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by Martha Trowbridge, ©2013, blogging at Terrible Truth

(Jan. 10, 2013) — America, if you have visited this blog to discover the Truth about the man who presents as “Barack Hussein Obama II”, it is only fitting that you seriously ponder my request: over the next several weeks, as information pours forth, and accusations fly, Let Us Resolve This Peacefully.

Since my work commenced on 4 April 2011 at the bequest of The Holy Spirit, I have discovered unspeakable Political Evil at work in our sacred country. It is Evil long ago conceived, and for many decades brewing.

I have also discovered the emotional/mental histories of several human persons drawn into this Political Evil. For many key players, they are spiritually dark histories – lives that would be understood in secular terms as ‘traumatized’.

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  1. This is not about Obama.

    It is about the international commercial interests having taken the reins of American government from We The People during the the past ten generations. They effectively suspended the de jure (lawful) U.S. Congress on March 27, 1861. On that day Congress ended its session sine die (without day to reconvene) and would be unable to open a new session for lack of a quorum, due to secessions. The subsequent unconstitutional declaration of martial rule by Executive Order of Abe Lincoln marked the begining of the de facto (unlawful) U.S. government that seeks to destroy this country.

    During the following 10 year Season of Treason these same international commercial interests had the de facto U.S. Congress pass the unlawful 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, change the legal meaning of words in law, and by way of the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871, seat their privately owned foreign corporation, named the “United States,” as a new municipal mock 3-branch government, whose “citizens of the United States” are corporations and other fictions, “subject to the jurisdiction thereof,” to include all the states of the union and the corporate fictions created in our names (in all capital letters) upon our birth through whom they conduct commercial business and presume us to be.

    Instead, this is about extricating this cancer from our midst, perhaps through outright Nullification of the de facto United States. We need to restore states to sovereignty by our shutting down the foreign owned District of Columbia and the de facto (unlawful) U.S government it supports. We can temporarily survive the transition quite well as a confederacy of up to 50 nations under the Articles of Confederation, until such time that the U.S. Government can be restored to a de jure status under the original U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and new elections held, this time with strict vetting of all U.S. candidates, manually controlled elections, and chains.

  2. The word and spirit of God and of the people is being spoken. Many Citizens, Veterans and Patriots are listening to the stupidity of this DICTATORSHIP coming from Washington like a broken record that has been playing for over 4 years as criminal assistants of the usurper tangle their web of deceit and theft of America’s resources.
    Soon the soul of America will speak and there is no telling how great that sound will be. The Russian Revolution in 1917 happened to rid themselves of a Czar and Communism was born. Then, the Communist Party’s attempt to take over Germany in the late 1930’s caused the Nazi Party to form as resistance against Communism, leaving 50 million dead. Communism never controlled Germany but destroyed every country it entered from that time. A system created by Marx, Lenin and Engels, Godless Socialists, left every country ravaged by their “socialist” system. Today, we have the same people in Washington’s Democratic Party who in great number belong to the “American Communist Party”. America may be either returned to our Constitutional Law and a functioning Judicial or we will return to a previous time in history when citizens died to keep their freedom and way of life while forcefully removing corrupted people in government through the Constitutional Grand Jury Process or other necessary means.

    1. Well gigclick, you have nailed it again. I always enjoy the clarity of your thoughts, as in…”over 4 years as criminal assistants of the usurper tangle their web of deceit and theft of America’s resources”. What a terrible waste of time, lives, energy and resources when greedy people claw their way into Government and into trusted positions. The founding Fathers warned us of this sort of thing, but if any good is to come out of this it is a big reminder of how easily we can get off the rails by stupidity and greed. Instead of rounding up guns held by good people – we should start rounding up the perpetrators of evil in our government and courts.

  3. Martha — I have read & memorized almost everything that you have written regards Malcolm X Jr. You are very brilliant. I commend you for your work. When I was a youngster in Philadelphia, I WAS one of those altar boys participating at MASS; indeed I was the head of the altar boys, and was the personal attendant of the Bishop or the Cardinal at “High Mass” on Easter and Christmas. I believe in God. Personal experience with evil men (lawyers & politicians, ironically) starting in 2003 put me on a survival course that continues until today. Fact (based on actual experience) — when you persist, and expose evil & wrongdoing, and then have the “Elites” of those organizations handed the results for action — they always turn against the complainant (me) the relentless digger for truth; they cover for their own, and try to dismiss the complainant; if you do not go away, they try to destroy you. It simply is !! So, all should continue to pray, while sharpening both their sticks and their marksmanship skills. “Their is a time to every purpose under heaven” ! God helps those who are excellent marksmen.

  4. 99.99% of Legal, Peaceful Avenues have been Rejected with “You Have NO Standing!”~Therefore the Answer becomes “ONWARD to CONCORD and Boston Harbor~ONE if by Land, TWO if by Sea and THREE if OBAMA!!