Faster Than Even YOU Can Imagine


by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

The Third Pig built a house on a strong foundation able to withstand wind, weather, and the Big Bad Wolf.  Strength was more important to him than appearances.

(Nov. 2, 2012)Like bowling pins, they is, toppling over one by one. Let’s review the story of “The Three Little Pigs,” my way.

Pig the First was a progressive Pig, a Green Pig, and considered himself Enlightened beyond understanding. He always was willing to give other people’s money for the most obscure causes:  “Save the Leaves” and “Support Your Local School Board,” for instance.  He was always ready to point out the error of your ways, yet was unwilling (perhaps unable) to articulate the defense of his position without babbling like, well, a stuck pig.

Pig the First was quick with the “Save the Dolphins” but bought purebred dogs from a reputable breeder rather than save a life from the local shelter.  He supports Affirmative Action instead of increasing the applicant’s ability to achieve expectant standards, as if an educated minority would somehow be a threat, perhaps someday possessing the ability to vote responsibly. And, you guessed it, Pig the First lived in a house built of recycled trash, which is okay, except that he bribed the building inspector to look the other way when corners were cut, bribed the zoning board for issuing a permit to build in a flood zone, and failed to notice that the employees of the General Contractor were all illegal immigrants and couldn’t speak English (except when their paycheck was discussed), with the inevitable result of a substandard quality home compared to a home built by Americans. I know such Pigs, and so do you.

Enter Pig the Second, the saddest Pig of them all, for he knows not what he wants, doesn’t want, or even may not want.  For, you see, Pig the Second is an Undecided Pig. Poor Piggy, house dressing or Thousand Island puts him into a spin (sorry, no rotisserie jokes allowed); “Paper of plastic?” gives him a headache, and he thinks “Behead those who insult Islam” isn’t targeting him, for he is an American Atheist and considers himself 1) out of the picture, 2) not an “Infidel” because he is an Atheist which, he mistakenly believes, gives him a free pass on beheadings, no end of the spit for him!, and 3) an American, although he doesn’t quite get this Birth Certificate issue and just wish it would all just go away because, after all, wasn’t it already decided?

Pig the Second gets the news from the mainstream media and talking points from “The View,” perhaps the most underrated televised show ever to have been broadcast because the majority of the hostesses seem to possess the ability to speak English, although they fail to ever put together enough words in a row to complete a sentence, or at least one that ever made a lick of sense. This Pig lives in a house that may or may not stand. This Pig likes Abe Lincoln but has difficulty with Dr. Martin Luther King’s “content of their character,” as if getting a free ride isn’t a good thing, that generations of welfare and kept on the government’s plantation (called ghettos) is a desirable address, and working for the government is the highest goal achievable where “Isn’t it nice to be the minority.”  But don’t take any census on who receives the most welfare, food stamps, or any other government handout program because suddenly this minority takes the majority of the taxpayers’ money, which would be no problem if there were a return on the investment instead of another generation destined for the same way of life. Enough!

Now what sets Pig the Third apart from the first two was the innate ability to apply the concept of “Common Sense” to every aspect of his life, including politicians’ doublespeak. Pig Three applied himself, maybe not to the fullest extent, but fully enough not to have to rely on crumbs (handouts) from fellow taxpaying citizens (some of whom referred to government as if the money for so-called “entitlement” programs came from some other source other than the labor of another human being).

The house that the Third Pig lived in was built on a solid foundation, a foundation that stood the test of time since many generations of Pigs lived under its roof (protection) for many years. The Third family of Pigs called their foundation their very own Constitution, which they readily shared with everyone else, and, most of the time, the feeling was mutually reciprocal. But not all of the time, for there were people who were actually against Freedoms, a fact that, somehow, eluded Pigs the First and Second.

Pig the Third told all of the other Pigs the Truth. Pig the First, like Michael Moore laughing at any talk of Sharia, while Pig the Second remained glued to The View and was forever confused and undecided. The takeover of Europe is proceeding at a frightening speed, with countries toppling like bowling pins. The infestation seems to be uncontrollable. So the question is, which Pig are you? Do you have the common sense to deport each and every Muslim, or don’t you?


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  1. meyerlm   Friday, November 2, 2012 at 10:26 AM

    “KUDOS to You!!” Plain, Simple, straight-forward modern American english-(None of the “Old English” language that is written into this Nations Boring, Hard-to-Understand and difficult to institute “Founding Documents~The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence or The Federalist’s Papers, the ones instituted in the building of “ONE Nation, Under GOD; with Liberty and Justice for All!”
    However, the problem still remains, most of those that frequent “THE TROUGH of FREEBIES” can’t read~PERIOD!!

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