Los Angeles Judge Marguerite Downing Ejects Parents From Courtroom for the Second Time in a Week


by Sharon Rondeau

Page from LA DCFS website encouraging people to become foster and adoptive parents

(Sep. 14, 2012) — The Post & Email began covering the story of the Henderson family of Los Angeles, CA, which was split asunder by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) in May 2011 after the parents were falsely arrested and jailed.

Prior to their arrest, a neighbor with whom the Hendersons had had a disagreement called in a false report of child abuse.  When officers in Pasadena, where the family had been living at the time, arrived, the Hendersons refused to allow them access to their home since they did not possess a search warrant.  The Pasadena Police Department responded by using a battering ram to gain entry to the home, where they forced the children to strip for inspection of abuse.  They further roughed up Jeffrey Henderson, the father, dislocating his shoulder and causing him to be hospitalized.

No signs of abuse were found with any of the children.

On August 31, the Hendersons’ seventh child, was torn from its mother’s arms at the age of five weeks by Los Angeles police officers during an unsupervised visit with the other six children, who were visibly upset. The officers told Mrs. Henderson that if she did not hand over the infant, she would be arrested and her children would be taken from their visit.  Mrs. Henderson was nursing the infant and now must drive four hours daily to bring milk to the social worker so that he can take it to the foster parents.

Mrs. Henderson’s visits have now been returned to “monitored” despite recommendations that they be unsupervised as before.  She and her husband have complied with orders to take parenting courses and are even living apart by court order.  Jeffrey is currently living in a tent and is penniless except for donations.

The Post & Email has been told that the Hendersons are in need of an attorney specializing in civil matters involving governmental abuse of power encompassing several agencies and police departments.

A hearing was held today during which Judge Marguerite Downing reportedly “walked off the bench” after ordering Mr. and Mrs. Henderson out of the courtroom in violation of California law, escorted by four deputies. Last Thursday, Judge Downing ejected the parents from the courtroom because they would not accept a court-appointed attorney, telling them that “constitutional rights” did not exist in her courtroom.

The CopBlock website is reporting that DCFS has now classified the children as “adoptable,” even though the Hendersons want their children back.  Mrs. Henderson told The Post & Email on Wednesday that there are times when her children are not getting enough to eat in foster care and that at least one of them has a religious garment confiscated as punishment.  The children are also forced to attend Catholic services when they are Orthodox Jews.

When we asked Mrs. Henderson if she thought anti-Semitism played a part in the treatment she, her husband and their children have received, she said, “Yes, I think that is a factor.”

The Hendersons have lost their home, savings, internet business, and all of their children because of corruption within the child welfare agency.  The Post & Email has learned of others who have been abused by the California courts, particularly when it comes to custody cases.

Why can the infant not receive his mother’s love and nurturing?

Telephone numbers of people who can be contacted about the case are:

Daryl M. Russel, Chief of Police, Hollenbeck office, LAPD 323-342-4100
Los Angeles County DCFS Director, Philip Browning  213-351-5602
Superior Court Judge Lee Smaley 213-974-5600
State Representative Gloria Molina 213-974-4111

Please keep the Hendersons in your prayers and take action as God so moves you.

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  1. Rick Johnson   Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 5:00 PM

    Unfortunately, this type of abuse is nationwide. We have much housekeeping to do.

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