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by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 15, 2012) — The Henderson parents have reported that when they went to court for a hearing they understood was scheduled for today regarding the custody of their infant, who is now almost four months old and has been raised by strangers since he was seized from them at the age of five weeks, they discovered that the hearing was held on Tuesday without their knowledge and a social worker appointed to the baby testified that the parents were guilty of “emotionally abusing” him.

Earlier today, Mr. Henderson sent the following email:

quickly after arriving at court we discovered that the hearing today had been held yesterday. without notice and without having a chance to be heard, state sanctioned kidnappers parlayed our liberties in the star chambers of Judge Downing. They found that our baby was abused emotionally and that he would be better cared for in the home of homosexuals who have burned our baby and stabbed him and done G-d knows what else. Today we continue fight. We will wait for tomorrow to morn.

The parents have been trying unsuccessfully to regain custody of their children after they were falsely imprisoned 18 months ago by the Los Angeles County Police Department in May of last year. After their incarceration, all six children were placed in foster care.  Despite letters of recommendation and the parents having attended parenting classes, counseling, and all court hearings about which they were informed, Judge Marguerite Downing is placing the children up for adoption on Monday.  Mrs. Henderson reported:

The hearing yesterday was for the baby. the results of the hearing for the baby is that we abused him. They will keep him and we have a year before they adopt him out. The hearing for the older six is on Monday.

The Hendersons’ infant was taken from them last August during an unsupervised visit with the older six children after she refused to sign a “Voluntary Care Plan” which she described as an admission that she had abused her baby.  It was discovered recently that the necessary signatures were not provided on the paperwork, but the judge approved DCFS’s jurisdiction over the baby.

On Monday, the two foster mothers caring for the infant and his two-year-old brother accused Mrs. Henderson of abusing the two-year-old, whom they wish to adopt.  The Post & Email has been told by a source close to the family that because the two women wish to adopt the child, the process “could go very quickly.”  The child Mrs. Henderson is holding here is the one most likely to be adopted first against the parents’ wishes.

The public is invited to attend Monday’s hearing at the Edmund C. Edelman Children’s Court in Monterey Park, CA.

The source stated that a pinkish mark appeared on the two-year-old’s face about two weeks ago which the father, Jeffrey Henderson, saw on Wednesday and described as a “cigarette burn.”  Mr. Henderson said that the boy also had a “stab” injury on his back and that the foster mothers had filed a complaint against Mrs. Henderson for allowing the child to injure himself while in her care on Sunday.  However, during that visit, a DCFS social worker was present as well as a third adult, and none reported any scrapes, bruises, or injuries of any kind to any of the children.

Mrs. Henderson has reported deep psychological scarring of all of the children, particularly the eldest, who asks her every week when they are coming home.  The family had been home-schooling the two eldest children and is deeply religious.  The children’s Orthodox Judaism has been brushed aside by the foster parents, having been replaced by Halloween and Christmas against the parents’ wishes.

The source close to the family stated that it is her assessment that the foster mothers are blaming Mrs. Henderson for the injuries so that they might improve their chances of adopting the boy, who has been in their care for over a year.  The source also told The Post & Email that no efforts at reunification of the family have been attempted, although a DCFS social worker has falsely written that that reunification has been tried unsuccessfully.  DCFS Public Affairs Director Armand Montiel has stated that reunification is the primary goal of the agency.

Mrs. Henderson was enjoying unsupervised visits with all of the children until after the infant was taken from her on August 31.

The parents have reportedly been barred from reading anything in their court file and have been unaware of several hearings in their children’s cases in violation of court rules.

Our source stated that DCFS social workers receive large bonuses for placing children into adoptive homes.

Another report on this case will be filed in the very near future.

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    2 Take hold of buckler and shield, And rise up for my help.

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