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by Sharon Rondeau

What do the Democrats stand for today?

(Sep. 5, 2012) — After all mention of “God” and Jerusalem being the capital of Israel were removed from the Democrat Party platform, in a fractured vote taken three times with unclear results, the two items removed will be reinserted.  Obama reportedly “objected” to the removal of the language today and served as the catalyst to reinsert it.

Some news sources reported that the “nays” outnumbered the “yeas,” although convention chairman Anthony Villaraigosa declared the “yeas” to be a two-thirds majority.

But who removed it, and was Obama not aware of it?  If the omission was unintentional, how did it occur?  If Obama strongly believes that “God is in control,” how did the party platform emerge without that element if Obama is in control of his party?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee and Jewish herself, said that the omissions were “a technical oversight.”  Schultz told CNN’s Brianna Keiler that she was “so proud” of Obama’s record on Israel and emphasized several times that the platform change was his “personal view.  After Schultz said that the platform change produced “no discord,” CNN’s Anderson Cooper said she was existing in an “alternate universe.”

Obama has shown support for members of The Muslim Brotherhood, which declared itself an enemy of the United States, and has extended U.S. taxpayer dollars to refugees from the Palestinian territories by executive order.  Obama was reportedly “steeped in Islam” when he first began attending a Black Liberation Theology church in Chicago in the early 1990s.  The Obama family has rarely been seen attending church since his ascendancy to the White House.

It has been reported that “several sections” of the platform were amended in regard to the Obama regime’s stance on Israel.  The 2008 platform had read:

It is in the best interests of all parties, including the United States, that we take an active role to help secure a lasting settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with a democratic, viable Palestinian state dedicated to living in peace and security side by side with the Jewish State of Israel. To do so, we must help Israel identify and strengthen those partners who are truly committed to peace, while isolating those who seek conflict and instability, and stand with Israel against those who seek its destruction. The United States and its Quartet partners should continue to isolate Hamas until it renounces terrorism, recognizes Israel’s right to exist, and abides by past agreements. Sustained American leadership for peace and security will require patient efforts and the personal commitment of the President of the United States. The creation of a Palestinian state through final status negotiations, together with an international compensation mechanism, should resolve the issue of Palestinian refugees by allowing them to settle there, rather than in Israel. All understand that it is unrealistic to expect the outcome of final status negotiations to be a full and complete return to the armistice lines of 1949. Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel. The parties have agreed that Jerusalem is a matter for final status negotiations. It should remain an undivided city accessible to people of all faiths.

The Democrats claim that Obama and the Party “maintain an unshakable commitment to Israel’s security.”  When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the White House in March, Obama said, “My personal commitment — a commitment that is consistent with the history of other occupants of this Oval Office — our commitment to the security of Israel is rock solid. And as I’ve said to the Prime Minister in every single one of our meetings, the United States will always have Israel’s back when it comes to Israel’s security…”

However, the relationship between Obama and Netanyahu has been “strained” since its inception, with Obama treating Netanyahu rudely in March of 2010.

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney called the omission of recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital “shameful.”

Reports of 20,000 Muslims planning to say prayers prior to the start of the convention yielded a final count of about 300.  “Jumah at the DNC” was originally listed as an official event but later removed.

Former President Bill Clinton will be speaking at the convention this evening with Obama in attendance.  The White House presidential schedule states that Obama was scheduled to fly to Charlotte earlier today.

Obama’s acceptance speech on Thursday evening has been “moved inside” purportedly because of expected thunderstorms, but a local weatherman said that Thursday will be “the best weather of the entire week.”  The speech has not only been moved indoors, but also to a much smaller stadium with a capacity of 15,000 as opposed to nearly 74,000.  Those who were expected to attend but now cannot have been encouraged to organize “block parties” and participate in a conference call on Thursday with Obama.  Volunteers as young as 14 years of age are disappointed that their tickets earned by giving nine hours to the campaign will not be honored.

Earlier this evening, abortion advocate Sandra Fluke addressed the DNC, warning of “your new president could be a man who stands by when a public figure tries to silence a private citizen with hateful slurs.” Fluke then claimed that vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan “who co-sponsored a bill that would allow pregnant women to die preventable deaths in America’s emergency rooms.”

Simone Campbell, an activist nun who has organized a bus tour to protest Ryan’s budget proposal, also spoke on Wednesday to the DNC.  Campbell belongs to a “social justice” group and claims that she is pro-life.

