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by T. Joseph Sweet, ©2012

Will Tennessee Attorney General Robert E. Cooper, Jr. reveal wrongdoing on the part of District Attorney General Steve Bebb and his assistants, or will he tell the people of the Tenth Judicial District that he found nothing?

(Sep. 8, 2012) — [Editor’s Note:  The following article was written by Tennessee state inmate Todd Joseph Sweet regarding the August 27, 2012 report at The Chattanooga Times Free Press that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), Tennessee Attorney General, and the State Comptroller’s Office will be conducting an investigation into allegations of prosecutorial misconduct and misspending of taxpayer resources within the Tenth Judicial District of Tennessee.

Sweet was sentenced to 16 years in prison for forgery, although he had pleaded innocent.  He has since submitted a post-conviction petition asking the court to consider new evidence in his case, including laws passed in 1984 which mandated the criminal courts in Tennessee to reorganize into districts but were not observed.

In an article released today by the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Tennessee State Senator Randy McNally, whose district includes Monroe County and who The Post & Email has contacted on several occasions without a response, was quoted as having said:

I think there’s a number of questions out there that need to be answered. The action that’s being taken by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is certainly appropriate. I’d like to wait and see what they’re able to find out. I’ve always found them to be very qualified, very professional and not influenced by politics or outside forces. I’ve got a lot of confidence in them.

As is our custom, Mr. Sweet’s article will be reproduced just as he wrote it, including typographical and punctuation errors, to convey the style of his writing.]

I just read a small article in a Tennessee newspaper.  The article says that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and state attorney generals office is all of the sudden investigating the many misconducts of the 10th Judicial District.


Let me inform you the readers of some facts.  They are not going to do a thing.  Would you like to know how I know that for certain?  Because the TBI knew full well what illegalities Monroe County Officials were doing in the John Dawson case.  They knew.  They also would have to talk to me if they were to fully investigate the Dawson issue.  They would have to.  If not, then they are not investigating in the least.  How can they claim an investigation and not talk to the only person involved in the situation other than the ones that are said to be breaking the law?

Also, let me let you in on a nice little secret.  TBI knew full well that the Monroe County Sheriff and DA were stealing my legal correspondences and did absolutely nothing.  They brushed it aside.  Oh wait, I am wrong. They actually did act like they were investigating.  They came in and even interviewed officer after officer and me.  Used your tax dollars.  Then they did nothing.  If once again you question what I say, ask Special Agent Jason Legg what he knew.  He was a special investigator that was told to investigate the theft and misconducts and did nothing.  TBI is not going to do a single thing because of a little series of articles.  They will snow ball you, the readership and the state into believing that they are, but at the end of the day, if Todd Joseph Sweet is not interviewed than they are full of it.

I will keep you all informed and if TBI does talk to me I will let you all know.  I will also eat my words.  I must caution you to not hold your breath.  You will surely regret it.

These people disgust me in that they play you all and act like you are all ignorant.  Well do not prove them right.  TBI and the Attorney Generals Office investigating?  Whatever.

TBI and Tennessee Attorney General, stop disrespecting and playing like the citizens are stupid.  The readers are not stupid and you will soon see that for yourselves.  You are not investigating a thing.  If you do, it will go know where fast.  Like I said, if you wanted to know even a little more than Pat Henry’s side of the Dawson illegalities you would have to talk to me, and you are not.  So go lie to some other readership in a foreign country somewhere because we are done buying the bull you are trying to sell.

I wish the police officers that the sheriff’s office has fired in the past such as Mr. Wilburn and Mr. Goodman would come forward with all the nasty dirt they undoubtedly know of in the 10th District.  Though they may have gotten fired and been charged for their actions at the jail that day, I assure you that the DA’s and the Sheriff himself do much worse day in and day out.  Come on Wilburn and Goodman.  Jump on this with me.  You and your spouses have always treated me with the same respect I have given you all.  You know I am right.  Come on gentlemen.  Take um down.  To all the ex officers and employees that take the fall.  Fight back and give this state the real deal dirt that will spark a real investigation by people who will really make a difference for our children.  I have faith in you all.  If there is retaliation so what.  We always have weak people who will try to retaliate.  But I bet you this…they won’t retaliate against strong people.  Only weak.  The last time I saw Wilburn or Goodman, the last word that would have popped into my mind is weak.  These are exactly the type of officers who can help straighten out the corrupt.  They were on the “inside”.

And the good thing is that out of all the corruption I was a party to in and out of that jail, the Wilburn’s (Mr. and Mrs.) and the Goodman’s (Mr. and Mrs.) were not a party to any of it.  They stayed away from it.  The husband’s may have transgressed against an inmate at the time, but we do not know their side.  I am almost certain they thought their action was justified.  They got charged and fired?

For what?  Violating a law?  An inmates rights?  Really?  Why did Pat Henry, Stutts, Bebb, Rush, and a dozen other cops not lose their jobs when they were violating laws and me and John Dawson’s rights?  What about all the officers that have violated Walter Fitzpatrick’s rights?

But you fire and charge Wilburn and Goodman?  You so called law enforcers and lawmakers make me sick.  You simply used these men’s transgressions to take the heat off yourselves.  Be interesting to know what else was happening at that time.  Then again what illegalities don’t go down 24/7 in Monroe.

So readers, don’t let Satan fool you.  Our prayer’s are not yet being answered in Monroe County.  It is just a smoke screen to get us all to stop praying.  To be comfortable.  Do not get comfortable until all the real criminals that parade in their suits and uniforms are dressed in stripes, or in the alternative, on their knees asking God for forgiveness and meaning it with all their heart.  When they can come forward with a testimony saying what’s raelly up then we can stop praying the prayer’s of intersession and start thanking God for their salvation.

Right now, do not believe the smoke screen.

Now for something of good news.  I have a tentative court date of February 01, 2012 [Editor’s Note:  We are sure that Sweet meant “2013”}.  I am going to subpoena all of the corrupt lawmakers and enforcers that had anything to do with any part of my cases to that date.  So please, if you want to hear the truth, if you the reader’s want to know what is really up in the 10th District, come to that court date.  I promise you you’ll not be disappointed.  The truth will finally be told and revealed.  They will not stop this.

So it is with that, that I will leave you for now.  I certainly have not written as much and I am sorry for that.  I am beginning to get into a rhythm.  A schedule of sorts.  I will write more.

Until then, God bless you and your loved ones.  Keep praying.  God loves to hear from you all.

In His love and service,

T. Joseph Sweet

PS.  My next article will be an in depth look at Martha Cook.  Mrs. Cook finds herself trying to hide and manipulate my Post-Conviction paperwork and the processes that govern it.  She has once again pulled skullduggery in failing to send paperwork and notices in my case.  I will show the readers the proof of such next week.  It is being addressed as I write this.

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