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by Sharon Rondeau

Operation Torch was executed in order for the Allies to gain naval control of the Mediterranean Sea for an eventual invasion of Southern Europe

(Nov. 9, 2012) — A retired Naval commander has filed a treason complaint against Barack Hussein Obama for his part in issuing false information about the terrorist attack on a U.S. outpost in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, who has accused Obama of treason on several previous occasions, stated in a complaint filed this morning with the two federal grand juries in Knoxville, TN as well as FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III that “Obama watched four Americans die in real time,” as it is now known that a drone which circled overhead as the Benghazi attack proceeded captured video and relayed it back to Washington, DC as it occurred.

After Defense Secretary Leon Panetta met with the commander of the AFRICOM unit following the Benghazi attack, the commander of the unit, Gen. Carter Ham, was replaced without explanation.  A Navy admiral commanding the Mideast Strike Force was sent back to his home port of Bremerton, WA under the auspices of an investigation over a decision he had made while commander, a position he had held for only six months in a move described by the press as “highly unusual.”

It has been reported that after two CIA contractors called for help to assist those at the outpost, it was refused either by the CIA, State Department, or the White House.  CIA Director David Petraeus has stated that the CIA did not deny assistance to those who asked for it, two of whom are among the four who died that night.

Obama, Hillary Clinton and United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice blamed the violence on alleged anger over a low-budget, little-known video which parodied the prophet Muhammed.  It was confirmed by the intelligence community that within 24 hours, they knew the Benghazi location had been the target of an Islamic terrorist attack.

Obama allegedly won re-election on Tuesday, but many have alleged voter fraud, particularly in the swing states which gave Obama his victory.  Clinton has announced her resignation at the end of the year, and Attorney General Eric Holder, who has been found in contempt of Congress both civilly and criminally, has suggested that he might resign.

Fitzpatrick additionally states that Obama is “personally responsible for the 6 August 2011 shoot-down of an Army CH-47D Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan” as a result of which 17 Navy SEALS and other members of the U.S. military were killed.

Fitzpatrick filed his initial criminal complaint against Obama on March 17, 2009 with the two federal grand juries, Judge Royce Lamberth of the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC, and his local grand jury, which he later discovered was completely corrupt and operating in violation of the law.

Obama has involved the United States in Libya and Syria following the Arab Spring movement of late 2010 to early 2011 in which several Middle Eastern governments were toppled and replaced with Islamic heads of state, specifically in Tunisia and Egypt.  It has been reported by several mainstream sources that the U.S. is supplying firearms to Al Qaeda insurgents who are then using them against Americans.

Despite the reports, Obama was allegedly re-elected by   Just several weeks ago, it appeared that Obama’s popularity had fallen significantly and that his likelihood of achieving a second term was low.  It was predicted by some that Obama could not win, and that he struggled to maintain his base just weeks before Election Day.  A reported 90,000 complaints were filed with the U.S. Justice Department about voting violations or irregularities.  Prior to the election, the Justice Department sued states which had passed voter laws requiring photo ID.

It has been reported that Obama failed to win in any states which had required voter identification with a photograph, and voting machine results have been testified to as being easy to manipulate and “flip” for an opponent.

In his complaint, Fitzpatrick noted that November 8, 2012 is the 70th anniversary of Operation Torch, in which his father, Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, Jr., served as a Navy medical doctor as Allied Forces invaded North Africa in a joint British-U.S. effort in 1942.

Obama’s Department of Justice has labeled Fitzpatrick and others, particularly military veterans, as “Sovereign Citizens” for believing in constitutional principles and exposing government corruption, including the court-martial carried out against him in 1989-90 in which he claims his signature was forged after a conspiracy was launched to force him to leave the Navy.  The Navy has been unresponsive to Fitzpatrick’s criminal accusations and The Post & Email’s requests for information and records in the case.


Update, November 9, 2012:  Fitzpatrick’s new criminal complaint has gone viral on the web, with numerous YouTube videos produced narrating the text of the complaint.

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  1. Well said Meyerim! We are seeing the biggest coverup in American history dealing with civilian scams and military! We were all blindsided by the Chicago Machine and the pure audacity of these punks and criminals. The silence is deafening with the Obama crew. Benhgazi Gate is mountainous. The lies and coverups have been astounding. Can you imagine the Dems want to install Hillary in POTUS in 2016? They’ll be out of money by then to buy everyone Muslim prayer shalls and Kuran’s! How will we live! Now that Bari Shabazz President Elect Idi Amin is back in town, we are also hearing more “white hatred” from the New Black Panther Party homies and other Axwelrod/communist scum. Walt has been not only the first to serve these criminals for Treason but also the first to try to warn people and look what they did to him for standing up for the right thing! We all have to keep fighting to bring all the corruption to light and to try to get some of these creeps in jail including Bari and some of his hottest partners in crime since our country it slowly being dis-assembled.

  2. Unfortunately, again the “BLIND EYES & DEAF EARS SYNDROME” will apply here!
    Walts JagHunter Website is displaying a complete history of the “Treason Complaints” since 2009 and again there is NO Judiciary or other entities that will allow the Complaints to go forward.
    I mention the “Strength in Numbers” because there are 500 Military “Officers and Gentlemen” that took the One step forward and at least endorsed Romney for President, but again the syndrome applied there also.
    Until there is one Judge who will “Take One Step Forward” and support the Constitution and the “Founding Documents” of our Republic there will unfortunately be “NO Justice Served” to any of the cohorts of this Illegal, DeFacto CABAL that is “RULING and RUINING AMERICA!!