Fluke has become a women’s rights advocate, encouraging people to vote for Obama in November as the better candidate to protect those interests.

At the end of this evening’s remarks, Alice Germond, the woman who co-signed the 2008 Certificates of Nomination for Obama and Biden, will be taking a “roll call vote.”  A Florida attorney has written a letter to Robert Bauer, attorney for the DNC, warning him and the Democratic National Committee that certifying Obama when his eligibility is unproven could result in charges of election fraud.

Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration card have been declared forgeries by a law enforcement investigation in Arizona, but no one at the DNC appears to be concerned.

Gift baskets from more than 100 North Carolina churches which were to be distributed to DNC delegates were rejected by party leaders “because the congregations hold values that are contrary to the party platform, according to local religious leaders.”

Other convention meetings have included “Latino” group forums, an “LGBT Caucus,” and a panel discussion by “Catholics for Choice.”  The Democrat Party endorses ending the life of unborn children, and Obama personally voiced his opposition to a ban on partial-birth abortion, which kills a viable fetus.


Editor’s Note:  Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. — John Adams

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  1. I dare say that the Democrats are indeed imploding. How can they not be imploding when their symbol, representation and key spokesperson is Sandra Fluke. When their philosophy is to eliminate all reference to God and Jerusalem while they continue to reinforce their Democrat beliefs in abortion, gay marriage, communism, socialism, and corruption. This was further exemplified by their so-called vote to put God and Jerusalem back into the program when Republicans spotted the omission and loudly stated so; the vote was favouring leaving God and Jerusalem out because of Obama and the Muslim voice in the Democrat Party, but Antonio Villaraigosa overruled that vote anyway; and to make things even worse Fox News this morning had even turned the nay vote volume way done to make it less obvious, however when you watched the vote live all three times the nay was stronger than the yea. So that’s where the Democrats are headed, and they’re not about to change – ever. If the Democrats were so growth-conscious then why haven’t they done that already ??? The truth is that Romney is not a bragger nor a liar, but rather a very quiet business-minded person who IMHO will get the job done and restore America to greatness.

    1. Great observations!

      Wasserman-Schultz ia another example of implosion and corruption…instead of taking responsibility for her misrepresentation of Republicans and how Israel purportedly viewed Republicans’ stances on the Middle East, she THROWS the reporter for the WASHINGTON EXAMINER under the bus and LIES!

      Obama gets away with it as he is a Taqiyya artist, but Wasserman-Schultz was on tape saying exactly what she said.

      Can they go any lower this evening? Let’s watch and see.

      1. We can definitely count on them going lower – like to the bottom. What is gratifying to me Veritas, is to actually see many more people becoming aware of these problems, and what happens when you have a corrupt regime in power.

    2. Thank you, Bob, I totally agree.

      Joe Biden totally misrepresenting the TERRORITORIAL TAX proposed by Obama’s own disregarded and marginalized Business Council, was a low blow. Joe attributed this to Romney and then misrepresented it like Tokyo Rose making false statements to demoralize the Allies.

      How SHAMEFUL, how SLIMY, how DESPERATE Biden’s deceit.

      How TELLING of the LOW EXPECTATIONS and UNINFORMED status of the Democratic Convention Delegates who CHEERED him, because they themselves did not know he was telling a LIE (or did not care).

      Thrice did Peter deny the Lord. The Bible promises justice which is meted out to those who condemn Israel, so perhaps YAHWEH Himself will remedy the platform and cleanse the absolute sinfulness of the Democratic Convention and Party.

      To draw one more comfort from Scripture, “Be still and know that I AM GOD,” sayeth the Lord.

      We may be agitated, but we can rest assured that ALL WILL BE WELL, and also that a great number will be “gnashing their teeth” and “pulling the hair.”

      We have it on the highest Authority…that of the Creator which the DNC holds in such horrifyingly low regard.

  2. The convention gave a standing ovation to a man that disgraced the office of President and was impeached and a usurper who is consitutionally ineligible and has presided over a failed Presidency. AMAZING!!!

  3. FauxNews played all three voice votes on the DNC platform change. It was obvious that the “nayes” had it each time. But the teleprompter was programmed “the ayes have it”, and so it was carried.

    So did the Democrat delegates at the convention verify that the majority of Democrats are atheists and anti-Semites?