Recount Ongoing for Rep. Allen West; Imminent Deadline to Certify

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by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 18, 2012) — A full recount of all early ballots is being conducted in St. Lucie County, FL this morning in the U.S. House race between Rep. Allen West and his opponent, Patrick Murphy.

Last week, West’s campaign had filed a complaint with the circuit court, asking for an injunction ordering all early votes in the county to be recounted.  A partial recount occurred last Sunday which spanned three days of voting rather than the full eight.  While the judge in the case denied the request, claiming he had no authority, the St. Lucie County Board of Elections ordered it on Friday.

A noon deadline for certifying all votes in Florida is 18 minutes away at press time.

West’s spokesman contends that St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections broke the law and that numerous “irregularities” were identified during the tabulation of votes.  National Public Radio depicts West as trying to “wrest” the House seat from Murphy, who was declared the unofficial winner.

Following last Sunday’s partial recount, the difference in votes between the two candidates is just above the margin of error which Florida law dictates would trigger an automatic recount of all votes.  Murphy’s attorney has stated that the full recount of early votes will not “change anything.”

Romney and Ryan reportedly were outvoted in Florida by .86% of the vote.


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