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by Sharon Rondeau and Martha Trowbridge

A voter is depicting taking an oath in the painting “The County Election” by George Caleb Bingham

(Nov. 16, 2012) — Patriots Wanted to assist C.B.I. and The Post & Email in its 2012 Voter Fraud Detection Project.

There are four simple steps any Patriot can take – from a home computer – to assist the 2012 Elections Investigation.

1.  Obtain the list of registered voters in your precinct from your county elections supervisor;

2.  Obtain the list of people who actually voted in the November 6, 2012 election;

3.  From the list in #2, verify that each address accompanying a voter’s name is authentic.

[a] Many fraudulent voter registrations use an address that is nonexistent.  The verification process can be done online by entering an address into a search box to see if the search engine locates it on a map.  If an address exists but does not appear to be a residence, a drive past the location would validate or invalidate the voter registration, e.g., if the address is a business, parking lot, or empty lot, the voter registration is fraudulent.

The same nonexistent address is often applied to multiple “voters”.

[b] Fraudulent voters are often clustered at valid addresses that would not logically accommodate them. Keep your eye out for multiple names – often bearing different last names – appearing at the same address. When you detect this, follow up by studying the building’s ability to accommodate multiple dwellers. Apartment buildings and multiple unit public housing are hotbeds for fraudulent voter registrations.

4.  Create a third list containing the names of anyone with a questionable identity or address based on your research.  Mark with question marks names that cluster around questionable residence situations as described in 2[b].

Forward all three lists to editor@thepostemail.com.  The Post & Email will then forward it to the Citizens Bureau of Investigation (C.B.I.) for further action.

Patriots are welcome to participate anonymously.

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  1. Find the programmers that are responsible, and give the full sentence to all of them. Obviously they were Demorats and the think this is all so funny. What happened to public stoning? Do you have to be Muslim to get away with that? Can we get a list of names of people that were involved with programming the machines? Can the company be held responsible? Lot’s of questions, no answers. Another 4 years, we hope not. We need to investigate who was programming the machines or could it have been hacked from outside the system?

  2. Sharon, you should look at this.


    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, it’s been circulated all over the internet. However, if it is even a real case, it refers to activity prior to an election, not afterward. We are contending that a systematic “flipping” of votes for Romney occurred nationwide by someone who altered the computer programs which register the votes from touch-screen machines, which is surely a felony or two.