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Why was there no one available to sign for a certified letter to U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts?

(Jan. 22, 2013) — This is the certified letter to Chief Justice Roberts.  I checked on the progress this morning as the tracking had been claiming Jan 18th delivery, but still showed it at the “sorting facility” as of yesterday.  Today they show it as “undeliverable” as there was “no authorized person to accept” it!  When I have telephoned the Supreme Court, I am told they will NOT accept telephone calls or email, ONLY snail mail?  I phoned them again today and they would not put me through to Roberts office, but they did transfer me to the mail room where I GOT A RECORDING.  I left a message asking if they can NOT be called and will NOT accept mail; HOW DO WE CONTACT OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS?

Sure SMELLS to me!  I am totally blown away by the fact that Roberts could “swear in” this imposter FOUR TIMES with not even an apparent twinge of conscience!
They are a bunch of tyrannical hypocrites!

Certified Mail: 7010 2780 0000 1768 8214

15 January 2013


The Chief Justice of the United States

United States Supreme Court Building

1 First St., NE

Washington, D.C. 20543

Ref: Case No: 12A606


It is my understanding that you have scheduled a February 15th conference on Case No: 12A606 (Noonan, Judd,  MacLeran, Taitz vs Bowen).

Although I am terribly disappointed that this conference was not scheduled until AFTER yet another fraudulent (in my mind and the minds of many who honor our Constitution) inauguration; I guess in light of the corruption, the anti-American and anti-Constitutional slant of the current government, I should be glad a case has gotten THIS far rather than again being cavalierly dismissed without any admission of any of the alarming evidence that accompanies what is probably the most important fraud ever perpetrated, FAR exceeding that of “man-made global warming”.  I hope this scheduling is NOT indicative of a lack of seriousness being given to this assault on the very bedrock of our Nation and does not serve as a sign of support for the status quo and of further support for this leftist coup engulfing our Republic.

Mr. Chief Justice, I entreat to not only your sense of Justice and respect for the Law and our Constitution; but with a deep thought of the very intent of our Founders in protecting our fledgling nation from the danger of a potential commander in chief who might NOT be fully committed to their new “experiment in Liberty”, and to the blood shed over the years by the myriad of brave Americans who sacrificed so much over vast portions of this World protecting those very liberties that God has given a free people.

That a person would seek the highest office in the land, yet defiantly REFUSE to prove WHO HE IS and that he is even ELIGIBLE; but instead would resort to countless misleading pieces of disinformation (provided both from within and without, government) culminating in multiple computer-generated and other fraudulent “documents” while at the same time spending MILLIONS of dollars keeping written records of his past hidden from view, OUGHT to cause alarms of GREAT magnitude.  Unfortunately, these are being ignored by the very persons that We the People have chosen to represent us and to enforce the law.  Truly a sad day for the United States of America.

Your handling of this case will let us know whether this coup has succeeded and our Nation is doomed as the last hope of Freedom on this Earth; or if the light from Liberty’s torch shall NOT be darkened but will continue to beckon those seeking God’s freedoms, while the scales of Justice will once again be honest and impartial to further protect those freedoms and once again there will be honorable people who UPHOLD their Oaths of Office to our (salvaged) Constitution!

Thank you for your attention, sir.


Richard H. Irish
Korean”Police Action”era E-5


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  1. danamco   Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at 12:19 AM

    I agree fully with the text in his letter. But it is going NOWHERE, because people need to understand that this HIGH authority is being faced with “Breitbarting” and it has tricled all the way down in our society. The so called Conservative media and others are totally AWOL on this issue, just do not make any SENSE!!!

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