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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

Does the banker own it all in the end?

(Oct. 7, 2012) — Here’s one for you. Ever play Monopoly? No, wait: ever play Monopoly with someone who not only read the rules, but understands them as well, to such a degree that, if they’re not the banker at the beginning of the game, they’ll somehow weasel that position away from an unsuspecting competitor, and once they make themselves the President of the Bank, all bets are off, Game Over, everyone goes belly-up and the Banker ends up with everything, including the Get-out-of-Jail-Free card?

Welcome to the real world, where, if you’re not the banker, you’re just waiting around to be pounced upon, and it makes no difference if you’ve got money, think you’ve got money, or don’t have a bean to put in a pot; you’re just as vulnerable as the rest of us. Forget about the deductions from the paycheck, that’s just out-and-out highway robbery, a toll they take from you for, I don’t know, maybe letting you breathe air. But after they take a third or more of your paycheck, they put a tax on it, and they call that income tax.

So you show up at the place of employment, do stuff (Note: if you’re a government employee, skip the “do stuff”), and for compensation they give you money, but before they give you the money that you earned (with above-noted exception) they give a lot of it to the government, and then off you go and pay your bills. You pay the electric bill which includes the electric company’s tax. Same with all your other bills. You prepay to fill the gas tank up. Let’s say the price is $3/gal (don’t we wish?). In reality, you pay the tax first, let’s say a third, and then, after you prepay the tax, you then pay what’s owed for the gas. The tax is always paid first. If you think the oil companies are making money hand over fist from high gas prices, you’d be right, but the government is making bundles of money also, which is why this so-called “energy conservation” is nothing more than meaningless hot air from Washington. Gouging at the pumps increases the tax revenue, something that our politicians support.

We hear about the Federal Reserve raising or lowering interest rates.  What does that mean, I mean, what does that REALLY mean? I’m glad you asked. What that means is that the Fed is coming up with another clever scheme to pry a little bit more out of you. Here’s how it works.

Let’s pretend that there’s, somewhere in the universe, an economy that is level, meaning no inflation or devaluation of the currency.  Maybe their dollar is tied to a set price of a commodity:  carrots, gold, anything. And let’s further pretend that there’s no income tax; the only time you ever pay a tax is when you buy something.

You buy a house and pay the sales tax. None of this year-by-year-by-year property tax, always going up, never down, seldom the same, and if it is ever the same, it’ll go up, always up. Always more. You want to buy a car, well, you’ve a choice. The tax on that Porsche is 10K, the Yugo less. You buy a burger, you pay a tax. And here’s the crazy part: the tax rate never varies. The tax on that Porsche is the same amount as that of the burger, the same amount as it is on a gallon of gas. A flat tax, for everyone equally. No write-offs, no shelters, no income tax, State or Federal. No “corporate” rates. No “offshore.” No hiding from the tax man because there’ll be no tax man, no IRS, to hide from. Only pay the tax when you buy something, from popcorn to an outfielder’s glove.

Maybe you’re prudent and save. In that case you pay the same flat rate of tax on the interest (think of the money in savings as going to work every day and making money, and that’s interest, so, since you’re buying something, in this case money, you have to pay a tax).  But you pay the interest tax only at the time of withdrawal, or when your money quits working for interest. Same with stocks and bonds.

In our pretend economy there are no fluctuations, and the only crisis is when the demand for a product soars or wanes: Capitalism thrives when the government (including the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank isn’t a greedy handout troll, as ours has been and continues to be.

How many of us recall when children played with a Slinky instead of video games and Ipods?

America used to be The Land of the Slinky, the Hula Hoop, a land of excitement.  Thanks to draconian banker practices, endorsed by our slinky politicians, we’re being turned into a financial wasteland (welcome to Socialism). We can all blame the banker, but we should really be pointing at the weasels in Washington, who fill their pot up with riches and don’t give a hoot about the future of our country.

Here’s a three-step solution for a start to get our country’s financial health back on track.

1. Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank AND the IRS

2. Institute a flat sales tax. No exemptions.

3. Have the dollar backed by an tangible asset.

These are reasonable and prudent goals that we must implement to have a gnat’s chance at winning the game.





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  1. At risk at repeating myself, again: In the year of our Lord 1821 Rothschild made this statement, “The Bank of England RULES the World, and I OWN the Bank of England!”
    Thus, the beginning of the Bankers absorption of the Worlds Economies and the beginnings of “The New World Order” and the CABAL to “Own the World”
    Then along came J.P. Morgan, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Chase, Mellon, Rockefeller, and many other “NWO’ers” who for all of these years continued to plot the Destruction of “Sovereign States” Economies and became involved in the backing and financing for the Illegal, DeFacto 41st. TRAITOR Congress’s formation of the “1871 United States Corporation of The District of Criminals-(D.C.)-”
    There is not enough page-space here to continue, but it makes for interesting and disgusting reading.

  2. As per usual an OUTSTANDING read!!!! I couldn’t agree more! YES, the bankers are nothing but money-changing whores but they could NEVER get away with this monopoly game WITHOUT the help of the U.S. government….republican and democrat, don’t even get me started on the courts….where are the MEN, honorable men that built this nation, where are the good guys?????????? Thank you for writing this i will pass it along far and wide!