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by Sharon Rondeau

What does the “D” stand for?

(Sep. 4, 2012) — The UK Daily Mail has reported that the DNC is poised to move Obama’s acceptance speech on Thursday evening to a smaller stadium to avoid “embarrassment” from large numbers of empty seats at the near-74,000-seat Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC.

The speech was to take place in the stadium “rain or shine,” unless severe weather intervened.  This morning, Obama campaign spokesperson Stephanie Cutter said she was “sure” that all the seats would be filled when asked by Diane Sawyer.  Campaign representatives Cutter, Ben LaBolt and Jim Messina said during the interview that there was much “enthusiasm” about the convention and re-nominating Obama.

Yesterday, the DNCC had “vowed” to fill all the seats and was reportedly planning on busing in school students to the speech and handing out free tickets for those who volunteered nine hours of time.

There has been rain in Charlotte since Monday, affecting the CarolinaFest held the day before the official kickoff of the convention.

The Daily Mail reports that the speech will be moved to the Time Warner Cable Arena, which can accommodate “just over 20,000.”

Two years ago, Col. Denise Lind said that Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin could not obtain discovery as to Obama’s background and constitutional eligibility to serve as president and commander-in-chief because something on his birth certificate might prove “embarrassing.”  Was Lind able to shield Obama from embarrassment after all?

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  1. Can VILLARAGOISA be prosecuted for knowingly promoting an ineligible candidate?

    He just finished saying that “ONLY ONE CANDIDATE has met the qualifications to be nominated” by the party.

    Off to a very bad and deceitful start.

  2. Bob 1939, The only way to wake up the Dummies is to either wake up the media which would entail threats and bribes, for that is all they know, or endure a complete collapse and dictatorship, then the Dummies will wake up (well, maybe) but then it will be too late. Too bad we can not just divide the country by percentages. The conservatives get what ever percentage that we represent, and the liberals get the rest. Then lets see which one survives, and no immigration from one side to the other. They get stuck with what they deserve. We all know the answer to which one would survive.

  3. Bob, gigclick here, you have to pretend that you’re a Democrat and none of those things above are happening. Looking at the Democrat Convention today was sickening enough; the pretense was staggering! They have ignored multiple Military Officers and beat and tortured Walt, the general press ignored the entire scenario for almost 4 years now, what makes you think anything has changed? Look at the young police officer in Tennessee that they set up after he pulled over a DUI and he ends up with no career and in debt and jail, all because the DUI was friends of friends. Every question asked by FOX to the Democrats that were interviewed was altered or ignored! It looked like an auditorium filled with robots and goons! I had to turn it off and I’m still throwing up!

  4. ARE YOU BETTER OFF THAN YOU WERE 4 YEARS AGO? Well That’s real easy for me to answer… (1) My home value has dropped by $270,000 (2) I need to go back to work but cannot find a job. (3) My Stock Market holding are now worth $0.00 (4) Medical costs have sky-rocketed. (5) Gas prices have doubled. (6) We now have a phony and totally corrupted Government, from top to bottom and getting much worse by the day. (7) Food costs have doubled as well. (8) America is becoming Godless while Despotism and Corruption are Obama’s goals along with trying to introduce Islamic (sharia) law. (9) The US Dollar is becoming worthless. (10) Our deficit has now doubled up to $16 Trillion under Obama. (11) Our credit rating has been downgraded and soon will be again. (12) Our freedoms are being limited (bit-by-bit) every day. (13) Our Military is being gutted as we speak. (14) All USA financial opportunity and common sense logic is squashed by Obama like the Keystone Pipeline, developing our own resources towards independence, developing foreign trade. (15) Our education system has totally broken down to the extent of now being worthless. (16) It is pretty obvious to me that this USURPER is intentionally destroying America… So let me make a very clear statement for you Liberals out there (the lefties who are incapable of thinking)… NO, WE ARE NOT BETTER OFF -or- WE ARE MUCH WORSE OFF AND MAY WELL NOT SURVIVE. I think someone should write a book “WAKEUP FOR DUMMIES”