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by Sharon Rondeau

Why does Obama never mention the contribution to black equality that Malcolm X made?

(Jan. 22, 2013) — A company has manufactured canvas prints and note cards depicting the trio of Barack Obama, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X.  An artist drew them together on Monday, January 21, the day designated as a federal holiday to observe Dr. King’s birthday, as Obama reportedly took his oath of office on a King family Bible.

Obama “inscribed” the King Bible at a family member’s request.

King was a civil rights leader who grew up in the segregated South and was assassinated in 1968.  Malcolm X worked for civil rights for blacks in what he saw as a racist nation.  King and Malcolm X were born several years apart and had known each other, having met on the steps of the U.S. Capitol in 1964. Their names are often linked by members of the black community. Malcolm X was assassinated on February 21, 1965 at the Audubon Hotel in Harlem.

Although initially at odds with one another’s philosophy, Malcolm had agreed just before his death that King’s peaceful methods in attaining they equality blacks sought could be effective.  A play was written about what an informal meeting between the two might have been like.

Dr. King’s widow, Coretta Scott King, said in an interview in 1988 that she believed her husband and Malcolm could have been “a force for reconciliation and healing” of large numbers of black people.

King was a Christian pastor, while Malcolm converted to Islam while serving a federal prison sentence during the 1950s and became a spokesman for the Nation of Islam.  Both “had a dream.”  Both King and Malcolm had spent time in jail.

While Malcolm was considered “controversial” and “polarizing,” King was known for “nonviolent protest” to achieve civil rights for blacks.

Grudgingly, the mainstream media has acknowledged questions over Obama’s purported long-form birth certificate, which has been declared a forgery by a law enforcement investigation with the request for a congressional investigation.  Whether or not Obama was born in the United States is only one factor in determining whether he meets the constitutional requirement of “natural born Citizen” outlined in Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the Constitution.

A cmmon understanding is that a person born in the country is a “natural born Citizen,” although Obama’s biography stated for 16 years that he was born in the country of Kenya before it was altered in 2007 to say that he was born in Hawaii.

Malcolm X became a Muslim while in prison, and in 1964 traveled to the Middle East, where he saw Muslims of all races worshiping together. Like Obama in 2009, Malcolm visited Cairo, Egypt and many other Muslim countries, coming to be known as the “Muslim from America.”  Non-Muslims are traditionally not permitted to enter the Grand Mosque, but an exception was reportedly made for Obama.

But was it an exception?

Obama has traveled to many of the same countries that Malcolm did.  Was Obama’s trip to Mecca a “pilgrimage” of sorts?

Malcolm had reportedly said, “America needs to understand Islam, because this is the one religion that erases the race problem from its society.”

In 2008, Obama referred to his “Muslim faith” to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, with Stephanopoulos prompting Obama to correct himself to say “My Christian faith.”

Malcolm had spoken about “chickens coming home to roost,” as did Obama’s former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who taught Black Liberation Theology in his church, which the Obamas attended for at least two decades before distancing themselves from Wright during the 2008 campaign.

Are Obama’s “chickens” coming home to roost?

Some say that Malcolm and Obama look alike.  One researcher believes, and many have speculated, that Malcolm X is Obama’s biological father, not Barack Hussein Obama from Kenya.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Baptist preacher and civil rights leader who was assassinated on April 4, 1968

King was named “Man of the Year” by TIME Magazine in 1963 before political correctness made Obama “Person of the Year” in 2012.  Both King and Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama and Malcolm both went to the United Nations to solve problems.

King had written in a letter from jail that he had opposed communism, although Obama has embraced the “spreading around” of wealth to the point where wealthy Americans are forfeiting their citizenship and leaving the country.  Malcolm might have been a socialist, and Obama has arguably demonstrated a commitment to a socialist agenda.

King advocated non-violence, while Malcolm used the term “by any means necessary” to achieve his objectives.  Obama has embraced both non-violence and violence, if deemed necessary to “defend his nation.”

While Obama has spoken of Dr. King in a proclamation and at a memorial opening for King last year, as the White House website extols King’s work, there is no mention of Malcolm X’s contributions to the civil rights movement, influential though he was.  Why not?

Was Malcolm too much of a “provacateur?”

Would a biological connection between Malcolm and Obama have caused a change in identity so that Obama could enter politics without anyone knowing his true past, which might have been too controversial for him to be elected to public office?

Has Pen Johansson been too busy to write for the last two months?

Where did Malia get her long, thin face?

Why does Obama have an apparent Connecticut Social Security number, alleged forgeries for birth certificates, a fraudulent Selective Service registration, and tell varying stories about his mother and other things in his past?

A street in Harlem and numerous schools have been named for Malcolm X.  Many streets and several schools have been named for King.  Numerous schools were renamed for Barack Obama.  But what if that is not his real name?

What if it is “Bari Malik Shabazz?”

Is Obama’s occupation of the White House a continuation of King and Malcolm’s crusades against racism?

Why has Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri compared Obama to Malcolm X?  Are there eerie similarities between the two?

Malcolm “inspired” blacks to form The Black Panthers in the mid-1960s.  Members of a spinoff group, The New Black Panthers, were not prosecuted by Eric Holder’s Department of Justice after blatant voter intimidation in the 2008 election.

Why does Obama not speak of Malcolm X?

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  1. It’s as suddenly we are all living in the Congo under Idi Amin! “Who’s yo’ daddy?” is top of the list. We don’t even know WHO is running the “House” or what his real name is! We can’t find out either since they planned early on to not allow anything through our “Corporate Trust Law” court system and “no standing” is now used every day to blow Criminal Indictments out of every court in the land against Obama, all set up by Hillary probably before the California Taitz/Judge Carter case and as we found out, Perkins Coie DNC Law firm in Seattle had a temporary plant sitting in Carters office in California till that case went away. Since they are the DNC firm who holds Obama’s papers and have been paid over $4 million in taxpayers money to keep his records from the public, no one knows what really is going on and no attempt has been made to order those records released by any court. We are dead in the water and going no where fast and it seems more people each day are coming on board to try to make money on this and all the hype but nothing is being done anywhere. The Chicago Machine has been successful at not only counting on America’s bureaucracy and inability to act in this type of usurpation but it is the greatest money laundering scheme and press lock down the U.S. has ever seen. Treason,Perjury,Identity Fraud,Election Fraud,Misprision Of Felony.

  2. Q: Why does aka Obama not speak of his true father, Malcolm X?

    A: Mom will bop him on the head if he spills the beans, after all these decades of successful deceit.

    With nearly two years investigating and observing 17/7 aka Obama, I can say this: as ruthless, callous, strategic, cynical and power addicted he is, it truly does bother him that he can’t brag about his dad. He idolizes him. What’s more, the limited time they spent together when he was an infant / child are probably his only truly happy memories.

    As for Malcolm, were he here to weigh in, I sense he’d be hurt. And furious. What good was it, for him to risk all for the inroads he made, only to have his “Messenger’ son disavow him?

    Like all of us, Malcolm had his faults. His deficiencies.

    But he had true courage.

    Next article, Sharon: Why does “Barack’s” mother – Jo Ann Newman – continue to lie about who she is? Why does she hide, pretending she’s dead? How does SHE justify her betrayal of Malcolm X, the man she claims to idolize? How does she justify the scheme she and her brother, socialist political genius Dr. Fred Newman, concocted to sneak “BHO” into The White House?

    As my elderly aunt says, “What a group!”