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by Alan Bates, MD, ©2012, blogging at Gulf1

(Sep. 16, 2012) — Does the Obama Administration, including Secretary of State Helleon Clinton buy into the false mantra that American diplomats in unstable Muslim countries are safe and don’t need military protection by U.S. Marines? We just witnessed the murder of at least four Americans including two Navy Seals and our ambassador to Libya on September 11, the anniversary of the violent  massacre of thousands of innocent people on  9-11-2001 by suicidal and murderous Islamic radicals.  This Administration so pro-Muslim that it is no longer willing to face the reality (or even use the word ‘terrorist’) that the primary source of  international terrorism is radical Islam, even after decades of similar events carried out by the same factions of Islamic radicals whose goal  is to conquer the world and destroy Israel in the process?   Outrageous are Obama’s and Clinton’s pacifist apologies to the Muslim world for ‘insults’ which they (Obama and Clinton) falsely state resulted in the murder of Americans and the torching of our embassies in nations which have received massive American taxpayer support for decades.   Who wins?  Ironically and not unexpectedly Osama bin Laden—not Barack Hussein Obama and his ideologically-driven partiality and pacifist approach towards those in the Islamic world who practice violence to achieve their goals!

Initial AP reports falsely tried to pin blame for the Libyan and Egyptian violence on an Israeli-American who had released a 15 minute trailer condemning the Muslim prophet Mohammed as a womanizer,  pedophile and murderer—all true since he took a 6 year-old girl as his first wife and had sex with her at age 9,  had many other wives as well, and ordered the beheadings of hundreds of people (is that what a religious prophet would do?).  Despite further investigation  which revealed NO connection between the film trailer in California and these pre-planned 9-11 anniversary attacks by well-armed factions,  Helleon Clinton and Obama’s press secretary Jaded Carney still sounded like broken records as they tried to provide a cover up for their misplaced trust of The Muslim Brotherhood and its radical friends which led to lack of appropriate safeguards for our diplomats and soldiers (who incidentally were not allowed to have real bullets for protection!).  The collusion of the mainstream press with the Obama administration was sealed in stone by open mike comments by American ‘journalists’ before Mitt Romney offered his view about the implosion of the Arab Spring.   These ‘journalists’ violate their primary responsibility to seek truth and report accordingly.   They are sociopaths who deserve to have their press credentials revoked for entrapping Mr. Romney and others who wish to speak the truth.

The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the highest levels of the Obama Administration.  Their leaders have regular meetings with Obama who might as well be ‘one of them’ based upon what we know about his upbringing, actions and spoken viewpoints.   According to a government official,  the Obama  Administration is currently negotiating with the Muslim Brotherhood to grant them 1 billion American taxpayer dollars to purchase Russian naval vessels!  For what purpose?  Is it  to further empower them so that they may  continue their objective to  bring Shariah Law to the whole world?   How ironic that diehard socialist women Democrats like Debbie Blabbermouth-Schultz seem more concerned about Sandra Fluke not getting taxpayer-funded contraception than the abuse and murder of women in the Muslim world!  Such misplaced priorities are prime examples that the Democrat Party is controlled by those with untreatable liberal mental disorder (LMD).  Lefties with this disorder view the world upside down and backwards—what is  wrong is right—and what is right is wrong.  They prioritize issues which are little importance at the expense of  challenges critical to our national sovereignty whether related to domestic energy production or to American strength abroad.   These mental incompetents never engage patriots in logical debate as they reject fact-based conclusions and loyalty to American freedom and sovereignty.  Amongst their numerous defense mechanisms are demagoguery, diversion of discussions away from  facts,  constant interruption of those with whom they disagree, raising their voices to talk over others, and lying.  They buy into and disseminate through their media allies false beliefs and hopes such as those of Barack Obama and his wealthy elite anti-American handlers whose ultimate goal it is to create subservience of the people to Fedzilla.  Get it??

Americans—and most freedom-loving people in the civilized world—show tolerance and have respect for freedom of speech, assembly, religion and other cultures.  The longstanding obvious exception are Islamic radicals who for decades have shown complete disdain for and a commitment to destruction of those who dare believe/act differently—even amongst their own.  Silence!  Where are the voices of peaceful Muslims?  Do they to live in fear of death at the hands of their own radical factions if they dare speak up,  or do they silently wait for their radical brethren to establish a worldwide medieval culture of intolerance and torture?   Our leaders across the civilized world should harshly condemn and immediately punish the violent actions we witness today,  beginning with an immediate cessation of foreign aid,  protection and recall of our citizens of such countries, and deployment of military units to secure our interests.   As for America’s response,  Obama just continues on the campaign trail with David Alexfraud,  AWOL during times of crisis which he helped create,  except for his apologies  and empty rhetoric which is exactly what radical Islam always wished for.  Obama is their enabler,  unlike any other president; consequently a weakened America has become the laughing stock of the world and now faces dire risks which cannot be dealt with until a new American president and a patriotic Congress are elected in November.


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  1. An Excellent Article Alan Bates, MD., absolutely SPOT-ON! Just what in H*** is the matter with the American electorate??? The polls are showing this to be a neck & neck race, when they really should be 100% for Romney –vs- 0.00 for ZERO (our whatever his real name may turn out to be?). Of course then there is the Leftist, Lying, Lackadaisical, LAME STREAM MEDIA which obviously doesn’t give a damn about America. I do hope that the American Voters are more intelligent than what it appears right now, or we are all positively headed into bondage??? Our current Congress’s effort at exposing FRAUD in this current ADMINISTRATION, IS NOT A GOOD INDICATOR A PROMISING OUTCOME.