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by Sharon Rondeau

Gov. Jan Brewer will not allow illegal aliens identified by Obama as eligible to apply to remain in the country work permits or public benefits.

(Aug. 25, 2012) — The states of Texas, Nebraska and Arizona have refused to issue identification cards or extend public benefits to young illegals classified by Obama’s  executive order signed in June as eligible to remain and work in the United States.  The Kansas Secretary of State has filed a lawsuit on behalf of ten ICE agents who claim that the executive order has placed them in an “untenable” position.

“The Hill” called Obama’s executive order a “change in policy,” while others deemed it “bypassing Congress.”  Congress did not pass the “DREAM Act,” which Obama had wanted to sign, prompting Obama to issue the executive order, which ostensibly took effect on August 15. Advocates of the DREAM Act have stated that specific legislators should be “targeted” to advance the passage of the legislation.

But does any president have the constitutional authority to issue an executive order because Congress failed to act?  Article II, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution requires that the executive branch ascertain that “the laws be faithfully executed.”

One report states that executive orders are directed toward federal employees and cannot “direct the agencies to conduct illegal or unconstitutional activities.”  Is it not unconstitutional for laws passed by Congress to be ignored and replaced by an “order” from the executive branch of government?

Article IV, Section 4 grants the states “a Republican Form of Government, which is defined as “the powers of sovereignty are vested in the people.”  The same section of the Constitution also guarantees that the states will be protected “against Invasion.”  Although U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy stated in the majority opinion regarding Arizona’s immigration law passed in 2010 that immigration is “a federal matter,” Congress has not taken steps to enforce laws already passed, and the states have been paying the price.

In response to Obama’s executive order, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer issued one of her own directing state entities to preclude young illegals applying for work permits or “amnesty” “taxpayer-funded public benefits.”

Obama said issuing the executive order was “the right thing to do.”  Is presenting fraudulent documents to the American public of one’s historical records “the right thing to do?”  Wouldn’t releasing “the real truth” be better?

The cost of Obama’s order is estimated at $585,000,000, and “may…require hiring hundreds of new federal employees to process more than 1 million anticipated requests.”

Obama has signed a reported 923 executive orders during his time in the White House.

Obama justified his action by stating that young illegals “study in our schools…pledge allegiance to our flag,” but there have been instances where supporters of illegal immigrants have flown the Mexican flag above the American flag and threatened anyone who tried to take action, including local police.  At a Texas high school in May 2010, a student removed the display of a Mexican flag inside the school and was suspended for three days. The student’s mother described the Mexican flag as having “hung four feet higher than any other flag in the building” and that school administrators “hung up” on her when she tried to contact them about the incident and suspension.

On what authority does Obama claim to know that young illegal immigrants “pledge allegiance to our flag?”

In October 2007, a Mexican flag was flown above the American flag at a business in A veteran removed both flags and threw the Mexican flag on the sidewalk, then stated, “If they wanna fight us, then they need to be men…”

In 2008, several “young” women held up a Mexican flag at a gathering protesting illegal immigration in the United States.  In 2009, at a townhall meeting held to discuss the health care bill, a young wrapped himself in the Mexican flag and provoked a confrontation, resulting in his arrest by a group of police officers.

Another veteran tore down a Mexican flag flying at a university and was convicted of “criminal damage to property.”

A public school teacher in Santa Rita, CA called a picture drawn by a 13-year old student of an American “offensive.”  The student invoked her First Amendment right in an interview with Steve Doocy on Fox & Friends.  If teachers in American public schools find the American flag “offensive,” do they require that students, whether illegal immigrants or not, pledge their allegiance to it?

In 2006, a CNN commentator deplored an ordinance passed by Pahrump, NV prohibiting the flying of a foreign flag unless the American flag were on top of it.  The writer reasoned that since it is “legal” for an American flag to be burned, a foreign flag flying alone should not pose a problem and that the ordinance discriminated against Mexicans.

Illegal immigrants are often perpetrators of crimes, including murder.  While Obama’s executive order does not allow those convicted of felonies to remain in the country, the cost to taxpayers to incarcerate, try and deport illegal immigrants who break the law was estimated at $9 billion in the state of California in 2004.  Many privately-run prisons have lobbyied Congress to “boost detention dollars.”  The Associated Press reported on August 2 that approximately 400,000 “immigrants” are arrested and detained each year.

Another report estimates that $34,000 a year is spent on every incarcerated illegal immigrant by the taxpayers.

Many Americans have questioned whether or not Obama is himself an American citizen.  Businessman and author Donald Trump has stated on numerous occasions that he would like to see Obama’s college applications to discover whether or not he attended college with the aid of money available only to foreign students.

Obama stated in his book that he sought out the “foreign students” and “Chicanos” when he was a college student.   Why would that be?


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  1. GEE!!, can anybody remember “SOVEREIGN STATES”, or how to SPELL or READ the “Constitution of the United States of America?”