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by Paul R. Hollrah, ©2012

Is Islam a religion of peace?

(Sep. 29, 2012) — At the break of dawn, January 25, 1954, I disembarked from the USNS Geiger at Bremerhaven, Germany, along with 1,505 of my fellow soldiers, all members of U.S. 7th Army occupation forces.

We were loaded onto train cars, and with the temperature in the low 20’s, with insufficient food, and with four men and their duffel bags to each compartment, we headed south toward the U.S. 7th Army reception center at Zweibrucken.  It was an extremely uncomfortable trip, and as we traveled south through the West German countryside we saw occasional examples of graffiti painted on the sides of buildings, urging “AMI, GO HOME!” and “YANK, GO HOME!”  Our welcome to Germany was a chilly one, in more ways than one.

However, the thought occurs to me that I can now fully understand the sentiment.  If I were in Afghanistan today, there’s a good chance I could be found with a can of spray paint in hand, painting “AMI, GO HOME” on the sides of walls and buildings.

More and more, it appears as if we are fighting a war, not for some grand ideal, and not in support of family and flag, but just for the sake of fighting a war and to keep Democrats from being branded as “soft on Islamic fundamentalism.”  Far too many people, in and out of government, in and out of the military, fear that if we were to pack up and leave we would look like losers after spending so much blood and treasure there with no identifiable “victory.”

There is nothing to be gained by our continued presence in Afghanistan and it’s time to bring our troops home.  If we have not learned by now that the people of Islam are a tribal culture, still living in the 7th century, then we may never learn it.

What has allowed humankind to develop the degree of civilization that we now enjoy, even allowing for occasional instances of war and rebellion, is the concept of “live and let live” that nations and religions have applied across borders and around the world.  The only exception to that rule is the world of Islam.  Muslims have never bought into the notion of “live and let live,” and it is unlikely that they will ever do so.  This has never been more evident than in remarks made in recent days by the top leaders of the Iranian regime.

Al-Quds Day is an annual event, celebrated in many Arab countries on the last Friday of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan… the only religious tradition that Barack Obama regularly celebrates at the White House.  And while Obama uses the occasion to honor Islam, civilized societies elsewhere see it as an opportunity to remind ourselves of what is in the hearts and minds of Muslim leaders.

In a recent al Quds Day speech to a crowd of worshipers at Tehran University, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said, “The existence of (Israel) is an insult to all humanity… The Zionist regime and the Zionists are a cancerous tumor… The nations of the region will soon finish off the usurper Zionists in the Palestinian land… With the grace of God and help of the nations in the new Middle East there will be no trace of the Americans and Zionists.”

Ayatollah Khatami, a senior Iranian Ayatollah and a senior member of the Iranian Assembly of Experts, said, “Quran states that in facing the Zionists, one must use force… God willing, soon the removal of Israel from the world will come together for the Muslims… They have seen our missiles with a range of 2,000 kilometers in the Islamic Republic’s exercises, and in case of an attack, Tel Aviv will turn into ashes.”

Does anyone, other than Barack Obama, still wonder why Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu takes the dramatic step of standing before the United Nations General Assembly, drawing a bold red line across the symbolic drawing of a nuclear bomb?

Meanwhile, in Egypt, an August 9 report by El Balad, a widely read Egyptian website, reports on atrocities committed against supporters of Tawfik Okasha… a vocal critic of newly elected President Mohammed Morsi… who openly opposes radical Islamic fundamentalism.   El Balad reports that, on August 8, as Okasha’s supports gathered around the presidential palace, they were surrounded by Muslim Brotherhood supporters who “attacked them with sticks, knives, and Molotov cocktails, crucifying some of them on trees.”   Two were killed and dozens of others wounded.

Center for Security Policy Senior Fellow Clare Lopez cited chapter and verse from the Quran to explain that crucifixions are not simply normal for Islam, they’re required.  Lopez explains that “Crucifixion is a hadd punishment, stipulated in the Quran (Sura 5:33).  It is an obligatory part of Sharia Law.  It’s been a traditional punishment within Islam… ”

So, as much as we would like to believe otherwise, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood does not have the option to exclude crucifixion from their legal code.  Lopez voices a warning for Egypt’s Coptic Christians and compares the coming treatment of Egypt’s Christians to the Jews in Germany.  She warns, “The Copts must get out of Egypt as soon as possible.  For the many millions who will not be able to get out, I expect things will continue to deteriorate, just as they did for Germany’s and Europe’s Jews from the 1930s onward.”

Looking ahead to anti-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations planned for August 24 in Cairo and elsewhere, Al Azhar, Egypt’s most authoritative Islamic institution, issued a fatwa calling for more violence and oppression, saying, “Fighting participants in the anti-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations is a religious obligation.”

In Syria, the beleaguered President Bashar al-Assad goes on murdering his own people by the tens of thousands while the rest of the world, except for Assad’s friends, Russia and Iran, stands idly by.  The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has reported that “At least 19,106 people, most of them civilians, have been killed since March last year.  They include 13,296 civilians, 4861 regime troops and 949 defectors… The toll does not include the thousands of people missing in detention.  Nor does it include thousands of soldiers whose deaths the regime has concealed in a bid to keep the army’s morale high.”

While human life is valued in every culture in the civilized world, in Islam it is not.  And while the Christian Bible and the Jewish Torah dictate that “thou shalt not kill,” the Muslim Quran commands Muslims to kill all non-Muslims.  Ultimately, the only choice for Christians, Jews, and others is to either convert to Islam, or die.

Civilized people the world over can come to only one conclusion: that civilized societies simply cannot coexist with Islam if Muslims are allowed to infiltrate unrestricted.  It may be that the only way for non-Muslim cultures to coexist with Islam is if Muslims are quarantined to live in self-inflicted misery in a part of the world set aside for them by non-Islamic nations.

In Libya, for example, we have had an American ambassador and three other diplomats brutally murdered by Islamic fundamentalists.  At the same time, American embassies and consulates across the Islamic world are attacked and our flag desecrated.  Should we not be questioning whether or not it is even possible to conduct normal diplomatic relations with such savages?

And while Barack Obama goes before the United Nations General Assembly to speak of the “common humanity” shared by Islam and the Christian world, the Turkish Prime Minister uses the very same podium to demand that the world’s body declare “Islamophobia” to be a “crime against humanity.”  The British commentator, Pat Condell, points out that Islam “should be as welcome on this planet as an asteroid,” and that, “given the evidence, there is a much stronger case for making Islam a ‘crime against humanity.’ ”

In Afghanistan, the so-called “green-on-blue” attacks by Afghan military and security personnel against American military personnel now stands at more than 100.  Since the beginning of 2012, there have been 32 such attacks resulting in 40 American deaths.

In one recent attack, an Afghan security officer lured a team of U.S. soldiers to a Ramadan meal under the pretext of discussing security matters with them.  He then opened fire on them, killing three and wounding another.  In taking credit for the ambush, the Taliban released a video in which the Afghan soldier smiles at the camera, and says, “I opened fire on three Americans who were sitting together.  The reason I killed them is because they have occupied our country.  They are enemies of our religion.”

Yes, it’s time to heed the advice of the graffiti on the wall: “AMI!  GO HOME!”

Our only reason for being in Afghanistan today is to allow Barack Obama to prove his manhood.  As a strategic rationale, Obama’s manhood is not worth a superficial scratch on the a** of a single American soldier or Marine.


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