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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

What kind of decisions have those in the White House and Executive branch made over the last four years, and what impact have those decisions had on America’s strength, resilience, economy and adherence to the U.S. Constitution?

(Oct. 23, 2012) — Gee, maybe I don’t support the Constitution of the United States; after all, all it does is protect the freedoms of the citizens from an out-of-control government, so I really don’t know if I’m for or against.  What do you think?

Man, all this talk about the Birth Certificate…it’s been settled a long time ago, from Hawaii it was, and I don’t know anything about the second Birth Certificate that was magically produced after LTC Terry Lakin was sent to prison.

Maybe Obama didn’t release any of his records, and maybe “Obama” isn’t even his real name, and maybe nobody remembers him from Columbia or Harvard, but his name is on the ballot so I guess it’s okay; at least I think maybe it’s okay, I’m not really sure.

And so what if CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood are allowed to be operating in our country; what’s wrong with that?  If it’s alright with the Department of Justice then it must be legal. After all, the government wouldn’t have let terrorists into the country on purpose, would it? And this talk about 40 more Muslims being hired by the White House, and Muslims in our military and in the FBI, and Muslims everywhere in our government, I suppose it’s okay.  After all, the government knows what’s best, don’t you think so?

This talk about the Fed and debt is too complicated for me to understand, so I just tune out whenever it’s mentioned. I read on my paper money that it’s a promissory note and a promise is good enough for me.  This guy writes the it’s just a “National Fleece,” but I wouldn’t know anything about that.

I was in the military and took the Oath, but I’m not in the military anymore so that’s it. Also, I don’t own guns and I believe only the police should be armed. As far as these Islamovilles all around the country being terror training camps, if that were so then the FBI would have dealt with them a long time ago. This one writer says they’re the transplanted terror training camps from Afghanistan, but if that’s so, why do we still have troops in Afghanistan? Who‘s protecting us? It’s very confusing; you hear one thing from our mainstream media and on the internet it’s all debunked. Very confusing; no wonder I’m undecided.

I know that our military is doing the best it can. To have sentries guarding a Navy ship with no ammunition seems a bit off, but they know best, so who am I to say what is right and what is wrong?

This latest brouhaha from Benghazi, Libya is just a bunch of racists making our president look bad. But even I knew the attack on the embassy wasn’t from any video:  I mean, the date was September 11, so it was pretty obvious to everyone that it was crazy people flying planes into buildings, or blowing a bunch of people up with a car bomb, or using weapons that we gave them to use against us, or using the money that we give them to go out and buy the weapons. That was really a given. I’ll have to see what the television stations report on this; I’m really not big on foreign affairs, so I’ll rely on the experts on the news shows.

That about sums it up. Can these “undecideds” think for themselves? Are they literate? Are they for real?



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  1. “I know not, the course others may take; but as for me~Give Me LIBERTY, or GIVE ME DEATH!!”
    Profound, then, Profound, NOW!!
    Man is in control of his own Destiny!