by Ron Ewart, ©2012

(Sep. 30, 2012) — This is really strange!  A curious thing happened several weeks ago.  We debated for some time on whether we should even tell it.  We received a call from a man with a noticeable mid-eastern accent.  Our caller ID said the number was “unavailable.”  The man called himself Amil, but we suspected that Amil was not his real name.  He said he wanted a meeting and when we asked why, he was evasive but said that what he had to say was very important and could have international implications between Russia and the U. S. and might even affect the upcoming election.  We almost hung up on him, but decided to see what else he had to say.

We asked why he wanted to talk to us.  He responded by saying that he had read many of our articles and that the subjects we chose to write about and how we wrote them fit right in with what he wanted to tell us.  It became obvious that he had checked us out, as he mentioned that he was particularly fascinated by one of our websites, namely, “Attack Watch Spies” and our “Citizen Intelligence Network.”  He didn’t say why, but we suspected that it was probably the word “Spies” that caught his attention.  He also seemed quite interested in our ORDCA Citizen Investigator program for some reason and asked a few questions about it.  As near as we could tell, what he seemed to be inferring was that he thought, if we wrote his story as a nationally known author, we would do justice to what he was about to reveal to us.

No matter what his motives were for contacting us, it still didn’t make any sense and red flags went up and alarm bells in our head started to go off.  The question that came to mind next was, were we being duped?  But alas, our curiosity got the best of us and we agreed to meet him, even though we had an uneasy sense of foreboding about the whole affair.  It is extremely rare for us to get this kind of international attention, even though we hear from individuals from almost every country.  As skeptical as we were, nevertheless our “journalistic” ears pricked up on the potential for a “scoop,” as remote as it might be.

We agreed that the meeting place had to be public and we chose a small, obscure restaurant in downtown Seattle.  He seemed to know Seattle quite well.  We asked how we would recognize him and he said it would be easy.  He would be the only one dressed in an Arab headdress and white robe, sporting a heavy, greying beard.  We were further intrigued by this revelation.  We even thought at the time that maybe we should report this event to the authorities, but decided to wait until after the meeting.

When the day came to meet him, we were very tempted to cancel the whole thing and just not show up, but again we were so curious at the prospects that any thoughts of canceling were quickly quelled.  We arrived at the restaurant around 1:30 in the afternoon and found he was already there.  And he was absolutely right.  We had no trouble recognizing him at all.  There he was in his Arab splendor sitting alone at a table next to the window, as if he had just ridden in off the desert on a camel.  For all we knew, he could have been the King of Saudi Arabia.  We could see that as people walked by the window, they would suddenly stop and look in, with puzzled looks on their faces.  Obviously, this was an unusual sight for the streets of Seattle.  In any event, he ignored their interest in him.  To us, he looked so out of place, but he seemed oblivious to the contrast he presented with the other customers and the passers-by.  He sat upright and proud, drinking a cup of what we assumed was coffee.  He seemed to be quite comfortable and at home in this Seattle restaurant.

We walked over, pulled out a chair and took a seat at his table.  As we sat down, he looked up and offered his hand.  We shook hands in what could only appear to others as a very unusual meeting of two vastly different cultures.  We wondered if we were being watched.  As we opened our mouth to speak and before we could get a word out, he placed his index finger over his tight-lipped mouth as a signal to say nothing.  Then he started to unravel his story.  His broken English was a little hard to interpret but the gist of what he said literally shook us to the core.  As he spoke in hushed tones, his deep-set eyes were slowly probing the restaurant and outside the window as if he were looking to see if anyone else was watching.  We couldn’t help having an uneasy feeling that this meeting was not going unnoticed and we imagined inquisitive eyes looking at us from all directions.  An occasional curious glance in our direction from some of the other patrons in the restaurant confirmed that it was not our imagination.

