Worst President in History Criticizes GOP Speeches as “Last Century Politics”


by Alan Bates, MD, ©2012, reposted with permission from Gulf1

Does Obama really care about the middle class after some believe that Democrats ruined it?

(Sep. 2, 2012) — Anyone who watched the unedited version of the Republican National Convention on Cspan instead of the ‘avoidance’ soundbytes of  MSNBC and the lamestreet liberal media networks knows it was a winning combination of Americans from all walks of life with no color, ethnic or gender barriers.  From Governor Christie to Paul Ryan to Mitt Romney; from Governor Susana Martinez to Condoleezza Rice to Ann Romney; and all in-between,  the theme was that WE CAN DO BETTER and must in order to avert loss of the greatest nation on Earth.  That can only occur if Americans  UNelect  Barack Obama and abolish his failed anti-American policies.  The GOP took the high road in contrast to the DIVIDE AND CONQUER strategy of lies and distortions the Democrats will present in Charlotte  since their record is the most abysmal in American history.   The Dems’ problem is they either don’t get it or, if they do, they must hide their failures through diversionary and divisionary tactics!   The Republicans this time around made it crystal clear that the choice in the upcoming election is stark as ever.  Americans can vote for a truly progressive pro-American and pro-family  administration which is proud of American exceptionalism instead of one which makes apology tours; for an administration which wants to grow middle class jobs through the private sector intead of one which believes that government creates jobs; for an administration which strives to develop ALL energy resources for our longterm security instead of one which has created a virtual ideologic blockade against secure energy policy; for an administration which will establish many needed trade agreements instead of  one which has crafted only 3 in four years (while China has forged some 30-40  international trade agreements);  an administration which will take us back to our core values of family and our Constitutional freedoms and which recognizes that all people are created equal by God instead of one which tramples our Constitution and believes the People are endowed with rights from and thus beholden to government.   The Republican candidates believe that ‘You built it’,  while Obama says ‘You did not build that’ (government did).

The Obama administration has no sense of economics and business with the lowest percentage of his unconstitutional  Czar-filled cabinet having ever held real private sector jobs compared to ANY other administration in our history.  Is it no wonder we have seen no economic recovery from the Democrat-engineered housing collapse,  the prolific spending of the Pelosi-Reid Congress between 2006 and 2008, followed by the nation’s fiscal calamity of exponentially increasing debt—now near 16 trillion dollars?   The Obama administration diverted bailout funds  to reward his supporters while the middle class withered and small businesses  suffocated under his approximately 300 additional burdensome government regulations, not to mention budget-busting Obamacare and the threat of higher taxes for those who already pay way more than their ‘fair share’!   What about the national budget?   None for more than three years!   Fiscal responsibility and good economics—where?    America now sports the highest poverty rate in its history and a jobless rate of about 15% if one uses real numbers—and worse for black Americans most of whom will still vote for Obama on the basis of their skin color.   Why has unemployment not improved?   Because Obama is obsessed with devaluing America and creating as many people dependent upon government as possible so HE can secure their votes.   For Barack Obama it is all about himself—not about America!   America is increasingly divided  because his selfish and destructive strategy is to divide in order to achieve ideologically perverse goals which punish American exceptionalism.

Wisconsin Reprentative Paul Ryan is a proven fiscal genius and family man,  who has shown himself to be perhaps the most adept in Congress at digesting the reality of the Democrats’ failed fiscal policies, leading to similar conclusions as the Debt Commission appointed by (but whose recommendations were ignored by)  Obama.   Ryan is uniquely presidential and a perfect partner for businessman philanthropist  Romney.  Together these two leaders represent the only option available to turn our nation around and unite all Americans for its long-term success.   Now it is up to Americans to determine whether they flush our nation down the toilet as has occurred the past 4 years under Obama OR change course so that our children and grandchildren might  inherit the American dream.   Under Obama that dream has been shattered.

Now for the ‘Demagogue’ Party in Charlotte where featured speakers include tax cheats such as Timothy Geithner and John Kerry, Eric Holdout of the DOIJ and his comrade in constitutional violations, Janet Napolitano,  and Joe Biden (the intellect of the Democrat Party) as they all hold hands while slogging  ‘FORWARD’ through the mud of the failed Obama presidency armed with  well-planned diversions cloaked in demagoguery and falsehoods.  As they say on FOX—‘You decide’.

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  1. richard gorman   Sunday, September 2, 2012 at 7:43 PM

    The DemoRats have a long documented history of juxtaposing their history on MAJOR issues ( such as Civil Rights legislation in the 1950;s and 1960’s)— they voted against it almost unanimously, but then they later adopt the stance of champion for blacks & minorities. And the ill informed masses buy their BS. Being a Dem is equal to having Bi-Polar disorder. It is a disease / a mental illness.

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