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by Sharon Rondeau

The Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights states, “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

(Jan. 14, 2013) — At a campaign stop in Lebanon, Virginia in 2008, Barack Obama stated that he had no plans to confiscate Americans’ firearms.  “I believe in people’s lawful right to bear arms,” he told a crowd of apparent supporters.

But did he really?

In 1995, Obama’s putative attorney general, Eric Holder, expressed his support for “brainwashing” young people to turn them away from firearms and violence.  Holder had suggested looking to “change the hearts and minds of the people in Washington, DC,” presumably meaning Congress, and to convince people that it was not “hip” to carry a gun.  Washington, DC had a gun ban in place for 32 years until the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional in 2009.

On Monday, Obama stated that he has the authority to act “without Congress” on gun restrictions.

Some states have taken action to nullify any federal firearms legislation or the enforcement of such laws by federal agents. A newly-elected member of the House of Representatives has suggested that he might draft Articles of Impeachment against Obama if he should declare new gun restrictions by executive order.

Holder has been roundly criticized for what his role might have been in the Fast & Furious scandal in which guns were knowingly transferred to Mexican criminals to allegedly trace where they were used.  A U.S. Border Patrol agent was killed by a gun traced to the operation as well as several hundred Mexican citizens, including teenagers.  During the 2012 campaign, Obama reportedly lied about when Fast & Furious was launched.  White House Press Secretary Jay Carney also falsely stated that Fast & Furious was launched by the Bush administration.

An Inspector General’s report issued in September did not point to Holder as a guilty party in the failed operation, but House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa stated that the committee’s work was “not yet done.”  Holder claimed that he had not known about Fast & Furious until May 2011, but Issa does not believe that to be the case.

In 2011, Obama stated that he believed in the Second Amendment but expressed a desire “to prevent straw purchasers from buying caches of weapons, transporting them across the border” as Fast & Furious unfolded.

Obama claims he was born in Hawaii, but a law enforcement investigation has shown that there is no evidence of it, nor that he is even an American citizen.

Two days after the theater shooting in Aurora, CO in July, Obama flew there to comfort grieving survivors and injured victims.  Two days after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Obama visited the surviving family members.  In both cases, he was depicted as providing comfort to those who lost relatives by “giving hugs and shedding tears.”  Was it really Obama’s “job” to “be there, to listen and console, and to offer help even when the only thing within his grasp is a hug”?

Do these smiling children belong to grieving families?

Connecticut’s governor, Dannel Malloy, told ABC News that authorities “surmised” that the perpetrator of the shooting committed suicide after attacking a second classroom of first-graders.  Connecticut State Police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance stated that anyone posting “misinformation” about Sandy Hook could be prosecuted but did not name the various mainstream media outlets which made statements contradicting what became the official narrative.  Vance has been with the state police for 38 years.  Within days, Vance announced that the investigation would last several months and a motive for the crime would not be made public “before President Barack Obama make a push for new gun control regulations.”

On January 11, Malloy sent a solicited letter to Biden urging further gun control and thanking Obama and him for their “leadership,” which Malloy described as “profound.”  Malloy does not believe that Connecticut’s current firearms restrictions go far enough and opposes the idea of armed guards or teachers in schools.  “Freedom is not a handgun on the hip of every teacher, and security should not mean an armed guard posted outside every classroom.”

A week after the shootings, the NRA called for armed guards in every school but not “outside of every classroom.”  Some school districts, including children from the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, now have armed police officers or security guards in place.

Search warrant affidavits related to the Sandy Hook perpetrator’s moves on the morning of December 14 were ordered sealed for “another 90 days” at the end of December.

Does “fake material” include disagreement with the official story?

On December 24, a Florida State University professor presenting an analysis of the shifting “corporate news media” reports on Sandy Hook reported that Connecticut chief medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver II “and State Police drastically change[d] the story on what weapons were used in the shooting.”  Prof. James Tracy and his employer have been excoriated by Newtown First Selectwoman Patricia Llodra, who reportedly said, “Shame on you, too, FAU, to even have someone like this on your payroll. I can assure you sadly that the events here in Newtown unfolded exactly as are being reported, with the horrible outcome the violent death of 26 innocent people, including 20 children.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper called Tracy and others questioning the official narrative “conspiracy theorists.”  The mainstream media has also called those questioning Obama’s truthfulness about his origins and presentation of a birth certificate alleged to be a forgery “conspiracy theorists.”

Biden’s son, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, stated that his father had spoken with many of the Newtown victims’ families as part of his task force investigation.

Many have questioned the narrative which claims that a lone, emotionally disturbed young man perpetrated the murders of 26 people within the school by presenting the contradictions which have arisen since the crime was committed on December 14.  The day after the attack, teachers were lauded for their bravery and the saving of lives, but how were those details known so early on in the investigation when Vance reported that it would take several months to complete?

Following Sandy Hook, Holder met with Biden and then traveled to Newtown to “meet with first responders and law enforcement officials.”  Since then, the Obama regime has been determined to “reduce gun violence,” and putative Vice President Joe Biden was selected to head a task force to study the issue and report his recommendations within a short time frame.

In 2009, a program had reportedly been in place to fund enhanced security at Connecticut schools, but the money was utilized to help alleviate the state’s budget crisis.

Before completing meetings with representatives from various groups on both sides of the gun control debate, Biden announced that “executive action” could be taken which would circumvent Congress.  On Monday, Fox News reported that Obama had “renewed his threat” to use executive orders to change U.S. firearms policy “with or without Congress’ blessing.”

While an Illinois state senator in 1994, Obama voted against a proposal which would have allowed a person to defend himself with a handgun in his own home.  The bill passed the Illinois legislature on November 19, 2004.  A school board in Obama’s “home state” met on Monday to discuss deputizing several teachers by allowing them to carry handguns for use in an emergency.  Other towns and school systems are considering other measures to be enacted.

Biden had authored the assault weapons ban which was in effect from 1994 to 2004 which Sen. Dianne Feinstein is seeking to revive.  Obama and Biden reportedly plan to enact restrictions which are more stringent and “more comprehensive” than the assault weapons ban.

If Obama intends to “vigorously pursue” more restrictions on firearms ownership, did he really support the Second Amendment in 2008?


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