Amil began by telling us that his brother was not only on the Partridge hunt with Barack Obama when Obama visited Pakistan in 1981, but he also attended high-level meetings with Obama and Obama’s host, Muhammed Hasan Chandio, as well as other dignitaries of the Pakistani government.  Representatives from other governments, most notably Russians, were also present at some of those meetings.  The Chandio family, evidently, were large landowners in the region that Obama visited and appeared to have great political influence in the country.  From what we learned from a few sources, one of the Chandios is a financial consultant in New York and purportedly a donor to Obama’s campaign.  Some of Obama’s other hosts in Pakistan included a son of a Pakistani politician, one Muhammadian Mian Soomro, who became interim President of Pakistan when Pervez Musharraf resigned in 2008.  Then there was the association with Khalid Al-Mansour, senior advisor to Prince Al-Waleed Bihn Talal of Saudi Arabia.  In addition to Chandio and Soomro, but outside of Pakistan, Obama was seen with a Wahid Hamid and a Vinai Thummalapally.  Again, certain sources say that all of these Arabs have donated to Obama’s campaign and/or acted as bundlers in collecting contributions for him.  Obama seems to have a lot more Arab friends than American friends.  One might question the inordinate amount of interest that Muslims seem to have in Obama, which might explain why Obama seems to be so overly sensitive and apologetic to the Middle East.

According to Amil’s brother, at one such meeting in Pakistan that Amil’s brother attended with Obama and the Chandio family, there were four high-level Russian military officers.  Amil’s brother thought he heard that one of the Russian officers was a direct envoy of then USSR General Secretary, Leonid Brezhnev.  Another of the Russian officers appeared to be a high-level KGB operative.  The subject at the meeting was not Partridge hunting but of a much more serious and clandestine nature.

The language of this particular meeting was in Arabic and it seemed to Amil’s brother that Obama had no difficulty in speaking or understanding what was spoken.  What was even more surprising, occasionally, when speaking to one of the Russian officers, Obama would break out in fluent Russian.  The subject of the meeting, according to Amil’s brother, was Russian operatives (spies) in America.  Why Amil’s brother or Obama was there at this particular meeting was not advanced by Amil and was left to our imagination.

Sidebar:  This Pakistan trip by Obama may give new meaning to Obama’s “hot-mike” comments to Russian President Medvedev on missile defense when Obama was in South Korea earlier this year. On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this can be solved, but it’s important for him to give me space,” Obama said of incoming Russian President Vladi­mir Putin, who will replace Medvedev in May.  Obama finished his comment with: “This is my last election.  After my election, I will have more flexibility.   (Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Obama was talking to Medvedev or Putin on the telephone or at high-level international meetings in private.  Could he have been revealing American secrets?)

Amil went on with his story about his brother and Obama and said his brother told him that one of the Russian officers attending this particular meeting brought out a map of the United States and Canada and laid it on a table for all of the attendees to review.  On the map were red and blue dots around the major cities, including Washington, DC.  As near as Amil’s brother could tell, the red dots were active Russian spies already engaged in specific missions and the blue dots were deep cover agents with yet-to-be designated missions.  Obama seemed particularly focused on the red and blue dots clustered around Chicago and physically put his finger on the area, according to Amil’s brother.  There were some names next to some of the dots but Amil told us that his brother could not get close enough to the map to read them clearly.

That was all that Amil could tell us, as he hadn’t seen or spoken to his brother since he vanished into thin air not long after Obama left Pakistan and Amil could never find out what happened to him even after contacting members of his family in Pakistan.   We asked him why he took so long to tell his story and he looked straight at us with his piercing eyes and didn’t answer the question.  We decided not to press it.

Suddenly and without warning, Amil stood up and reached over to shake our hand.  He then turned and walked out of the restaurant without another word, flaring his white robe on the way.  As he left the restaurant, not stopping to look back, he turned left when he reached the sidewalk and disappeared into the crowd.  His abrupt departure took us by surprise and was too quick for us to ask him for his telephone number or his address.  We haven’t seen or heard from Amil since the meeting that day at the restaurant and he hasn’t tried to contact us.  We decided not to alert the authorities as we couldn’t prove a single thing that Amil told us, nor could we prove that Amil even existed.

