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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

Former Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin was court-martialed and jailed at Ft. Leavenworth for refusing to follow an order which he believed could have been illegal. While Lakin was imprisoned, Obama released the image of a birth certificate which has now been labeled fraudulent.

(Oct. 12, 2012) — If it will take a promise of forgiveness, of looking the other way, of bygones and letting sleeping dogs lie — in short, a program of sweeping amnesty to all those who have contributed to usher in the horror that is Obama in keeping him as the puppet spokesperson for the Sharia nonsense that wants to overthrow the Constitution, to insure that the presidential election that takes place less than a month is honest and above board, then I’m for it.

If it will take looking the other way while LTC Terry Lakin’s kangaroo court martial is upheld, then, I’m sorry, but Terry will have to continue to be sacrificed, if the upcoming election is straightforward.

If it will take giving a free pass to the DOJ for not doing its job during the past four years to insure honesty in the next election, so be it.

If it will take giving the Department of Homeland Security and its TSA goons a free ride for all their stupidity during the past four years, okay, as long as the votes are counted as they should be, and that includes the absentee votes (ALL military votes, too), and we should be fine with that.

Finally, if the results of the election reflect the will of the people, then Obama, his administration, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and all others who acted in a treasonous manner against these United States, will get a “Get Out of Jail, Free” card if the November 6 election is just the way it should be, with no questions as to the validity of the outcome.  Fair enough?

On the other hand, if the election has shades of ACORN written all over it, if the DOJ and law enforcement turn a blind eye to voter fraud and intimidation, if there’s any hint of impropriety, then all bets are off and the above-mentioned people are fair game to spend the rest of their miserable lives in a prison just like the one LTC Lakin occupied. No “ands,” “ifs” or “buts,” and no “I was just following orders” will be accepted as a defense.

I know what many of you are thinking, but I counter with the argument that it will be a small price to pay for our Constitution to remain intact.

And then we deport each and every Muslim, and each and each and every Illegal immigrant.



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  1. What makes you think that ignoring the acts of people who are lawless and treasonous liars would guarantee an honest, fair election? Since the corruption is in all three branches of government, who do you trust to deliver us a constitutional anything?
    Just saying…

    1. Dear Sharon Howard,
      Nothing, absolutely nothing.
      It’s called satire.
      Please read my reply to meyerlm at 5:11 PM.
      I have an Obot in my family, and, believe me, facts, the truth, and more and more facts, mean absolutely nothing. Birth Certificate, not vetted in 2008 and STILL not vetted here in 2012, yet his name is STILL on the ballot, means only one thing: no matter how many votes Romney or I get (even if I get 100% of the vote), the chances that Obama leaving the White House are one big fat ZERO.
      He’s got the military backing him, for God’s sake, let alone every court in the land.
      No, I don’t think for a New York minute that there’s a snowball’s chance that any future election anywhere in the United States will be anywhere near an honest and fair election.
      My advice: buy a gun if you don’t have one, and if you do have one, buy another one.

  2. I’m with you meyerlm. NO FORGIVENESS!

    I say they get exactly what traitors are to receive. This will save all the pension money that the traitors would otherwise get.

    The cost of rope is cheap enough, even in this bad economy. Gives a whole new meaning to the “swing state”.

    The “Patrick Henry Syndrome” applies here:
    “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, Give me Liberty, OR Give me Death!!”
    Farragut said it best: DAMN the Torpedoes, FULL Speed, Ahead!!”

    1. Hey Larry,
      Of course not.
      The chances of an Obot admitting wrong-doing, facing up to the Truth, accepting FACTS are so remote as to fit into the category of “impossible”, but wouldn’t it be nice if all of the Socialists and the Fascists and the Communists and the Sharia Lovers and the Nancy Pelosi’s of the world suddenly grew a thinking brain and admitted that Obama was the most grievous catastrophe ever to attack our Constitution and that they will dedicate the remainder of their lives to promoting equality for women and the Second Amendment, and everything else in the Constitution, So-Help-Them-God.
      Well, you and I know that they’re really just too damn stupid to know that they’re shooting themselves in their very own foot, but are too dumb to realize it, too blind to meaningless blabber such as “Hope” and “Yes We Can”.
      Well, WE can. We can hunt them all down just as if they were rabid rats-finks, which they are.
      As the saying goes, “WHEN PIGS FLY”.