatives in Washington overstaying their welcome. Today’s goal for a newly-elected Senator, for instance, is to get reelected, to sell his soul and our county’s soul (the Constitution) for any vote, irrespective of the cost, in any form, be it in actual dollars or turning his back on the Oath that he was required to take when assuming office.

All human enterprises share one thing in common: the level of success is determined by the people involved. This is especially obvious in a small business, or on a Navy ship, where each person has a position, or billet, to fill. If a coworker calls in sick or a sailor is killed in the line of fire, then someone else must fill the vacuum. Many of America’s corporations are so infused with incompetent employees, as with government departments, that replacement employees are, in many cases, hired because they are less qualified than the person who is doing the hiring, because the hirer fears for job security. I always hired the best I could get, someone who could fill my shoes, my replacement ready to take the reins when the call came for me to move up the corporate ladder.

On paper, the concept of Affirmative Action is a noble one, but the implementation of the program has cost our country dearly, so much so that people cast their ballot on the basis of the tint of a person’s epidermis rather than the intellect and character between the candidate’s ears. In my America, the standards are never diminished to accommodate, but rather the applicants are afforded every opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to qualify for the position which they seek, be it higher education or a place of employment.

Sometimes a club or organization changes over time. Old members are replaced with different agenda-driven members, so what was once a beneficial endeavor becomes a liability, and the perfect example of that situation in which we find ourselves is that of the UN.  My America has walked out of the “Islam Admiration Society” (United Nations) and kicked them out of our country. Let them admire themselves in the next Islamic Totalitarian country: England.

There is no valid reason under the sun why we should have to put up with one illegal immigrant within our borders, and the only reason why we have any is that our politicians don’t care about the laws of the land, and the departments that are supposed to enforce the law find it more convenient to warm the counter stools at the local donut shop.

Giving so-called “amnesty” to people who knowingly break the laws of our land demeans them and doesn’t say much for their regard for us, when you stop and think about it; something that, clearly, our politicians continually fail to do: think.

Will the world ever see the likes of a country that embraced Freedom for all? It’s THE question of the times, is it not?



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