GOP Donated $186 Million to Obama Campaign pb


by Gary Steven, ©2012

Why did the U.S. Congress remain silent about the identity and eligibility issues surrounding Barack Hussein Obama?

(Nov. 13, 2012) — Before you the reader dispute the title of this article, read on. Many months ago on various blogs and comment boards, I mentioned with consistency that, if the eligibility issue is not addressed by CONgress or mentioned by candidate Mitt Romney, he wants to lose. The absurdity that a non-vetted candidate for President could fulfill a full four- year term based on sealed records and zero transparency is the crime of American history.

Many diligent citizens discerned the fraud before the 2008 election. Lawsuits were filed across the country to get discovery of any documentation that would confirm the birth narrative and scant history of an unknown senator from Illinois. Every case filed was shot down. Media with concerted effort used Slapinsky’s (a Saul Alinsky tactic and affront to common sense) to disseminate disinformation, provide a distraction, and throw out insults to anyone with reasonable inquiry as to the past of this mystery political star. Citizen journalists sprang up all over the internet with the desire to do what the media would not do:  discover the facts about the questionable composite past of Barry Soetero, aka Barack Obama.

Thousands of letters, faxes, phone calls and personal visits were made to Congressional members begging for (at the very least) an investigation of Barry Soetero (last known name coming back into the US from Indonesia). The response to overwhelming inquiry by constituents to their representatives was a form letter or simple disinterest. Personally, I have made visits, sent letters, and faxed to both Senators of my state, spoke with staffers in their DC offices and the House Representative from my district. I then started calling Congressional offices out of state. Not one would articulate a concern to the issue raised. One staffer did admit it was frustrating that there was zero transparency on the part of this administration.

By this time in the article, you are most likely perplexed as to the claim in the title of $186 million donated to the Obama campaign by the GOP. It took place secretly. Although big questions came up about Obama’s foreign contributors with fundraising operations out of China which were never investigated, the GOP made deposits without checks, debit cards, or credit cards. The GOP made donations silently. The average CONgressional member (emphasis on CON as I always spell it) makes $174,000 annually; some make more, depending on position. When you take the number of GOP CONgressional members in office (both Houses = 267 as of last Tuesday night) multiplied by the annual salary of $174,000, it equals $46,458,000. Now multiply that by 4 (which represents Obama’s putative term of office) and you have the nearly $186 million given to the Democrat war chest. The deposits were made in a currency denomination called “SILENCE.”  Every press conference, every day that went by, for each year, by every CONgress member with GOP lips sealed, made huge donations to the campaign of Obama. The imagery was invaluable; the picture of legitimacy, priceless.

One computer-generated image is all this Republic has as ID for the top position in leadership. How was Barry Soetero vetted? His records are sealed. How did he qualify for a security clearance? Donald Trump tried to coerce the mystery man into transparency. Nope. Why yield $5 million to charity when $186 million is earned with GOP silence?  The magnitude of the contribution by the GOP to the Obama campaign is staggering.  For each pay period that GOP CONgress members cashed their checks, they deposited 100% of SILENCE currency to the Obama regime. Do the math. The secret held by all enforcement agencies, judicial communications, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Michelle Obama, and seldom whispered by leadership of any branch of these United States has yielded millions of SILENCE currency to one campaign beneficiary. It is impossible to calculate in dollars. However, the GOP did purchase by SILENCE the presidency for their Democratic opponent. Why?

2 Responses to "GOP Donated $186 Million to Obama Campaign pb"

  1. slcraig   Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 11:38 AM

    I for one appreciate the analogy pinning the corruption of dollars to the value of the silence, but then that number can be multiplied many times over by the ‘license’ that silence gave to the ‘leftward-echo-chamber-media’ to dissemble, denigrate and obfuscate the Constitutional import of the question.

    Actual dollars involved …? …. $10 Trillion as a cash advance on America’s future.

  2. meyerlm   Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 9:24 AM


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