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by Sharon Rondeau

Has Obama lied all of his life?  Has he lied about his identity?

(Sep. 21, 2012) — Jake Tapper of ABC News has reported that during Obama’s interview with Univision yesterday, Obama lied about when the Fast & Furious operation began.  Obama had said that ” the Fast and Furious program was a field-initiated program begun under the previous administration,” which is untrue.  Fast & Furious began in October 2009, eight months after Obama took office.

The failed gunwalking program was harshly criticized by the U.S. Department of Justice Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, in a 517-page report released on Wednesday.  While Attorney General Eric Holder was not specifically faulted for misconduct or dishonesty, a key Holder assistant resigned when the report was released.  A former acting director of the ATF, Kenneth Melson, applied for retirement at the same time.

During the Univision interview, Obama would not say whether or not Holder should be fired.  At an eleventh-hour request from Holder, Obama withheld subpoenaed documents about Fast & Furious from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, claiming executive privilege.

The Bush administration had carried out Operation Wide Receiver, which might have involved gunwalking.  The Inspector General interviewed former Attorney General Michael Mukasey and others who had served in positions at the Department of Justice under Bush during the course of his inquiry into Fast & Furious.

Obama told Univision that the protests in the Middle East, which began with the attack on the U.S. embassy in Libya on September 11 of this year, were a result of an anti-Islamic video.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denounced the video on September 13, calling it “disgusting and reprehensible.”  United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice said on several Sunday morning television shows that the attacks were “spontaneous” and driven by the “hateful and offensive” video reportedly produced by an Obama supporter.

However, on Thursday White House spokesman Jay Carney contradicted Obama by saying that it was “self-evident” that the attack on the consulate which killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three others was terrorist in nature.

Carney has disputed a report published in The Washington Post that Obama has missed more than half of the national security briefings.  The president is expected to lead the National Security Council, as The Post & Email reported on September 20.

The Post & Email has also raised the question as to how Obama received a national security clearance when both his short-form and long-form birth certificates, Selective Service registration card, and Social Security number have been declared by experts to be fraudulent.

Obama said he “relies on the leaders in the Middle East to help bring the perpetrators of violence to justice” and that he “does not know” who perpetrated the attacks on U.S. embassies, which are equivalent to American soil.  Some members of Congress are frustrated at the Obama regime’s inconsistencies regarding the Libya attack, with one suggesting that Obama is “purposely misleading the American people.”

Obama has said that he was both “born to a single mom” and that his parents were married when he was born.

While some in his regime still insist that the video was the catalyst, officials in Libya have reportedly told news sources that a threat of violence “against U.S. interests” either 48 hours or “three days” prior to the September 11, 2012 attack which killed four Americans, including two “personal service contractors.” Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton have claimed the two former Navy SEALS were in Libya to provide security for Ambassador Stevens, but the State Department, which Clinton heads, has apparently admitted that its initial claim that foreign security forces were not hired to protect the embassy was incorrect.  On September 18, 2012, Victoria Newland said in a press conference:

MS. NULAND:  Thank you for that, because there was an error in what I said.  The external security, external armed security, as we have been saying, outside of the perimeter, was fully handled by the Libyan side.  There was no contract – contracting out of that.  There was a group called Blue Mountain Group, which is a private security company with permits to operate in Libya.  They were hired to provide local Libyan guards who operated inside the gate doing things like operating the security access equipment, screening the cars, that kind of thing.


QUESTION:  Just to clarify, they were contracted by the U.S. State Department or another agency – Blue Mountain?

MS. NULAND:  They were contracted by the Department.

QUESTION:  And Blue Mountain is a British company?

MS. NULAND:  I’m going to let them self-identify on that front.  But the people who were hired were Libyans.

Other mainstream media stated openly that Obama’s first book, Dreams From My Father, is “partly fictionalized,” even before a “biography” of Obama written by David Maraniss was published in June which admittedly contained “composite characters.” A major exposé in The Washington Examiner states that many of Obama’s and others’ claims about his history are false.

In 2008, the mainstream media failed to vet Obama, and now he is suspected by many of identity fraud.

Has the White House told the truth when it maintained that no White House personnel were involved in the Colombia scandal last April?  And what about the bust of Sir Winston Churchill?


