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by OPOVV, ©2013

The Bill of Rights contains the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution, which were actually ratified before the Constitution in 1789.

(Jan. 9, 2013) — To cut to the chase, the Constitution’s Second Amendment is as much as “crossing the line” as it is about anything else. It’s an “either/or” proposition: there’s no ambiguity nor “interpretation,” and this is how it works.

The way the system is set up, there are checks and balances put in place so the Constitution can’t be trashed.  But what if the three branches of government all break down at once and the Constitution is totally ignored?  What then? And what is the meaning of the Constitution in the first place that has a separate heading about weapons to protect it?

The words “Rights” and “Freedom” are interchangeable; they’re synonymous. The sole purpose of the Constitution, the only reason why it was written in the first place, was to define the limits of the government over the people.

When the government, for whatever reason, disregards its limits, it is not only the Right of the people, but their Duty, to correct the situation. It is reasonable to assume that after ALL avenues of redress have failed, that the threat of an armed insurrection be implemented against those who have caused the harm in the first place. Deadly force is the ONLY option left to secure the foundation of the Constitution if the offending parties refuse to relinquish power.

Who in his right mind would desire Tyranny over Freedom, Slavery over Civil Rights, and Repression over Freedom? What sort of intellectually-challenged individual would strive for additional censorship, book burnings, hampering religious thought over mind control, or a philosophy marketed as a panacea for each individual’s woes?

Certainly the victims of the recent mindless slaughters are to be mourned, those who died in theaters and schools, but those atrocities have no bearing on the validity of the Second Amendment’s purpose to protect the Constitution, to protect the Rights and Freedoms for all of America’s citizens by the only means left to dispose of the people who would take away the People’s Freedoms.

There are those who wish to deny the Freedom of Speech, and those same people want to eliminate the very means to insure the Freedoms of the First Amendment.

The Second Amendment is not about hunting for the sustenance of the appetite; no, the Second Amendment is to protect the sustenance of the mind.


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  1. OPOVV,

    You rhetorically ask, “But what if the three branches of government all break down at once and the Constitution is totally ignored?” Of course, that is exactly what happened in the late 1800s.

    It was the goal of international commercial interests to neutralize the U.S. Constitution so they could control American commerce (the coming Industrial Revolution) uninhibited by American government. They succeeded by scheme of ending Congressional sessions, beginning in the 1850s, sine die (i.e. without day [to reconvene]) thereby requiring a quorum to open the next session. The session that closed on March 27, 1861 would leave the Congress without quorum, due to the political split that commercial interests had contrived (driving States to secede). By April 15th shots were fired, Abe Lincoln had declared martial rule via executive order (without constitutional authority) and ordered Congress to reconvene that July 4th. Thus began the de facto (unlawful) United States government. We remain under martial rule and now thousands of Executive Orders.

    During the chaos of Civil War, between then and February, 1871, the de facto federal government set itself up for continuing authoritarianism, having adopted the unlawful 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, having changed the meaning of legal words, and having confused issues of individual rights among the North, the South and the Emancipated.

    That February, the U.S. Congress enacted the “District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871” which, under authority of Article I, Section 8, clause 17, allowed them to install a municipal government in parts of Maryland and Virginia ceded for that purpose, not to exceed ten miles square. The name of this NEW private, internationally owned government is the “United States” and goes by other copyright names. It consists of three branches of government functioning under its secret Board of Directors and CEO/President, and of United States citizens, all of whom are corporations and other fictions (not People), including States and government agencies, with names spelled in capital letters. (See 14th Amendment.)

    Are you a (territorial) United States citizen and “subject to” its jurisdiction; or are you a Citizen of the united States of America? Respectively, are you a registered voter, a licensed driver, pay taxes on income and real property, and etc., i.e. a U.S. citizen; or are you one of We The People who Declared their Independence in 1776, who subsequently created constitutions, intending not to be worse off by doing so but rather to create it for protection of our Rights?

    We The People need to reconvene under the Declaration of Independence and repeat history, hopefully without violence, by temporarily withdrawing everything and everyone from the central government, perhaps to another Congress under the Articles of Confederation, long enough to reestablish sovereignty to the States and to the People, to clean federal house, and to reopen a LIMITED central government for the united States of America that is CHAINED to the Constitution.

  2. Excellent and concise editorial, OPOVV, thank you.

    Years ago I read the book “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen.

    In 1972, Allen wrote with Larry Abraham None Dare Call It Conspiracy (prefaced by Congressmen John G. Schmitz), a best seller which achieved sales of over five million copies worldwide during the United States presidential election.[7]

    In this book, Congressmen John G. Schmitz says in the Introduction, “The story you are about to read is true.” Allen goes on to assert that the present political and economic systems in most developed nations are the result of a sweeping conspiracy by the Establishment’s power elite, which started in the early 1900s. According to this theory, this has been a four-step process:

    Establish an income tax system as a means of extorting money from the common man;

    Establish a central bank, deceptively named so that people will think it is part of the government;
    Have this bank be the holder of the national debt;
    Run the national debt, and the interest thereon, sky high through wars (or any sort of deficit spending), starting with World War I.[8]
    He quotes the Council on Foreign Relations as having stated, in its study no. 7 : ”The U.S. must strive to: A. BUILD A NEW INTERNATIONAL ORDER.” (Capitals in the original).[9]


    I believe you can download it here.


    Keep the faith, and stay alert.

    1. Thank you.
      What you say is true, but there’s a fly in the ointment: billions of crazed psychopaths who care nothing for rational thought, democracy, the rule of law that protects the weakest in the society, women and children.
      These savages will attack the banker just as easily as anyone else, yet these nameless and faceless manipulators will continue to finance theft and turmoil and end-up suffering the same fate as us all, much to their surprise, although it shouldn’t come as a surprise, after all, if you handle a poisonous snake one would expect to get bit.
      Keep Your Powder Dry

  3. THE “OBOTS” suffer from delusions of “FREE Forever” and stand in line at “THE TROUGH of FREEBIES!” Free Telephones, 47 Mil. on “FOOD STAMPS and Cards, along with WELFARE Pay-outs attest to these facts. 1.5 MILLION Illegal votes in CA. are further proof=positive. A Dr. has stated that Society is “Raising Delusional Narcissists”, continuing exposure to extremely violent TV, Video-Games and nightly “Fun-Activities” such as “Drive-By Shootings” and continuing DIS-Respect for “The Other Guy” in our society just add confirmation of the truth!?
    “WE” are our own “Worst Enemy”, and continue to degrade the “Sanctity of the Family-Unit” with Gay-Marriage, Single-Parent, latch-key Kids, e.t.c.
    This Republic was founded as “ONE Nation, Under GOD with Freedom and Liberty for ALL!”, is says nothing in it Charters about Stupidity, DIS-Respect for the Creator or our Fellow-Man.
    “As ‘YE Sow, SO shall ‘YE Reap”~applies here~

    1. In addition, the simple answer is: IF Freedom, Liberty and Justice and “Love of Country” are NOT taught, the why would we expect to see any other results from “Delusional, Self-Centered, Egotistical Narcissists?!”