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by Atty. Orly Taitz

Democrat Natalie Tennant is West Virginia’s Secretary of State. She was born on Christmas Day, 1967, to two schoolteachers

(Oct. 7, 2012) —[Editor’s Note:  Additional recent developments on the part of Secretaries of State named as defendants in Taitz’s case Judd v. Obama were reported on October 5.  An attorney representing members of the media listed as defendants IN the case also responded to Taitz late last week.]

I got a call from Atty. Dorian Brell, the deputy attorney general of West Virginia representing Secretary of State Natalie Tennant.  Keith Judd ran for office in West Virginia and got 41% of the vote.  He filed a complaint with Secretary of State Tennant demanding an investigation in light of Obama’s forged IDs, and she just threw it in the garbage.  She is the chief elections official in the state.  Keith wanted me to stipulate that I would agree to a 30-day extension for them to file papers. I stated that I would consider agreeing to this if they would stipulate to a stay of certification of all votes for Obama pending adjudication of the issue of evidence of forgery in all of his IDs and Social Security number.

[Editor’s Note:  Natalie Tennant appeared on Fox News last February to denounce voter fraud, stating “We don’t tolerate election law violations.”]

They’re claiming that they cannot look at the qualifications of the president.  So why are we paying Secretaries of State their salaries?  If they are doing nothing and deciding nothing, why not just pay an inflatable doll?  We could save ourselves quite a bit.  With 50 of them who are probably making some $200,000 plus benefits,  that’s a lot of money.

The attorney said that as an election official, the secretary of state does not have jurisdiction to stay the certification of votes.  She claimed at this point, it is up to the county election boards to do so.

I have filed an application for stay to the Supreme Court of the United States which came from the Court of Appeals about Obama’s Social Security number.  The Court of Appeals ruled that they would not provide the original application, the SS-5 for that number, under FOIA, for two reasons:  1, because it is a private matter, and 2, there is no public interest.  Because it came out of the District of Columbia circuit, I had to submit it to Roberts and I wrote that he does not have an expectation of privacy in stolen goods. His Social Security number is a stolen number from a state where he never resided.  Anybody else would have been in prison for that.

Atty. Orly Taitz was born in Moldava, in the former Soviet Union, and grew up under totalitarianism. She has been working to uncover Obama’s original documentation and history since prior to his inauguration in January 2009.

Moreover, I provided them with a sworn affidavit from John Sampson, who was a former senior immigration officer who stated that in those types of situations, they would provide a redacted Social Security form for anyone else.  In terms of this not being a public matter, it insults the intelligence of each and every American citizen.  They are claiming that a person getting in to the White House with a stolen Social Security number does not represent a matter of public interest.  It is a public concern whether we have a criminal with forged IDs in the White House.

That shows the level of criminality in our government.  We have criminals in the judiciary…it’s frightening.  In my opinion, there are a lot of judges who need to be thrown off the bench because of what they’re doing. It’s worse than Iran or Egypt…they have an illusion of a democratic society but in reality, they’re not a democracy.  The judges are there to create an illusion of democracy which doesn’t exist.

In Indiana, I filed a Motion for Reconsideration with Judge Reid.  The attorney general, on behalf of the Secretary of State and the Elections Commission, asked for additional time, and the judge gave it to them immediately.  We filed a Motion for Reconsideration, and she stated “Plaintiffs provided a very valid argument,”   But, she said, she would need more evidence to meet the burden of proof for a preliminary injunction, so we have to go to trial.  The problem there was that she wouldn’t let me put people on the stand.  I had Chris Strunk there to testify, but she wouldn’t let him do it.  He appeared twice, but she didn’t let people testify.  So I filed a Motion for Reconsideration requesting an expedited trial.  Our motions were sitting there for about a week, but their motion was granted the same day.

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  1. Orly is experiencing the same corruption I have had to deal with for over four years in Ohio State courts, and finally the U.S. Supreme Court.

    My case was a “mini-Obama” eligibility case having to do with an unqualified candiate for sheriff in 2000. I ran for sheriff in 2008. I attempted to protest his candidacy but was prevented from doing so because Ohio law only allows partisan candidates to challenge independents, but not the other way around. So my protest was denied.

    I sought a writ of mandamus to force the Board of Elections to accept my protest on grounds of equal protection, but was told I had a future remedy in quo warranto after I had lost the election. The 12th District Court of Appeals agreed with the lower court. I could appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court, but by the time that would have gotten to that court the election would have been over anyway. So I waited until after I lost the election to file for the quo warranto.

    The same 12th District Court of Appeals that said I had a future remedy in quo warranto turned down my petition ignoring precedent to throw my case out without having addressed the merits of my case. I appealed and the Ohio Supreme Court and it reversed and remanded for another go round at the 12th.

    Again, the 12th District came up with a bogus ruling to avoid addressing the merits, by holding that I could only challenge a current term in office, even though my opponent lost his credentials to run for his second and third term during his first term, and did not get a new set of credentials in the form of a valid peace officer certificate according to Ohio Administrative Code provisions since the first term. I appealed again to the Ohio Supreme Court.

    This time all seven justices failed to even read my case, holding that I should have brought my case in 2001 when I was still living in Kansas and Missouri, or in 2004, when I had just moved to Ohio and was not running for office, nor had standing of any sort to file any kind of action.

    So, they tossed out my early challenges prior to the election with the excuse I had a future remedy, which was not an instant remedy. And then when I sought that future remedy they used to toss my earlier case for mandamus, they then said I could not have that either. Not one ounce of due process at all for $60+k and four years spent in totally corrupt courts.

    An appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court was a futile effort, again most likely not one person read the filing with over 600 cases heard in one week with a decision not to issue a writ of certiorari on October 1, 2012.

    The courts have been corrupted by political hacks sitting on the bench, not adhering to their oath of office for one minute when it comes to justice. I speak as the litigant in my case, but as an attorney too, I realize that there is no justice anymore in the courts. If there is an honest court out there somewhere, it would be very hard to find these days. In my case it is dirty crooked Republican-dominated courts that are subservient to the local dominant Republican Party hacks wanting to maintain their power and control any way possible. Their top dogs go around calling me a “crazy nut,” etc., all because I tried to get the laws upheld against elected officials the same as for the common guy on the street.

    You are wasting your time and money going to court for justice. It is power and control these days, and it all depends on which political party is in control of your geographical area. The law means absolutely nothing anymore at all. It’s who has the bigger mob control. Read it and weep, but it is the honest truth of what is going on in America today, as can be clearly seen with the Obama situation. We have become worse than third world countries when it comes to the protection of rights and punishment of those who do wrong in government positions. You are without any recourse after having been unfairly and unjustly treated in the court system. It is the same kind of tyranny our nation faced prior to the Revolutionary War only manifested in a differnt forum and way. There is no constitution or law that matters anymore in our land. Courts are doing what they want to achieve the outcome they desire, and to hell with the law.

  2. The Tenacity of Dr Taitz, the Post Email, Arpaio, Trump, and the Supremacy of the US Constitution shall prove triumphant.

    The Walls of Jericho are already shaking.

    Kudos, Sharon et al!