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by Sharon Rondeau

Maryland is currently the wealthiest state in the country and is sometimes called “America in Miniature.”

(Nov. 30, 2012) — WorldNetDaily first reported that Maryland Delegate Kathryn Afzali has asked that an investigation be launched into reports of at least one voting machine in her state which changed votes from one candidate to another as witnessed by the voter during the November 6 election.

Afzali is on the Ways & Means Committee and the Elections Law Subcommittee, which has responsibility for elections issues.  She is also a member of the Women Legislators of Maryland.  She serves Fredrick County, which was assessed by the 2010 census as having a population of 233,385 people.

The Maryland state Elections Board reports that Obama/Biden won 62% of the votes, with Romney/Ryan having received 35.9% out of a total of 1,677,844 votes cast for the office of president.

In an interview on Friday, The Post & Email asked Delegate Afzali about the progress of the investigation. “There has been fraud expressed to me, and as a member of the Elections Law Subcommittee, I feel that it’s my duty to investigate these issues,” she said.

Afzali stated that she has confidence in Maryland’s elections boards and that she will provide us with any updates on the probe as it goes forward.

The same phenomenon of a vote changing on-screen from one presidential candidate to another has been noted in Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Kansas both in early voting and on Election Day.

The Post & Email contacted the Guilford County, NC Board of Elections after a machine was witnessed to have flipped a vote from Romney to Obama but received no response.

Obama reportedly won 99% of the vote in some precincts in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, a number which elections analyst Larry Sabato has said is “worth looking into.”

One source reports that seven swing states experienced increased voter registration between 2008 and 2012, while three others showed lower voter turnout this year than in 2008.  Generally, each presidential election shows an increase in the number of voters.

In February, the Pew Charitable Trusts reported that as many as 24,000,000 registered voters in the United States are invalid.

A 2010 report of vote-flipping in North Carolina indicated that votes were changed by the machine from one candidate to another.  The state Republican Party brought a lawsuit which was resolved in its favor by a federal judge ordering that “Voter Alerts” signs be placed at each polling place directing voters of action to be taken in the event of difficulties or inaccuracies in the voting process.

Reports of vote-flipping surfaced even earlier, in 2008, specifically from the states of West Virginia and Tennessee involving the iVotronic voting machine.  Kansas reported the same problem in the 2008 election.

Other voting irregularities have been noted here.

Sabotage of touch-screen voting machines is reportedly “very easy.”


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  1. Big problems now in Florida about Obama’s eligibility and in New York State a case still open requesting the Electoral votes from that state not be certified for Obama.

    The World may not end on December 21, but the World of Deceit MAY GIVE WAY soon to a more noble and Constitutional one! Perhaps that is what the Maya meant!

  2. Who will present the programmer and updater lists? Are they subcontractors or do they workfor the state? I wonder how much the dnc payed them to tweak the machines? These are all questions the feds should be asking.I bet if the republicans did this, it would be all over the media.now, it may go the way of fast and furious and benghazi gate. What’s a little hanky panky if you’re a democrat or a little voter flippin’ when you can watch live as your embassy members are murdered fighting for seven hours and just go to bed,it’s almost like sitting in the original roman colloseum watching the shows and the best part is,you don’t have to be accountable! Bari should really enjoy his $35 million retirement mansion in hawaii! Where is the republican party?