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by Paul Driessen and Patrick Moffitt, ©2013, blogging at MasterResource

(Jan. 31, 2013) — An exhaustive new report by Paul Driessen and Patrick Moffitt describes New York’s long history of hurricanes and vicious northeasters, dating back to 1667 – and the intense efforts by New York and other politicians to use climate change as a scapegoat for their mishandling of “Superstorm” Sandy. After making numerous decisions that greatly magnified the likelihood that Sandy would have devastating impacts, they are now desperate to find convenient blame-avoiding explanations for death and destruction that were caused in large part by the same politicians’ ill-advised decisions on real estate development in low-lying areas, poor storm preparation, misleading warnings about the storm, and inadequate to incompetent responses in Sandy’s aftermath.

Driessen addressed many of these issues in an earlier article that received extensive coverage. Now he and Moffitt expand on that effort, providing far more detail on the actions and timeline of this disaster. Their new report – “Superstorm Sandy” – can be read in four parts on the Master Resource website, beginning on Thursday, January 31, and continuing through Sunday, February 3.

(Part I: Spinning Climate, Weather for Political Points; Part II: Warnings Given – And Ignored; Part III: Political Actions; Part IV: Questions Needing Answers)


This report should be required reading for every policy maker, city planner and resident of areas susceptible to hurricanes and other major storms, especially in the New York / New Jersey area. It is vital that residents learn what to do, what not to do, and what tough questions to ask now – so that disasters can be minimized the next time a hurricane or other “super storm” hits a major metropolitan area … as will inevitably happen.

We hope you will read our article, quote from it, post the Master Resource link, and pass the link on to your readers, friends and colleagues. The lives and property this might save will be priceless.

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