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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

Which presidential candidate would best uphold the Bill of Rights?

(Sep. 21, 2012) — Last week was my first large scale political rally. I didn’t notify the local police, nor did I bother with the local mainstream media. I didn’t inform radio or send out flyers. No, I just let the grapevine convey the news that I was going to be giving a speech and all were welcome. The price of admission would be to show a loaded gun. Some came with rifles, some with shotguns, but the overwhelming majority were handguns produced from behind the back, ankle holster, or from a purse. And, no, I don’t believe anyone had a “permit,” because everyone who came still believes in the Second Amendment.  It’s that simple.

My speech was short, but to-the-point. I cannot recite it here because it may be construed as being, well, “proactively inflammable,” okay?

The first order of business was to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by our National Anthem.

After the movie “FITNA” was shown, I listed the basic platform:

 1. Deport ALL Muslims

2. Deport ALL illegal immigrants

3. Do not renew the Federal Reserves Bank’s charter

4. Quit the United Nations and kick them OUT

5. Institute a Flat National Sales tax. No more IRS

6. English spoken here. Need a translator? Then you pay for one. ALL government papers in English.

7. Eliminate the GESTAPO (Dept. of Homeland Security). They’re just redundant anyway.

8. Be energy self-sufficient. We don’t need or want ANYTHING to do with Muslims or their oil

9. No money given as “Foreign Aid.” No aid of any kind unless they are our allies, 100%.

10. Equal tariffs for our trading partners. Sorry, China, your days of dumping your goods made with convict and child labor just ended.

And then a little talk about my plans to end welfare, build up our military, same-sex marriage nonsense, revamping our transportation and education systems. I related the story of Germany during the Second World War — 1943, to be precise — when it was apparent that Hitler was determined to destroy Germany and the people had to make a decision: do they support Germany or the mad man? Time constraints prohibited the discussion of every important topic, but I was satisfied with the whole shebang.

Too bad you all weren’t in attendance, but in order to get in, you had to bring your loaded gun, remember?

The closing ceremony consisted of everyone holding hands and reciting the Lord’s Prayer. Wish you all could’ve been there. Maybe next time.






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