Update on Atty. Orly Taitz’s RICO Case in Mississippi


by Sharon Rondeau

Atty. Orly Taitz has several active cases challenging Obama’s candidacy for president based on affidavits and other evidence that Obama is using a Social Security number and name which were not originally his

(Dec. 5, 2012) — Atty. Orly Taitz is a co-plaintiff with several others, one of whom is a Mississippi resident, in a lawsuit which charges Obama, Obama for America, the Democrat Mississippi Democratic Party, Hawaii Department of Health Registrar Alvin Onaka; Health Director Loretta Fuddy and Rep. Nancy Pelosi with racketeering, fraud, and forgery.  Taitz has cited “multiple criminal statutes” to prove her claims.

The last hearing in the caseTaitz et al v. Democrat Party of Mississippi et al, #3:12-cv-00280-HTW-LRA, took place on November 16 in Jackson, MS in a five-hour session in which Taitz faced five attorneys hired by Obama and the other defendants.

A law enforcement investigation yielded the conclusion that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration card are forgeries.  Taitz has included affidavits from Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the lead investigator of the Cold Case Posse, Michael Zullo, attesting to the findings of the posse which were announced at two press conferences on March 1 and July 17, 2012, respectively.

Taitz told The Post & Email that the attorneys representing the defendants intimidated the plaintiffs by sending a letter threatening sanctions of $25,000 or multiples thereof, causing two co-plaintiffs to ask the judge’s permission to withdraw from the case prior to November 16.  Obama’s attorneys demanded that Taitz “stop defamation of our clients and attorneys,” but she denies any defamation.  “We supplied affidavits,” Taitz said.  “I obtained affidavits from experts saying that what Tepper and Begley (Obama’s attorneys) submitted to the court was actually a forgery of a forgery.  They submitted to the court a document which detailed clear signs of manipulation, new layers; they changed the color of the document; they lowered the white halo effect.  I think Obama and his attorneys are concerned that if one judge is not corrupt, then they are in trouble; they are all going to prison.  Those are serious crimes that are being committed.  So they told all of the parties, ‘We want you to stop the defamation; we want you to dismiss it with prejudice, and we want you to pay us $25,000, and if you don’t, then we’ll go after you for more money.'”

Taitz’s response to the letter from Obama’s attorneys was that “We haven’t done anything wrong; I’m not intimidated.”  On November 24, Taitz submitted a Supplemental Brief asking the court to stay the certification of the November 6 election results from Mississippi, citing a “stolen Social Security number,” Obama’s “use of forged IDs” and a “name not legally his.”  Taitz stated in her brief that “Governmental employees can be sued in RICO for actions taken while holding public office and/or misuse of their public office.”

One of the plaintiffs in the case, Leah Lax, had run for president as a Democrat and has asked Judge Henry Wingate to allow her to be removed, claiming severe illness.  On November 16, Wingate asked Obama’s attorneys their response to Lax’s request, which they said they opposed.  Wingate then asked Lax for a doctor’s note documenting her illness, which Lax was reportedly unable to produce.  “She never produced a doctor’s note and then made up a new story:  that she didn’t sign the complaint and that her signature was cut-and-pasted,” Taitz said.  Taitz has provided email evidence to Judge Wingate showing that Lax had, in fact, willingly joined the lawsuit in April by indicating, “Here is my signature; go get him.”  The email chain was also provided to The Post & Email.

A third plaintiff has copies of the emails in which details of the case were discussed.  “When people get emails like this from attorneys representing the sitting U.S. president in which they are saying, ‘We are going to go after you for a multiple of $25,000,’ people are scared.  We’ve seen judges who are corrupt and were paid off and acted in a very irrational manner.”

Taitz said that Lax’s claim that her signature was “cut-and-pasted” was an accusation against her which Taitz had to address.   On December 3, Taitz filed a Motion for Sanctions against Lax with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi, where Wingate presides.

Taitz cited numerous judges who have “buckled under pressure” when eligibility lawsuits have been filed against Obama. Regarding the Obama regime’s position, “They feel they are invincible,” she said. “Just recently, Obama’s Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, came up with a new economic proposal.  In it, he had the gall to ask Congress to take away the whole system of checks and balances and all control over the debt ceiling so that this band of thieves, this Chicago mob, will have carte blanche to waste millions of dollars going to their cronies, to foreign banks, just to have an orgy of looting of this nation, and then all of us will be stuck paying for it. I know that people are scared; I know that people are intimidated.”

Taitz reported that on the 16th, several observers told her that her arguments were persuasive and her knowledge of the subject matter very high.  “This is the most serious breach of national security and treason in the history of this nation.  We have corrupt judges aiding and abetting this.  I have to do what I have to do,” she said.

6 Responses to "Update on Atty. Orly Taitz’s RICO Case in Mississippi"

  1. LoveToCompost   Friday, December 7, 2012 at 7:41 PM

    Jedi Pauly, I like your sharp, logical arguments, but are you going to walk the talk you stated in your first entry, namely, to neither pay nor file your federal taxes as an act of civil disobedience to an illigal and non-representative federal government? If you cannot answer, that’s understandable. Hope to read more of your provocative critiques of the good, the bad, and the ugly strategies for rescuing our America that has become FUBAR.

