Todd Sweet: “It’s a Win!” pb


by Todd Joseph Sweet, ©2013

Judge Carroll Lee Ross presides in the Tenth Judicial District of Tennessee, which includes Monroe County, where Todd Sweet was tried and convicted. Jury selection in the district has been revealed to be routinely “rigged.”

(Jan. 4, 2013) — [Editor’s Note:  The following is part 4 of a series of articles written by Tennessee state inmate Todd Joseph Sweet regarding a post-conviction petition he filed with the Monroe County Criminal Court after new evidence appeared which directly impacted his sentence and incarceration.

Sweet considers Judge Ross a criminal and “a liar” for failing to intervene when the district attorney general’s office allegedly committed “blatant illegalities” against Sweet and a second defendant during a murder trial.  Sweet claimed that Ross was biased and had a “vested interest” in the outcome of the case and had therefore contended that Ross should be “disqualified” from presiding over his post-conviction petition.

The Post & Email has reported widespread judicial corruption in the Tenth Judicial District and throughout the state of Tennessee over the last three years in the cases of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, Sweet, Rex Peak, Darren Huff, Karen Caldwell, Heather Wilder, and George Raudenbush.  Others are waiting for their stories to be told.

A Tennessee appellate court judge agreed that Ross’s decision should be vacated, although not for the reasons Sweet had provided.  Here, Sweet explains why Judge Joseph M. Tipton found Ross’s ruling “absolutely wrong” on a technicality under a rule of the Tennessee Supreme Court.

Upon release, Sweet looks forward to reuniting with his daughters and asks the readers to pray for their well-being.  He also expresses his sorrow at the Sandy Hook shooting.  A practicing Christian, Sweet has contrasted the good and evil he observes in the world and particularly in Monroe County, where he states that “Satan has his claws deep.”

Sweet is a prolific writer and has been assisting fellow inmates with legal pleadings.  He also is a talented artist and has sent The Post & Email a hand-drawn Christmas card and other artwork.]

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