American Heroes: Leslie Dutton and Richard I. Fine

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by Linda Starr, blogging at lgstarr

(Mar. 17, 2011) — These are the kind of heroes that will be the only reason our great Republic survives–if it does.

The degree of personal sacrifice in this situation, in order root out the worst kind of political-judicial corruption, goes WAY beyond the call of duty…well, not really beyond the call of duty but certainly beyond the willingness of many of us to endure what appeared to be a permanent sentence of solitary confinement (and denial of medical treatment) for a 70-year-old Ph.D. of International Law and practicing attorney.


Full Disclosure covered attorney Richard I. Fine’s arrest on March 4, 2009 for Civil contempt of Court. He attempted to disqualify the Judge for accepting illegal payments from a party to the case. He claims Senate Bill SBX2 11 acknowledged the payments as criminal by giving Judges and officials retroactive immunity from prosecution. Fine remains in solitary “coercive confinement” in County jail.

Since this was first published, Dr. Fine has been released. Without protracted sacrifice from Leslie C. Dutton and volunteers, he would have remained in custody.

This is an AMAZING story of corruption that goes way beyond what we all imagine might be going on in California–and as it turns out, around our country! It is in the process of becoming a book and, most probably, a movie. You can find out more here:

Leslie C. Dutton
A non-profit tax exempt educational production
337 Washington Blvd., #1
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 822-4449

I heard Leslie speak at a Women’s Federated meeting today in Chatsworth. It was very difficult to hear how an educated man with a distinguished law practice would be put in solitary confinement by a crooked judge and denied medical treatment at 70 years of age and, as retaliation for exposing corruption, be disbarred and lose his Beverly Hills law practice–and almost his home–just because a bunch of judges are getting millions in kickbacks from local politicians! This is what you hear goes on in China and other countries that are serial abusers of human rights–IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!


Editor’s Note: The Post & Email covered Atty. Fine’s case here.

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