Apparently, Amil and his brother are not the only ones that have suspicions of a Russian-Islamic connection.  A top-level Soviet Bloc official who defected to the U. S., Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, describes this connection in detail in a recent article in the WorldNetDaily at this link:

Ladies and gentlemen, we sit here pondering the red and blue dots on the map, purportedly produced by the Russian officer at this meeting in Pakistan in 1981, which Obama and Amil’s brother allegedly attended, especially coupled with the rumor that 20,000 Russian troops are now stationed in the U. S.   What is Amil’s real name?  Did he even have a brother who lived in Pakistan and met with Obama?  Why did Amil pick us to tell his story to and why did he wait so long to tell it?  What did Obama really do when he was in Pakistan in 1981?  Who funded his trip?  Is Obama really a Muslim ….. or a Russian agent?  Why does he have so many Arab friends and associates?  Where did he learn both Arabic and Russian?  Are there deep-cover Russian agents in America?  If so, what have they been doing since 1981?  Are they working inside our government?  Did Obama ever meet with any of the Russian operatives in Chicago or any other parts of America that appeared on the Russian map?  Is Obama working with the Russians or the Arabs right now?  Is there a clandestine reason that Obama abruptly cancelled the missile defense shield in Poland after years of planning?  Why has Obama not gone into Syria with a no-fly zone as he did in Libya?  Is that because the Russians have a vested interest in Syria?  And what was the hidden meaning, if any, in the “hot-mike” message Obama gave to Russian President Medvedev in South Korea earlier this year?  And why did the Obama administration not come out immediately and say the attack on our Consulate in Libya was a terrorist attack when they knew it was?  What were they hiding, or was it just political correctness taken to the point of incompetence ….. or  was it treason?

We have no way to verify any of Amil’s story, as it is virtually all hearsay.  We have no way to answer the questions we now ponder.  The whole thing is comparable to what Senator Harry Reid said about Mitt Romney not paying any taxes for ten years, with his shadowy source being “someone” who worked at Bain Capital.  (Maybe Reid’s shadowy figure’s name was Boris.)  Nevertheless, Amil appeared genuine and his story had facets to it that seemed to jive with known facts about Obama.   It is highly unlikely that we, or anyone else for that matter, will ever see or hear from Amil again, just as it is highly unlikely that the devious Senator Harry Reid will ever name his source at Bain Capital who Harry claims knew Romney and knew that he didn’t pay any taxes for ten years.  What it comes down to is that Amil’s story and Reid’s story are nothing but hearsay, innuendo and speculation, without a shred of evidence.

However, whether Amil’s story is true or not, Barack Hussein Obama is one of the least-vetted Presidents of all time and a man with a tortured, shadowy past that reveals much about how he governs.  He may have been born in Hawaii but the rest of his Islam-dominated life in Indonesia; his college experiences and records as a foreign student that remain covered up; the fact that no one seems to remember him from college; his highly questionable trip to Pakistan when other Americans weren’t allowed to go there; the two books he allegedly wrote early in his life before he even had an adult life; his multiple social security numbers; his long-time contact with family friend Frank Marshall Davis, a known and active communist; his association with slum landlord Tony Rezko and now a felon who is in jail on fraud and bribery convictions; his association with Bill Ayers, a known and unrepentant domestic terrorist who actually killed people with bombs but got off scot-free; a 20-year association with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a known, bitter and vicious Black Liberation Theologist who hates America; his association with known Muslims during his college years and other questionable characters, leave so many unanswered questions that Obama couldn’t get a secret clearance if he went to work for a defense contractor.  With this record of what we do know about Obama, he should be on the government’s no-fly list.

With all these known things hanging around his neck, how, then, did he ever become president of the United States with his finger poised on the nuclear, the-end-of-life-as-we-know-it, button?   That the mainstream news media purposely ignores these associations and questionable past can only be construed as being complicit in collusion with Obama, or his handlers, in a plot to “fundamentally transform” America to Soviet-style communism, or take over America from the inside for the purpose of implementing Sharia Law.

