Rep. Allen West Concedes Race to Patrick Murphy


by Sharon Rondeau

Rep. Allen West of Florida’s 18th District has conceded the November 6 election to Patrick Murphy

(Nov. 20, 2012) — After two weeks of contention, Rep. Allen West of Florida’s 18th congressional district has conceded the race to Democrat Patrick Murphy.  West said that he now believes that any existing inaccuracies in the vote count would not change the final result of the contest.

A partial recount of early votes in St. Lucie County had been conducted on November 11, but unsatisfied, West’s campaign had asked for a full recount of all early votes in the county.  While a judge denied the request, the county canvassing board approved it on Friday.  The full recount of all early ballots cast proceeded on Sunday but reportedly missed the noon deadline for reporting to the state capital.  Some reports stated that the results had been reported on time.

The Washington Times reported that West’s election night lead disappeared when St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections “inexplicably ‘recounted’ thousands of early ballots, resulting in 4,400 vote shift to the challenger.”  Walker had acknowledged that errors were made in counting the ballots and had reportedly ended up in the hospital on Sunday as the final early-vote recount took place.

Evidence of election fraud and the media apparently having been notified early of Sunday’s recount outcome remain.

West served one term in Congress after having won election in 2010 as a Tea Party candidate.  He is a retired veteran of the U.S. Army and has equated the struggle for entrepreneurship and individual responsibility to a “battlefield.”  On January 30, he said Obama and Nancy Pelosi should “get the h*** out of the United States of America.”  If re-elected he had said that he would make sure that Florida remained “grand.”

“Leaders don’t need a title to be able to lead,” West said on Fox & Friends this morning.

4 Responses to "Rep. Allen West Concedes Race to Patrick Murphy"

  1. OPOVV   Monday, November 26, 2012 at 4:14 PM

    Dear gigclick,
    When LTC Terry Lakin was shackled and paraded through the airport on his way to Leavenworth, your Mr. West didn’t come to Lakin’s aid in any way whatsoever.
    Allen West remained DEAF, DUMB and MUTE about the court not allowing Lakin to present a defense.
    I shall repeat: the court did not allow LTC Lakin to present a defense OF ANY KIND.
    For instance, a person was killed in Alaska and you get arrested for the crime, but you can prove you are innocent because you were in Florida at the time of the murder. Wrong, you can’t prove squat because you’re not allowed to present a defense OF ANY KIND. Off you go to prison, and the one person who you and everyone else counted on remains silent.
    Our country is fading away and I’ll be damned if I’m going to give a pass to anyone who turns their backs on an, ANY, opportunity to help save our Republic.
    I’m telling you, the trial of LTC Terry Lakin is the key, or was the key when they railroaded Lakin in a kangaroo court and Allen West remained silent about the Birth Certificate.

  2. gigclick   Sunday, November 25, 2012 at 10:50 PM

    OPOVV! Whoa! You don’t know how it works here brother! Don’t be so down on Allen. I live in his district and have been here for a hard 9 years. We were the fastest growing county in the U.S. till about two months before Obambi got in. This area is a Democrat stronghold and they put West here on purpose to try to beat him against a punk rich kid who is pushed by his rich daddy. Allen is a good man but this area is very rural and the Democrats run this place, Allen was hard pressed to win since he was their worst nightmare as a retired Combat Veteran, teacher and a conservative African American.

  3. OPOVV   Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 8:18 AM

    “Conceded” or surrendered, same result.
    Once I has high hopes for Allen West, but his silence on the Birth Certificate was deafening, wasn’t it?
    So I don’t mourn Allen West’s concession, nor should any Freedom loving Patriot.
    Gee whiz, and we all held such high hopes for you, Allen, but what a disappointment you turned-out to be, so we won’t miss you as we might’ve, as we should’ve.
    Allen, you were our last hope: a respected retired military man who, we thought, had what it takes, but all you did was to hide your head in the sand and cower, afraid, cowering to nothing but a Two-bit Lying Bum who masquerades as the President under the name of “Obama”. You acted as a coward, Allen West, because you didn’t come to the aid of your country when your country needed you to. You turned your back on your Oath, to the Constitution, your country, and to the hopes and dreams of every Freedom loving people on the planet earth.
    You could’ve stood tall, you could’ve been heard, far and wide “Obama is ineligible! Pelosi and all the others are Traitors! The Cabinet is infested with Communists! Islam is our enemy!”.
    But you kept your mouth shut.
    I guess now you know why the Republican Party never invited me to any of the debates: I wouldn’t have given-up, I wouldn’t have surrendered.
    Hope you enjoy your retirement, Allen, and if I ever see you in person, I’ll say to you, OUT LOUD, FOR ALL TO HEAR, WHAT A COWARD YOU ARE BECAUSE YOU CONCEDED THE DAY YOU STEPPED INTO OFFICE.
    The shame, the humanity, the chance of a lifetime wasted.

  4. gigclick   Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 11:44 PM

    Allen West is a good man and Veteran. Murphy is another rich kid Democrat, boozer/cop punchin’ jail bird. Looks like he’s another plug in for a Kennedy Track success story. Just what we need in our government, another boozer/womanizer pimp that will sit back, talk the talk and do nothing except for his “constituents” and cronies. I hope Allen runs on the next voting round, he has my vote! Just like Obama, where’s Murphy’s papers and credentials? Murhpy, with all that party time under his belt, doesn’t look like he had time to become a Veteran. He won’t get any of my votes! He may have won on voter fraud by he’s still a loser!

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