Obama “Won,” All Right


by Martha Trowbridge, ©2012, blogging at Citizens Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

(Nov. 30, 2012) — The Forensic Investigations and certified CPA Audits of the 2012 Elections haven’t commenced. Yet report after report of MASSIVE 2012 VOTER FRAUD stream in.

The latest? Virginia. Another state Obama claimed as ‘his’.

In breaking news, Daniel Noe at Western Center For Journalism is reporting “Virginia’s State Board Of Elections Secretary Has Been Informed Of Massive 2012 Voter Fraud”.


The 2012 Election Heist is our imagination, eh?

As soon as America awakened to the reality that our votes were ruthlessly stolen, The Enemies Within got busy. Ridicule, scorn, spin, deceit, lies have been flying, with the aim of once again slapping the faces of We The People.

Elaborate excuses and rationalizations villifying Romney Campaign analyses as fatally flawed proliferated – aided and abetted by conservatives!

One so-called conservative Republican even pronounced – on a national platform that millions of Americans trust – there will be no election recount, for 1. there is no evidence, and 2. there is no precedent.

Evidence? Please. Wait til the Investigations and Audits start. America will be avalanched by the fraud statistics. By the powerful impact invisible fraud had inside the voting machines.

Precedent? Triple-please. Until Obama arrived on the national scene, there was NO NEED to verify our nation’s votes. 

There sure is need now.

In fact, there’s more than need. There’s a moral, patriotic obligation.

An obligation to STAND UP to an increasingly evident, intensifying assault on the dignity of The American People.

An obligation to prove and prosecute those responsible for massive, grave crimes against The American People.

The Secretaries Of State must do the right thing, and put a hold on certifying without verifying the vote – primarily in the swing states.

In the other states, the Constitutional Duty remains the same.

2012 Election Fraud was not limited to The Office Of The Presidency. The theft was systemic, national in scope, and targeted at key candidates to effect revenge against those Americans who have stood up against The Obama Administration.

Independent Investigations and Audits will prove this.

Rote Certification, blind certification, politically-motivated certification by Secretaries Of State is no certification at all. What’s more, it is criminal negligence.

Secretaries Of State – and Electors – will be put on notice.

If those entrusted to defend and protect America fail to honor their sworn oath, We The People have guaranteed Constitutional Remedies.

We must demand that until and unless Forensic Investigation accompanied by a certified CPA Audit of voters / votes cast verifies the reported 2012 Election ResultsNO PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION.

4 Responses to "Obama “Won,” All Right"

  1. Fran   Saturday, December 1, 2012 at 12:24 PM

    Let’s think this through.

    Mounds of evidence has surfaced that Obama-Soetoro-Burnell-Soebarak is not eligible This has been proven by a law enforcement agency. What has been done? Nothing but ridicule of the people that dare to question the fraud.

    So now you think that an audit of the 2012 election will take place, will be honest, and will reverse the election “win” of the fraud? Whomever believes this is truly living in a fantasy world.

  2. danamco   Friday, November 30, 2012 at 11:58 PM

    With the huge win at the first debate and the optimism for Romney that followed. With hours of waiting at the polls to cast your vote. TTP’s Tsunami win in 2010. If those same TP people showed up in 2012, there is absolutely no way we could lose this election except for massive manipulations of software for the voting machines, NO WAY!!!

  3. meyerlm   Friday, November 30, 2012 at 6:25 PM

    NEVER Happen!!
    TOO Many “OBOTS” standing in line at “THE TROUGH OF FREEBIES!”
    IF you keep on throwing raw meat at a Lion, he probably won’t chew your head OFF!!
    On the other hand~running out of Raw Meat just might prove FATAL!!
    Lions, OBOTS and Natives that get Restless, can be DANGEROUS!!

  4. Bob1939   Friday, November 30, 2012 at 2:38 PM

    EVERYTHING ABOUT ZERO is a FRAUD, so why should we not expect VOTER FRAUD as well. COME-ON AMERICA, at what point do you arrest ZERO for TREASON ?????

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