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by Sharon Rondeau

Screenshot of HuffPo tweet giving the impression that Donald Trump has already revealed his “big surprise” at the RNC when he has not, as indicated at the end of the article

(Aug. 29, 2012) — After a spokesman for Donald Trump, whose original appearance at the republican National Convention was canceled due to Hurricane Isaac, stated that the “big surprise” would be presented after all, vitriol and disinformation from the left rose to new heights against Trump.

On Monday, Trump spokesman Michael Cohen announced that the “surprise is still going to happen” at some point in the revised RNC schedule.

Last week The Post & Email reported that a combination of fake and inactive Twitter followers comprise 70% of Obama’s statistics.  How many alleged Twitterers making obscene and hateful remarks about Trump are fake, placed there by Obama operatives or even Obama himself?

While we will not repeat remarks posted wishing someone’s demise, we point to a Tweet in Trump’s Twitter feed by The Huffington Post which gives the impression that Trump has already given his presentation at the RNC, despite no other news reports on it.  In fact, the Huffington Post article appears at the top of a Yahoo! search even though the story is two days old and the content outdated as well as misleading.

The second article appearing in the search also appears to know what Trump will announce, as it is entitled “Donald Trump’s ‘Big Surprise’ for Republican National Convention is Unspeakably Lame.”  However, the writer goes on to ask, “What could be the surprise?”  The same day on which Trump and his spokesman said that his presentation would be worked into the RNC schedule, The Post & Email had asked, “Will the media now report that Trump’s plans have changed again?”

The answer appears to be “Only tangentially.”  Instead of reporting it directly, these two sources, and perhaps more, claimed to either know what Trump was to say or give the strong impression that he had already said it, and that it was of no consequence.

Trump has stated that he is “not satisfied” with the information Obama has released about himself thus far, including the purported long-form birth certificate which has been declared a forgery by a law enforcement investigatory team from Maricopa County, AZ.  Obama’s Selective Service registration card has also been determined to be a forgery, and Selective Service Administration Director Lawrence Romo has refused to investigate or allow members of the investigative team to examine an original where the records are presumably kept.  In fact, shortly after Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office announced that it had launched its investigation at the request of taxpayers in the county, the Selective Service Administration published a change in regulations which purportedly allowed the agency to destroy both microfilm and paper copies of Selective Service registration cards such as that which was declared a forgery in the case of Barack Hussein Obama.

The tweet reads:

Donald Trump’s RNC “surprise” was literally a bad joke

A short link was then posted which led to a story entitled “Donald Trump’s RNC ‘Surprise’ Was Also an Intentionally Terrible Tim Heidecker Joke (VIDEO).”

The video, embedded below the title, shows a stand-up comedian who identified himself as “Tim Heidecker” to a noisy audience which shouted various comments at reactions back at the performer.  Heidecker refers to “fireworks” and then driving past a “Mormon temple.”  “If I was a skydiver, I wouldn’t be landing on that,” he said, which gained large guffaws and laughter from his audience.  He then makes some comparisons between Calgary, Alberta, Canada and California.  [Warning:  obscene language.]  Heidecker then says that he “wishes” that Donald Trump were running for president.

The article begins, “Donald Trump’s very existence may be an outlandish joke on humanity, but if not for Hurricane Isaac, he may have taken things even further. His ‘big surprise’ for the Republican National Convention, which was canceled due to weather, seems to be quite similar to an ironic, over-the-top joke Tim Heidecker (of the duo Tim & Eric) told about Trump in a comedy routine last year.”

The writer then goes on to speculate about what Trump would say or what others had speculated.  Trump’s call for Obama to release his college applications was not mentioned.  Any common thread between Heidecker’s “comedic” performance and what Donald Trump might or might not say at the RNC is tenuous, if not non-existent.  The only nexus between the comedy routine and Trump appears to be Heidecker’s statement that if Trump had run for and won the presidency, “On Inauguration Day, he’d turn to Obama, and he’d go, ‘You’re fired!’

But how does that match up with HuffPo’s tweet?

Many of the other listings in the search for news about Donald Trump’s “surprise” are “old news” without any reference to Trump’s presentation being rescheduled as announced.  Such headlines published by The Post & Email on the evening of August 27, when the announcement was made, do not appear in the search.  Some articles still available report that Trump is “a victim of Isaac.”

One might speculate that if Trump was not “satisfied” with the long-form birth certificate presented to the public on April 27, 2011 and as a known fact had been in personal contact with Sheriff Arpaio, he would have had the resources to investigate details about Obama’s background not previously disclosed.  At the press conference on July 17, lead investigator Mike Zullo cast doubt on Obama’s parentage and said that there is no evidence he was born in Hawaii, as he claims.  Zullo also said he “has a problem” with Obama’s professed date of August 4, 1961.

The Huffington Post article concludes with:

Unfortunately, the delayed schedule to account for Hurricane Isaac caused convention organizers to cancel Trump’s speaking spot (you could even say that they fired him). But who knows? With Trump, we never can totally rule out when and where he’ll show up. And when he does, it will surely be a big surprise.

indicating that they do not know what Trump will say and that he has not yet said it.

Enlarged tweet from The Huffington Post giving the impression that Donald Trump’s “big surprise” has already been announced. The tweet no longer appears where it was.

What is the media afraid of?

A false statement in Trump’s Twitter feed has been attributed to the “GOP” stating:

While Donald Trump will not be attending the #GOP2012 convention, he says he remains available to the press to make stupid comments.”

How many of these “twitterers” are real people?  Or is one person behind all of them?

On August 18, NBC Political analyst Mark Halperin said that “the media is very susceptible to doing what the Obama campaign wants.”  How well has the Obama regime controlled them?


Editor’s Note:  As of publication time, the HuffPo tweet no longer appeared in Trump’s Twitter feed.

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  1. Why are the Democrats so worried about Obama’s image? Why don’t they just release his papers from the DNC Law Firm of Perkins Coie in Seattle that taxpayers have been billed over $3 million for to keep the usurpers background hidden, passport, college records and COB long form to the public? Every other president was an open book, WHY are we hiding Obama’s? Let the “Big Secret” out, stop lying to the American public, let the Criminal Presentments go to Discovery and let prosecution begin for Treason, Perjury and Election Fraud.

  2. Dear Editor,

    You ask what is the media afraid of!

    There maybe a few other thing but the big one that they are afraid of losing their job.

    Most of all the people that are unemployed would do just about anything just to have a job so they could feed and shelter their families.

    I wonder what is going on with the current unemployed for I don’t hear much about them on the local news.

    /S/ Steven Pattison