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by Sharon Rondeau

Indiana is the first state to schedule a trial in a state court on Obama’s eligibility and identity

(Oct. 10, 2012) — An expedited trial has been scheduled for October 22 for Atty. Orly Taitz’s case in Indiana challenging Obama’s eligibility for the presidency.  Judge Sherry Reid will be presiding as she has in previous hearings in the Marion County Superior Court in Indianapolis.  “This is the most we’ve had,” Taitz said.  “This is the first time we’ve had a trial.  We will subpoena witnesses.”

Taitz explained that the ballot challenge hearing in the state of Georgia last January was held by an administrative court with limited jurisdiction and power, so the Indiana development is significant.  “When I asked for Letters Rogatory [in Georgia], they just wouldn’t give it to us,” Taitz said.  “In Indiana, it is a superior court of a state with much more authority.  I have the audio of the hearing, and on tape, the judge said, ‘I believe there is a strong case here; I believe the plaintiffs provided a strong argument, but I need evidence.'”

The Post & Email provided a previous update on the Indiana case on October 7.

Other cases which Taitz has filed are pending in Mississippi, California (which includes a state and federal challenge against the secretaries of state of NH, WV, GA, CA), Kansas and the Supreme Court of the United States.

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