So What’s “Illegal?”


by OPOVV, ©2013

(Jan. 30, 2013) — It’s like turning the light on and watching all the roaches run for the hills, but it’s even worse when they don’t run, then you know you’ve a real problem.  A couple of years ago they had a rally for “immigration reform” in Charlotte, NC. It was a Spanish-language affair, with thousands of people protesting.  It was not what the banners proclaimed – “Immigration Reform Protest” – but protesting the police issuing DUI’s to “guest workers.” True story.

I went down there that day and witnessed thousands of illegal immigrants yelling that they didn’t want any more drunk driving arrests, that driving drunk was, believe it or not, a cultural thing that was an integral part of the Spanish speaking psyche, that it was anti macho to be subjected to be placed under arrest, handcuffed, and suffer the indignity of not being allowed to cause mayhem and destruction at will. I kid you not.

At the end of the day, with thousands of lawbreakers within a space that could have been easily cordoned off, not one arrest was made by ICE or any other law enforcement agency whose job it is to keep unwanted people from being within the borders of the United States.  Not one arrest, nobody was deported, and yet they were out in the open ripe for the arresting. Thousands of them.

This is how simple it is: those government employees who are not doing their jobs, such as the government attorneys who fail to prosecute law-breakers, to those who fail to arrest law-breakers, and those who refuse and/or fail to deport law-breakers, deserve to be fired and their pensions denied.  It’s not complicated.

We see our politicians hide and cower whenever the word “illegal” is used to describe someone in our country without the proper legal authority. I, for one, am just sick and tired of hearing about “Black voters” and “Spanish voters.”  What we have are “American” voters, or we would have if the agitators would just shut up.

The trouble is, there’s absolutely a complete lack of leadership, which is why this “immigration reform” nonsense will take hold with nary a mention of “illegal immigrant.”  The dumbing-down of Americans is just about as complete as it’ll ever get.


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