  2. Jedi Pauly   Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 1:19 PM

    What defense? There is no defense possible. Military personnel do not have the right to challenge a sitting President even if he is not nbC. The military is subordinate to Congress. The military cannot overthrow the executive branch by disobeying orders. Congress did that when they installed Obama and only they can lawfully remove him and restore things.

    Only Congress has that right, and a civilian can challenge Obama’s authority under the right circumstances. Col. Lakin is not entitled to any discovery because none is necessary and any evidence would be irrelevant anyway. Mr. Obama was born to a foreign father by the evidence that is already public knowledge. That disqualifies him end of story because he can never be nbC. It is also irrelevant to Lakin because that fact does not give Col. Lakin the authority to disobey orders that come from the Office of President no matter who occupies that office. Therefore, the judge acted within her rights and authority and no rights of Col. Lakins were violated at all.

  3. OPOVV   Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 7:20 PM

    Dear Jedi,
    I know you mean well, but:
    Justice? You want “Justice”?
    I’ve yet to hear LTC Terry Lakin’s verdict being overturned and all who had a hand in having him railroaded in a kangaroo court martial, plus everyone in congress not lifting a finger when his Constitutional rights were denied him by not allowing Lakin to present a defense, charged with obstruction of justice, because I sure as hell missed it, and so did everyone else.
    The courts have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that any redress will have to be done “by other means”.

  4. Jedi Pauly   Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 2:27 PM

    Orly has proven herself to have hutzpa. Now if she could just understand, that by voluntarily paying her taxes under the Obama regime, she is waiving any claim of injury due to Obama not being nbc, and herself is committing a criminal act, and is complicit with the fraud. She could have a proper case that could very well stop Congress and Obama, if she would just stop paying her taxes in order to claim her liberty that is being robbed by Congress, Obama, the government by massive conspiracy to defraud and enslave her, and all American citizen taxpayers. She could have herself and any taxpayer as a plaintiff since now voluntarily filing your tax return under Obama is actually an unlawful act and complicit with treason.

    The injury that Orly has is the same that any taxpayer has, and that is taxation without representation, which is by definition, Slavery banned by the 13th Amendment. You no longer have a valid representative government with Obama illegally at the helm that Congress illegally installed him. Therefore, by voluntarily paying your taxes under Obama, you are waiving any claim of injury and become complicit in fraud, and you are cooperating with your own enslavement.

    Those who will complain about Obama not being nbc, but voluntarily pay their taxes, they just look like hypocrites or cowards. I know Orly is not a coward. Perhaps she is not a hypocrite because perhaps she just does not understand the proper avenue of attack by the citizen when a fraudulent President assumes power, and no one in government will exercise their duty and responsibility. Until you are being confronted with jail time for nothing more than lawfully securing your liberty against a fraudulent President and government, by not paying your taxes that you cannot now pay under Obama without committing a crime against yourself and country by enslaving yourself and being complicit with treasonous fraud, will you have a case that will have the political clout that can expose and remove Obama.

    As long as judges have nothing to fear by not obeying and enforcing the law, then their will be no rule of law. Until a judge is being faced with putting someone in jail who is obviously innocent, who’s actions are both lawful and warranted, like not paying your taxes under Obama, will a judge be faced with the political and moral crisis that just might cause him/her to obey the law, regarding nbC, to protect both the defendant and himself against Obama and Congress. I think that only a case like that will ever have a chance of using the court and legal process to obtain any justice.

  5. Loggia   Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 7:13 AM

    She deserves America’s thanks. It is a shame that WND does not report as thoroughly as they could about any of her cases. WND knows as we all do that the Constitution WILL be the winner in all of these travails, but one wonders if that publication does not want to share the glory. In good ole American fashion, working together is the best way. Just ask the Amish!

  6. OPOVV   Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 5:11 AM

    Dear Editor,
    I’m one of the plaintiffs in this case (3-12-cv-00280-HTW-LRA) and I can say that the lawyers for Obama have brought up every imagined reason under the sun, including the proverbial kitchen sink, except the reasons why we’re in court in the first place, the facts why Obama is Constitutionally ineligible to hold the office of president, to make the judge rule in favor of dismissal.
    We’ve all heard the stories and jokes about “ambulance chasers” pertaining to lack of morals to get a buck, but these lawyers for Obama have opened a whole new joke book for the lengths they are willing to stretch credibility to have this case dismissed.
    All I can say is that I hope Judge Wingate rules in favor of the law rather than let “The Dark Side” dictate the outcome, as has been so miserably done in every courtroom with the Constitution as the defendant for the past four years. Once in awhile, the old saying “you can’t see the forest for the trees” is applicable, and this is such a time.
    Had the Secretary of State and the Attorney General for the State of Mississippi done their job in the first place, none of us would have to go through this unwarranted charade.

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