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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2012

(Aug. 30, 2012) — Prices for Health care go up, services go down and lines become longer for seniors. Medicare is robbed of 750 billion by Obama and the best Health care system on earth is practically in ruins.  Pray that Romney and Ryan are elected and do not play around with ObamaCare but destroy the treacherous disaster that it is.  Competition, access to natural health care, herbs and generic medication is under full on attack.

Let us not forget that only in June of 2012 Republicans released documents exposing the intense collusion and deal with the White House and ObamaCare.  There are too many dimensions to unravel the whole, ‘crime family’ of betrayals.

There is nothing healthy about ObamaCare.  It is nothing but one of many Obama schemes to control a major chunk of our economy, kill off seniors with rationed care and lines while killing off babies with abortions.  It controls bank accounts and health care by having the IRS (Obama’s SS) controlling it while managing forced health care and fines.

Obama, Pelosi and White House staff have done their usual routine of bait-and-switch with documents.  Over the last year, the Energy and Commerce Committee asked for documents on the Affordable Care Act and wanted to explore how it passed.  The White House released old press releases as their response to the formal request for real documents.  They might as well have given the Committee old copies of Mad Magazine.  It would have revealed more.  Thank God, according to the expose of the Wall Street Journal, a dozen trade groups turned over thousands of exposing emails which told the real story of sellout and back-door collusion.

As it turns out, ObamaCare could not have been passed if it had not done secret back door deals with Big Pharma.  The Wall Street Journal found that Pfizer CEO and Big Pharma colluded with the White House at the public’s expense.

According to these endless emails, big Pharma was given control and the lead in much of the regulation that involved them. Their big fear with ObamaCare was alleviated by the huge limiting of rebates and re-importation.  The big carrot they wanted was manipulating more medical sales with the cows in the trough (I mean people) and limiting all the other pesky options of competitive care.  You know, natural and herbal options —  generic medicine and imports.

In my regular interviews with health crusader and leader Dr. Alberto Ruiz,  www.bestbloodsupport.com  we talked about the on slot of attacks he has seen against the herbal and natural care industry.  He talked if continual regulatory attacks, ridiculous rules and controls that essentially put good people with great products and ideas out of business.

Thank God, his natural herbal product MDS 40 is turning around thousands of people with diabetes and bringing blood sugar levels back to normal along with many other amazing health benefits.  It is affordable, safe, natural and herbal.  We talked of how he is a threat to Big Pharma because he and his MDS 40 are not owned by them.  It never was about ‘big money’ and schemes with Dr. Ruiz and he is in Big pharma and ObamCare’s way, offering liberation to so many.  Check it out at:  www.bestbloodsupport.com.

Thankfully at the GOP convention,  Romney and Ryan are standing against ObamaCare and calling it what it is, a betrayal against health, freedom, budget sanity and our seniors.  Congressman Ryan talked of the $750 billion Obama swiped out of Medicare for the experimental ObamaCare.  Sen. Rand Paul also weighed in at the convention and stated that the “Whole damn healthcare law is still unconstitutional.”

The next administration must lead in so many areas but also clean house, starting with the destruction and purging of this draconian ObamaCare bill.  There should be legal and media consequences for back-door deals that have been exposed and continue to be revealed.  The people want freedom, common sense,  Judeo-Christian values and our Constitution back.  We shall get it.  Join me on my show:  www.therothshow.com.

I feel a lot healthier already just at the notion that ObamaCare could be destroyed.




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