Obama has increased his executive power exponentially in his first term.  He circumvents the Congress with reckless abandon and plays dice with American lives.  He shoves unconstitutional legislation down our throats.  His unilateral, without-Congressional-approval, immigration policies only encourage more illegal aliens to cross our borders and start feeding off of American generosity.

He lies more than he tells the truth.  Barack Hussein Obama is, by far, the most dangerous and devious man ever to become President of the United States of America.  If he is re-elected, the damage he can do to America in the next four years could turn sinister and deadly ….. for all Americans, as well as American freedom, security and sovereignty.  Obama is so evil and so without conscience that he would sell America down the river, if it suited his purposes.  To re-elect him is virtual national suicide and probably will spell the end of the greatest experiment with freedom since the dawn of civilization.

If you really want to know how dangerous this man is, we encourage you to watch the video put out by a Navy Seal at this link.

There is more interesting information at the following link about the Obama-Islamic connection and the source appears to be Valerie Jarrett’s father-in law, the same Valerie Jarrett that is the closest advisor to President Obama:

We can’t independently verify any of this information, but this information raises very serious questions about Obama that should be answered.

So in closing, we must ask, is any of Amil’s alleged story we just revealed evidence of Obama treason?  We will probably never know.  Only Obama knows what he did for those three weeks in Pakistan in 1981, but Obama isn’t talking and for some inexplicable and suspicious reason, no one is investigating his Pakistan trip or anything else about Obama, and very few seem to care in this all-important election year with just a little over 30 days to go, an election year that could mean life or death itself for America and freedom.

But the real question is, when is Mitt Romney going to come down hard on Obama with these very disturbing questions about Obama’s Russian, Islamic and domestic terrorist associations and the revelations of his shadowy past?   If he does not, “The Parallax Prophecies” predicts that Obama will be re-elected.

Ron Ewart, President


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  1. I’m not surprised. IT has been noted several times by different authors no one knows why Obama went to Pakistan. But-I believe this story. For what it is worth though, I heard this past weekend that the weapons used at the assault of of our embassy were military grade RUSSIAN weapons. I heard it on Larry Hagmann or Aaron Klein. Larry’s was a replay of Friday’s program. He does the program with his son.

  2. Dear OPOVV, I lived five years in a country that was occupied by the NAZIs!!!

    All I’ve read and seen here, is nothing but words and words totally meaningless!!

    WHY and WHY is it that all those speaking and took an OATH to the Constitution are sitting on the side-line or on the fence??

    Why is it that Honduras was able to effectively get rid of a dictator, and we CANNOT???

    Our military personnel and SCOTUS including John Roberts have a duty to do the same as Honduras did!!!

