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by Sharon Rondeau

Does Obama rightfully belong in the White House?

(Nov. 25, 2012) — A website established after the November 6, 2012 “election” contends that Obama won because of voter fraud in four key swing states.

The creator, Dean Chambers, had launched a website entitled “Unskewed Polls” before the election, maintaining that polls reported by the major media were tilted toward an oversampling of Democrats and an Obama win.  After the election, Chambers stated that his “unskewed” forecasts were “off the mark.”  However, some of Chambers’s predictions materialized.

The Citizens Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and other organizations have stated that massive election fraud “won” the election for Obama.  It is already well-known that his 2008 and 2012 campaigns accepted foreign donations in violation of federal campaign law.  Eyewitnesses have come forward at great risk to say that Obama stole the caucuses from Hillary Clinton in 2008.  Chambers suggests that the results of the 2012 election suggest “suppression and fraud.”

Despite The Blaze’s assistant editor, Mytheos Holt, having claimed that Chambers is “discredited,” Holt and others have given much of their arguably precious space to Chambers’s new effort to show voter fraud in Virginia, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, all states which the Romney campaign believed it could win.

Chambers has been interviewed since the election by Business Insider and Slate, and excerpts from those interviews have been published at The Washington Post, The Examiner, The Hill, and Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze.”  There is a reported relationship between The Examiner and Chambers.

Chambers’s interview with BI or a link to it has been reposted at The Raw Story, Reddit, and Mother Jones.  While Business Insider stated that Obama was polling ahead of Romney on September 27 and that Chambers was the “only pollster” reporting otherwise, many available polls published on the same day do not support BI’s claim.

On November 1, Chambers had reported a “likely” Romney victory based on several polls from major firms, although some showed Obama ahead.  Gallup, which has been sued by the U.S. Justice Department, its employees reportedly intimidated by David Axelrod when the company’s data favored Romney last spring, and criticized by the Obama campaign for having been inaccurate, had shown Romney ahead just prior to the election, along with Rasmussen and pundits such as Dick Morris, Michael Barone and Karl Rove.

On November 19, Holt wrote an article explaining why, from his point of view, “There Won’t Be a Presidential Recount,” claiming that “conservatives” were experiencing the first stage of the grieving process, which is “denial.”  On November 12, Holt related the now-widespread report that Romney received “zero” votes in many precincts in Ohio and Pennsylvania, something which Larry Sabato of the Center for Responsive Politics said was “worth looking into” on Sean Hannity’s show that evening.

Why has Chambers’s work garnered so much attention both before and after the election?  If his work is “discredited,” why have news sources and blogs devoted entire pages to his claims?

Is the left concerned that perhaps Chambers and others are correct when they contend that Obama stole the election through fraud?  With Rasmussen‘s accurate history of polling, why was he wrong about his prediction that Romney would win?  With more than 50 years of experience, why was Gallup wrong?

Or were they?

Why did Obama win all of the swing states except North Carolina so “easily?”

Did he?

Multiple accounts of voter fraud, especially in swing states and in regard to military votes, have been reported and relayed to Congress with a demand for an investigation.  What would a forensic investigation of the touch-screen voting machines show?

Is that what the left actually fears…that Chambers is right?

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  1. If there lives an American “Legal” voter who is under the impression that the democrats have not been rigging elections since the 1930’s, they have not been paying attention. The Democrats began their shenanigans in 1828 with the election of the WORST president this nation was misfortunate enough to elect. Jackson was followed my many (mostly) Democrats and just one was Honest, Harry S. Truman. Just one Republican was as dishonest as the Democrats and that was Warren Harding. Allow me to Plug one of my books, “Federalism vs Factionalism-How the Democratic Party Raped the Republic” Available from Amazon and all royalties are donated to Children’s or Veteran’s charities. It does a hatchet job on the Democratic Party and Democratic politicians.
    Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (Ret)Age 91 and angry fro the damage politicians have done to this God-inspired Republic

  2. The evidence that extensive voter and election fraud won the game for obama once again is not really news. It was forecasted, and it was worse than expected. Most people I know were expecting the fraud. So, if people not on the inside (people like me) see evidence of the election fraud, it would follow that those on the inside must have also seen the problem.

    So, where is Mitt Romney, and why is he so silent on the crimes committed against him and the RNC. As an aside, you should know that I have no sympathy for the RNC at all – there was just too much fraud of their own during the last year while they were killing Ron Paul’s campaign, but their silence on the obama election fraud is deafening. Or was it all part of the NWO elite’s plan? Was Romney targeted to lose in 2012 as McCain was targeted to lose in 2008?

  3. I personally know an Obot, and when confronted with allegations of fraud by ACORN during the 2008 election he stated “That’s politics” and when he was presented with the current voter fraud and the military vote being trashed he said “Too bad, we won, you’re just a racist”.
    So…the past two elections were rigged, you know it, I know it, and Pravda reports that Obama is ineligible to hold the office of president and that there is ample evidence of voter fraud in both elections, and that Americans are “illiterate”.
    Quite amazing when the only Truth you can get is from Russia, of all places.
    And we know even if I received 100% of the votes Obama would still have “won”.
    You know what the irony is? Maybe we should’ve used those UN election observers.