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  1. Hey folks, there are three places to find truth.
    1) http://www.thepostemail.com
    Archive the ‘Hawaii Accident” & the attempted “expunging” of accident records for Bari Shabazz by Democrat Operatives, the stories of Monroe County Tennessee/LTCDR Walt Fitzpatrick/the murder of newly elected Republican Commissioner Jim Miller by Democratic Operatives, total judicial corruption there since 1984.
    2) http://www.marthatrowbridgeterribletruth.wordpress.com
    Don’t forget to read ALL the researched info from Martha on Bari Shabazz, Dr. Newman and daughter Ann, Jakarta’s prep school that our Mesia attended to become a fine Muslim boy, Malcolm X and his travels and associates that go back to Bari’s original grooming and planned parenthood to be the man of success he is now, Ayer’s family partial funding of his “Foreign Student” Scholarship”, Bari having to become an Indonesian Citizen by their Constitutional Law as an abopted student/child of Soetoro while there for eight years of Muslim training, etc.
    3) http://www.atlah.org
    Dr. James Manning’s research and articles on Bari go back a few years. Digging into records in “Man’s Country”, a gay mens club in Chicago revealed that Bari & Rohm “Ballet” Emanuel hold standing memberships in that club even after FBI agents were there to “clean” records out with Bari’s name on it. Also, the possibility that Bari had been allowed to operate with the CIA in Afghanistan as a “gunrunner/interpreter” since he speaks fluent “Farsi”, which could have been a “forgivness” to become POTUS and clean citizenship papers since he came here as a “foreign student”, POTUS does not allow “dual citizenship” as a qualification. If Malcolm X was daddy with Ann Newman, that makes him Art.2 Sect.1 “Natural Born” legal but “Dual Citizenship” does not. Pregnant in the Bronx with Bari from the affair with Malcolm X in 1960, moma Ann Newman went to Coast Province Hospital in Kenya to have the baby in 1961 delivered by Dr. Odongo, then back to Hawaii, then on to see Pres. Jakarta for on the job training of 8 years in Jakarta’s Muslim Preppy School. You have to “take a walk on the wild side” to understand some of the DNC Operators. Hillary has been known for years to go vanilla, chocolate and now Muslim with Weiner’s Muslim wife. Going AC/DC for her has been common knowledge for years. Vince Foster was found by the White House Security Guard in a “compromised position” with Hillary in a room there right after “The Clinton’s” checked in there and two weeks later Foster was found shot in the head in a park. Ole’ slick Willie could come to mind when investigations were going on but why worry? When there is $4.3 Billion sitting in that big pot of gold in Haiti, I bet an ex POTUS could go there and make lots of money on advisement/contract negotiations and other such intellectual coverups to screen cash money. A Haitian friend told me you can’t see where anything has been done and the public has never been told about all the child molesters roaming freely there and two corrupted leaders and their two corrupted police forces still in power taking bribes and kickbacks in every direction. Wooops! Wasn’t supposed to tell that. Notice that after Haiti was bankrupted by their former leader who lived it up in France for 20 years with $450 million stolen from the government, was kicked out and he returned to the scene of the crime with the other previous corrupted leader with their hands out and wantin’ part of that big pot of gold? The rats always find the cheese no matter where they operate. Stealing is always a way of life for some, others call it “smart politics”. Soon we can all hold the contest for “who was more corrupt”, Clinton or Bari? Both were good liars and thieves so maybe it would be a tie? It is sad to realize that “We The People” may have to wait a long time to access any of the information on Bari, if ever. Rome is burning and the rhetoric/tit-a-tat,speculation,books,media spin and other brilliant BS flies in abundance as fortunes are being made telling the story of the usurper while millions of American citizens lose their homes,jobs and lives/families. While millions of prospective grad students leave college expecting good jobs and careers with heavy debt burdens, they will realize along with the rest of the tired and aging seniors that have been abused before them that the “yellow brick road” is filled with pot holes, broken promises, burned bridges and loads of bureacracy from decades past that are still lingering among all the excuses, stories, lies and greed that abounds in our “workplace” today. There are some good companies and jobs out there, but nowhere near enough to hire enough people in secure positions at a “liveable wage” given the cost of living and increasing prices. I wish I could go back to live with mom and dad, it was a lot better than having to fight for a penny every day when you need a dollar. Not a funny situation but empty promises abound at this time. All the magicians in America can’t fool us anymore. If Romney gets in to POTUS, we may have a chance to see some light come back to America, he had the REAL business and REAL experience to take a broken piggy bank and fix it. It will take a business man that is dedicated with the knowledge and desire to try relentlessly to clean up the numbers and disable the big red “OK To Steal” button on the wall in DC. I believe that Democrats would vote for Bari even if we reach the social state of Cuba, just to do it! Many of our cities are there already! See “abandoned cities in Detroit” in your search box. Is Bari bringing “Soilant Green” or “Mad Max” to the U.S. as a way of life? Seems we are almost there. Good reading and may the truth enter your mind. Thank you Sharon and Martha again for your excellent reporting!

  2. We know that he is a usurper, we know that he is a liar, we know that he is a fraud; now we need Congress to act immediately on Sheriff Arpaio’s information.

  3. Sharon, you have only spoken what is known about Obamaaa. LIES, ALL LIES. That is all we know about him, LIES. Isn’t that what Democrat’s love is lies. I can’t listen to the lame stream media because all I hear is constant lies. Just as Wilson said at the State Of the Union – Liar.