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by OPOVV, ©2012

Both tigers and cats belong to the “Felid” family, which has its origins in prehistoric times

(Nov. 19, 2012) — One of our fellow mammals inhabiting planet earth is the cat. We’ve all heard of the Sabre Tooth tiger and, if we’re ever zapped back in time, we wouldn’t want to suddenly appear before one of them. Or even one of today’s Tigers, or Lions, or any of the Big Cats. But irrespective of size, the basic ferocity of the feline has remained pretty much unchecked. And, by the same token, I would even venture to speculate that the brains of the various cats are somewhat similar, too.

Now we all know that cats, owls, snakes, and other creatures have had an important job here on earth in keeping the rodent population in check, or at least as much as they can do. We humans haven’t helped matters much by breeding as much as the very vermin that plagues us so, but that’s another subject that I won’t address here. Today’s topic is the limits of comprehension some of we humans have, or think we have.

Imagine having a conversation with Stephen Hawking about the dimension of time, or of time even being a dimension, or does time even exist and, if it does, does it weigh anything and, if so, by what do we measure time, or if time doesn’t weigh anything, why not? In T.H. White’s “The Once and Future King,” he has the character Merlin living backwards in time, but maybe there’s more to time than forward and backward, maybe there are combinations of the two, or maybe there are other directions that we can’t even figure out.

My theory is that cats stay around us humans not for the shelter and sustenance, but for their fascination of our ability to fabricate an additional dimension at whim. Picture a cat sitting on the dresser in the bedroom while a human makes the bed. What the cat sees is basically a two-dimensional layout: the mattress is flat and has a width and length. The cat’s brain isn’t focused on how high the top surface of the mattress is above the floor: the cat’s full attention is centered on the top of the mattress, or, really, what is about to happen to the top of the mattress.

So…mattress pad is laid down and secured, followed by the bottom fitted sheet. And now this is the part that gets to be interesting for the cat’s brain, so much so that there’s not been a cat born that can resist the call of “The Additional Dimension.” The top sheet is placed on the bed, but, where just a moment before there were just two dimensions of the top of the bed, the human magically constructs a giant cave seemingly out of thin air as the top sheet is shaken and allowed to float to the surface. The cat lunges into this new world that manifested itself from nowhere, as far as the cat can determine.

The understanding of the cat’s view of reality parallels an Obot’s view: they both fail to understand the basic reality of what they’re seeing. We can give the cats a pass on their failure to comprehend reality of their new world, but unfortunately Obots fall into the same mindless “Feline Roadblock” when they so demonstrably fail to comprehend even the most basic tenets of logic: for example, Obama’s stolen Social Security number, false information on his Selective Service Registration, and FAKE Birth Certificates, automatically making Obama INELIGIBLE TO HOLD THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT.

The lies have gone on for four years, four years of gnawing away at our freedoms by the DOJ and the Department of Homeland Security, whose only intent is to enslave us all, trashing our Constitution and erasing any semblance of honor, integrity, and Civil Rights from our land forever.


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  1. I’ve found that the 0’bots relish the FACT that ALL of their arguments in favor of the “0” are based on the “lie” in the 1st instant.

    The FACT that it is a ‘lie” that they are supporting gives them the perverse intellectual rationalization that two lies are better than one.

    Given that very little of the “0”s true bio can be verified the accumulation of lies become a ‘masterpiece’ of political expertise in the minds of the 0’bots.

    The false reality that they thrive in only serves to separate and distance them farther and farther away from the reality of the 1st principles that is the true basis which allows them the freedom to be useful-idiots in the 1st place.

    The usurpation facilitated by the legal-loop-hole of the contrived ambiguity of the U.S. natural born Citizen conflict of law spirals into conundrums upon conundrums each carrying the legal-loop-hole gene that makes a mockery of the principle of the Rule of Law.