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by OPOVV, ©2013

How many people have been taken in by the Obama mantra of “hope and change” and “Forward?”

(Jan. 21, 2013) — By all means, surrender; after all, we wouldn’t want anyone offended. Tell you what:  take all the “political correctness” in the world and allow me to deal with it as I see fit.  It will only take a microsecond, and I’ll put it on Youtube for all to watch.  Now you see it, now you don’t.  Kaput.  Ancient history, so I guess there’s nothing left to see.  No Youtube, “pretend sorry.”

For those of you who have been paying attention to how Muslims are destroying the European countries and Merry Old England and Civilization, congratulations:  let me say “thank you” for retaining your humanity in the Sea of Disinformation. It’s too bad the rest of humanity isn’t as astute, and because of their failure to understand what’s at stake, we are all in jeopardy.

Even at this late date, there are bureaucrats who have absolutely no understanding that it’s Islam itself that is the enemy, and not a “handful of radical terrorists.” There’s one heck of a leap from “a few” to billions, from moderate to make the earth red soaked with the blood of Infidels.

As I said, Europe is getting closer, day by day, to waking up under the cloud of Sharia Law forced down their throats. The good people of these European countries know the score, but their politicians and religious leaders are selling out, showing the world that they are “progressive,” “tolerant,” and “understanding” when, in fact, they have been suckered into believing the delusions that respect comes from what you are willing to give up rather than standing for what is right. Reminds me of Pol Pot’s (pay attention: a communist dictator) brother who killed his parents, sisters, aunts and uncles to prove to the Khmer Rouge that he was “one of them,” that he was free of the bonds of family, that he was, in fact, equally delusional as the rest of the trash that believed in a Totalitarian system of government over the fidelity of the family unit.

Government, by its nature (definition), is the enemy of Free Will. Of course, if everyone acted out his fantasies, we’d end up in Anarchy, each one of us a Nihilist, pursuing our own desires, becoming pathological serial misfits. Laws are there to protect the ability to raise the young so they’ll become productive members of the society. When we have laws that are opposed to producing beneficial members of our society, we enter the road of no return; we enter the Death of a Nation.

Look around you, and look no farther than the people we have in Congress for a collection of despicable and undesirable people who have no inkling of the harm and prolonged damage they have done, and are doing, to America. No idea. They pass laws which aren’t needed but give government additional powers which are at odds with free enterprise. The government supports the Teachers’ Union, but Johnny can’t read. As a matter of fact, our standards have slipped so much that our high school graduates are not even in the top ten worldwide. Affirmative Action has lowered the standards. America, year by year, falls farther and farther behind so that all we end up with are people who are unable to think for themselves, giving us a major embarrassment like Obama and Congress, Hope and Change, and Forward to a dismal and bleak future.

We allow mosques to be built, for God’s sake. Let’s wake up from this nightmare and PAY ATTENTION.


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