by Ron Ewart, ©2012

(Sep. 18, 2012) — To: the fanatics of Islam and to the heads of the governments that harbor, support, fund, or tolerate them

From: the President of the United States, on behalf of the peaceful and generous people of America

America and the West have bent over backwards to respect Islam, but respect is a two-way street.  The West and other nations have made multiple attempts to include Islam in the affairs of man and extend the hand of friendship.  In return for that respect and friendship, radical Islam has offered deceit, treachery, vitriol, hate, and violent brutality and savagery.  Radical Islam must understand that there is a limit to America’s patience with Islam’s spoiled-child antics of violently “poking” us whenever and wherever it is of a mind.  There is a limit to which we will tolerate its attacks on us and our allies, with the strategies of homicide bombings, cowardly hit and run ambushes and demeaning our great and peaceful nation with the propaganda of violence and hatred.

Insults to Islam, or its founder does not give Islam the right to intimidate by threats of violence, or kill and maim others.  Jihad is a word, not a reason or a justification for violence and murder.  It is not OK for you to take passages from a 1,600-year-old book as the rationale to dominate the world by intimidating, eliminating, or trying to convert other religious beliefs, using terror, brutality and savagery as your weapons of choice.   Islam does not have any greater priority to world dominance than any other religion, belief, or political philosophy and by continuing on this insane path of death and destruction, you have removed all credibility to your beliefs and exposed your savage culture of violence, repression, rigidity, inflexibility and religious intolerance.  America promises that YOUR death and YOUR destruction will be your reward.

No other religion or religious sect is trying to take over the world and force all other people to bow down to or capitulate to their irrational law ….. only radical Islam.  Radical Islam lives in a make-believe land of religious fantasy and fanaticism that has no place in a civilized world.  Radical Islam is out of date, a rusty old antique of a violent past and incompatible with all other cultures that exist today.  It will be dealt with harshly and it will be denied its fanatical goals that drive it.  History will record radical Islam as it is: irrational, without credibility, without honor, brutal, savage, backward and essentially insane.  There is no vaccine or medical treatment for this kind of insanity.  It can only be eradicated by overwhelming force and we promise radical Islam and all those countries that fund, harbor, support, tolerate, or give sanctuary to radical Islam, unrelenting, overwhelming force.  Our hand of friendship has proven futile.  Consequently, our hand of friendship has been withdrawn and force has taken its place.

We hold each and every country and government responsible for controlling the violent and extreme elements of their society, such that no harm will come to America, its people, or its allies.  The consequences for the leader’s failure will be high indeed.  If the leaders of that country cannot control those elements, we will control them for those leaders and for that country.  We will not stand by and have our people and our allies suffer or die at the hands of an insane group of extremists who will only surrender when met with a greater force, or exterminated by that force.  We say to the leaders of these countries, control the extreme elements within your borders, or else.

Pursuant to the foregoing statements and established American policy and by the authority granted to me as President of the United States and as Commander-in-Chief of all the armed forces, I hereby make the following decree:

1.  If the United States, its allies, its people, or its assets are violently attacked anywhere in the world by a small or large force of insurgents, religious fanatics, mercenaries, or protestors, with intent to kill, maim, brutalize, sodomize, or destroy those assets, American citizens, or allies, we will first determine from which country or countries the attack was orchestrated.  Upon learning this information, we will immediately take the following actions:

a.           All diplomatic relations will cease with that country or countries, and

b.           All American embassy personnel will be evacuated and the embassy or embassies closed down, and

c.           All of the offending country’s diplomats in America will become persona non grata and expelled from America, and

d.           All financial and property assets of the offending country or countries located in America, or under American jurisdiction, will be seized, and

e.           All foreign aid, if any, will cease, and

f.           We will immediately destroy all electricity generation and distribution in the country or countries of origin by military force using all the power, might and extensive assets of the United States of America.  In addition, we will use all of our resources to hunt down the actual perpetrators of the attack and bring them to a swift justice as enemy combatants, without trial or due process, just as we would destroy them on the battlefield.

2.    If a second attack comes from radical elements of the same country or countries, we will then destroy all water generation and distribution and sewage treatment facilities in the country or countries of origin.

3.    If a third attack comes from elements of the same country or countries, we will destroy all agriculture production and distribution in the country or countries of origin.

4.    Finally, if a fourth attack comes from the elements of the same country or countries, we will destroy the leadership of that country and all the centers of command and control.  Depending on the severity of the attack, Item 4, at my sole discretion, may be accelerated to Item 1.

Upon being attacked, any where on the globe, the United States of America will not negotiate, equivocate, or listen to attempts or excuses to explain away attacks upon us.  We will just respond in kind on the offending country or countries with the only language that fanatics understand, the finally arranged meeting of their maker, which they seem determined to get.  It will be up to the leaders of their respective countries to save their people from these threats from America, by locating and eliminating the extreme religious or fanatical elements in their country that would do harm to America.  Either protect our embassies and diplomatic personnel or suffer the consequences.  Radical Islam will be responsible for bringing America’s wrath upon themselves and all the people who reside in that country, should they persist in attacking us.

The world and all countries on this planet must understand that America will not tolerate ANY attacks upon us by any country, any religion, any faction, any sect, or any belief and that we will respond with overwhelming force if so attacked.  America is a country of peace and prosperity and we want peace and prosperity for all the peoples of the Earth.

America’s military might and the blood and treasure of its men and women in uniform have saved over a billion lives from slavery, or certain death by dictators and despots.  Our generosity and technology have lifted millions out of poverty and squalor and rescued millions more from national disasters.  America has nothing to apologize for nor will it ever apologize for who or what we are.  However, peace and prosperity will never come to the planet as long as there are people who fanatically believe that their way is the right and only way and are willing to murder, kill, maim and destroy, by savagery and brutality, to reach their objective of world domination by any means.

We call on the leaders and the people of all civilized countries to denounce the extreme factions of Islam and back up their denunciation of those factions with force when necessary.  We call on moderate Islam to firmly denounce its radical cousins with strong words, harsh criticism and actions to stop them.  Silence and in-action from moderate Islam will only aggravate an already untenable situation and more people will die because of that silence.

And to my fellow Americans, as long as I am president of the United States, I promise that America will not cower in submission to, or appease the bully or the fanatic.  I promise that America will not negotiate with terrorists or capitulate to their demands.  I promise that America will not walk backwards from their threats.  I promise to all Americans that we will meet our enemies head-on with the full force and fury of our righteous might.  And finally, as long as I am president and as my solemn duty demands, I will protect all Americans from any and all enemies, foreign or domestic, with all of the powers at my disposal, so help me God.

NOTE:  This is not the speech we would expect to hear from the current President, whose criminal policies of appeasement and shameful apologies for America have emboldened radical Islam, such that now they have no fear of attacking the United States of America and can do so with impunity.   Some dare call it for what it is ….. treason!

Ron Ewart, President


P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027

425 837-5365 or 1 800 682-7848



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  1. Hey Ron,
    I’d only change the part about trying to make the effort of having a dialog, or some sort of communication, even a letter to them. Why waste your time, they’re not going to listen, they may MAKE BELIEVE, but they’ll revert to their “Islamic Ways” as soon as your back is turned.
    And I agree with your warning, except I’d skip the warnings entirely and send them cruise missiles to contemplate.
    And, right mow, TODAY, I’d nuke their nuke factories, and I’d invite the Russians and the Chinese in on it: we’ll all share the same video feed of the mushroom cloud.

    GOD WILL Protect America!
    “ONE Nation, Under GOD, with Liberty and Justice for ALL!”
    E’ Pluribus Unum!