    1. Dear danamco,
      Unfortunately, there’s a lot of fence sitters.
      Meanwhile, sales in guns and ammo continue to skyrocket.
      But I understand your frustration. If the LTC Terry Lakin Affair couldn’t get our military to place the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the brig, then maybe they, too, have turned their backs on their Oath, but I don’t think so.
      Through a very clever means, thousands of our military personnel have contacted me (and continue to do so) and say that they all know that the POTUS is not eligible to be the CIC. Remember that Obama, a couple of months after he took office and became the de facto president, wanted the military Oath be changed to an allegiance sworn to the President (him, Obama), with no mention of the Constitution? Well, maybe the civilians don’t remember that fiasco, but our men and women in uniform sure as hell do, and they’re not happy about it, not by a long shot.
      I suppose we’ll all wait and see how the “election” is reported to have been conducted, I don’t know.
      I do know, however, is that this will be America’s last chance of any salvation whatsoever. And even at this late hour in her history, there are Americans actually supporting Obama, as he points the way to death and destruction (the Jews and us Patriots are united in that we are THEIR enemy). It is those people, Obots, along with the courts, those 99% of the politicians who kept silent about the Birth Certificate, the government employees who just went along for the ride, stealing from the taxpayers by cashing-in their unearned paychecks (an example would be those who were, and are, responsible for putting, and keeping, Obama’s name on the ballot), and those members of the news media who, if not actively supporting Obama, certainly didn’t put any roadblocks in his way (reporting the TRUTH, for instance) on to destroying our country.
      I know this is not the answer that you were looking for, but it’s the best that I have AT THIS TIME.
      My advice is to be armed, because, I assure you, the enemy is. The lowering of the standards for our military and law enforcement was done so as to have as many in the ranks as possible who will blindly follow illegal orders, and that’s a fact that we all have to live with (ANY order from Obama is an illegal order). The employees of Homeland Security is a prime example of substandard material, as is the leadership therein.
      The other side, the enemy, has no qualms nor hesitation to spill blood, so the question is, are we to live under the yoke of slavery (Sharia) or fight to the death for the Freedoms that our Constitution allows us to live under? We outnumber and outgun them, believe it. We, you and I and all the other Patriots, have the ability to throw ALL of the traitors in prison, I have no problem with the concept.
      So stay tuned, and, above all, stay armed.

  3. From my book, “The Obama Timeline”:

    [In 1980] Obama moves to Los Angeles to attend Occidental College, where he plays basketball and continues taking drugs. He becomes friends with Pakistani Muslims Mohammed Hassan Chandoo (perhaps spelled Chando or Chandio) and Wahid Hamid, and Indian Vinai Thummalapally. At Occidental, Obama indulges in alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine. He becomes interested in the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa and is mentored by an openly gay professor, Lawrence Goldyn, who has a strong influence on Obama’s acceptance of gays. Fellow student Thummalapally lives with Obama in the summer of 1980. Obama’s freshman year roommate at Occidental is Imad Husain, a Pakistani.


    In 1981, Obama visits his mother and half-sister in Indonesia, and then continues to Karachi, Pakistan and Hyderabad, Pakistan, with his friends Mohammed Hassan Chandoo and Wahid Hamid, and finally to Kenya to visit his father’s family. (Most accounts suggest Obama visited Hyderabad, India, but he perhaps visited the city of the same name in Pakistan, a few hours drive from Karachi.)


    The Obama staffers in charge of the campaign’s “small” (less than $200) Internet campaign contributions are Obama’s former college roommates from Pakistan, Muhammad Hassan Chandoo and Wahid Hamid. Those “small” contributions total at least $223 million and many are believed to be illegal contributions from foreign countries. Campaigns are required to keep track of donor names and verify their nationality as U.S., but the Obama campaign does not—in direct violation of federal election laws. (In addition to working directly for the Obama campaign, Chandoo and his brother maintain a Web site that is arguably anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-women… and vulgar.)

  4. Dear Ron,
    The pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together. But Romney and the rest of the Republican Party are “just following orders” and, since they haven’t questioned Obama’s fake Birth Certificates (s!), or his use of a stolen Social Security number, or the Selective Service Registration lie, and on and on, including his (at least) 22 aliases (s!) and use of 22 other Social Security numbers (s!), the chances of Romney stepping up to the plate and acting as a Patriot are completely non-existent, and has been since 2008, when Romney could’ve asked these same questions then, but didn’t.
    It’s a well orchestrated takeover by following the blueprint of the Nazi takeover of Germany in the 1930’s.
    Of course Obama will win. He owns the courts, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and look at Chief Justice Roberts, if you ever wanted to see what a REAL traitor looks like, he’s it.
    Tell your neighbors to get themselves armed to the hilt. I do.

  5. Mitt Romney will NEVER talk about ANY of Obama’s horrible past connections. Not going to happen. I know one thing for sure, before Obama is allowed to remain on the ballot in November 2012, he needs to be forced into opening up ALL of those records that have been sealed via Executive Order. Congress must demand this one small request.