When Insanity Rules


by OPOVV, ©2012

A depiction of King Solomon from ca. 1500

(Nov. 17, 2012) — The question isn’t “Where’s the Solomon of today?” but rather “I guess it’s plain to tell they really don’t care that much after all.” If one wanted (or needed) a premonition of possible outcomes, even after the destruction of Sarajevo, I’d still bet that Jerusalem would be spared the insanity that runs rampant in the Middle East.

I’d lose that bet because it happened.  The mentally unbalanced are so filled with hate that they indiscriminately placed a warhead in the city of Jerusalem, and it’s just too bad and unlucky for the rational minds on our planet that it didn’t hit the Dome of the Rock.  If one were looking to the skies for justice, that would be it.

Actually, if it weren’t for the all too real waste, the mindset of the Muslim in regard to Christians and Jews would be rather amusing. What we really have here is three groups of children playing in a sandbox. One group sits in a corner and pokes the sand with sticks. The other two groups form a human chain to the hose bib on the house 100 feet away and pass water from cupped hand to cupped hand, and after many hours of intense endeavor, we see roads, bridges, buildings, schools, hospital, clinics, stores, malls, refineries, orchards, green fields of vegetables that will be banned in France one day, airports, industry, tourist trade, archeology dating back 5,000 years, museums, theaters, universities and state-of-the-art research facilities that are in the vanguard of human knowledge.

So what happens? Well, the lazy good-for-nothing kids in the corner who spent all their lives, generation after generation, pushing sand around with sticks become envious of the good fortune of the Jews and Christians, never knowing that the same manna from heaven was theirs for the taking all along, never realizing that a work ethic and the determination to succeed pay off dividends in the future.

So what, really, is the difference between the three groups? They all seem to be human beings, at least on the surface, but what about underneath?  Are they the same there?

No, and an emphatic “No!” at that. You see, at one time, generations ago, the ancestors of the Sand Pushers had the same drive and determination as all the other humans on the planet, but 1,400 years ago they went astray.  They became gangsters, robbers, thieves, stealing the culmination of a philosophy superior to their own. It is my belief that if one took away the envy, the petty jealousy, the temper tantrums, the ignorance, the hate, and replace with knowledge of a world view that doesn’t require an enemy to blame for shortcomings, laziness, or sloth, then maybe the long-lost group that is still sitting in the corner poking the sand with sticks will finally enter the realm of the human race. Until then, forget it.

Now what…another day of indiscriminate destruction from the sky, emanating somewhere in Gaza to conclude somewhere in Jerusalem, or anywhere else; what difference does it make?



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  1. meyerlm   Saturday, November 17, 2012 at 7:39 PM

    And the LORD, Sayeth~”Therefore, I will place upon ALL of Mankind the Scourges of Eternal War, so that he may know and Suffer Tribulations!!”

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