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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2012

(Aug. 22, 2012) — It is becoming vividly clear that the ‘new world order’ crowd is peppered like tentacles through out our country and international cartels that steal and redistribute wealth such as the U.N.  The New world order hides like the wealthy evil coward it is behind international and invented crises to steal money and control people.   Their bottom line plan when you cut through all the theater and sound bites is to keep a much smaller group of obedient serfs alive to make them money and control while killing off the rest. Starving this,  poor that,  warming and death to polar bears on and on….For a moment I forgot I was writing an article I so bored myself with their excuses.

Naturally, leaders in the mega monster international company Monsanto, with over 60,000 employees in 60 countries, controlling food and seed supplies wouldn’t admit to anything other than trying to save the starving and poor.  Like Obama, they CARE about starving and poor people. Let us have a moment of silence.

In truth, Monsanto is acting like other evil and greedy ‘yawn fest cartels.’  They hide behind the ‘Mother Teresa’ goals while spending billions to create alternative and terminator seeds that don’t survive past one crop and literally will create famine and starvation when poor farmers cannot afford to buy seed.   Mary Jo Olsen found in her research that Monsanto spent more than $6.7 billion buying up all kinds of agbiotech companies.

Sounding like a regular Leave it to Beaver’ revival,  Monsanto spent $33 billion to merge with American Home products.   Here,  have some genetically altered cookies.  Do I see slime coming out of your mouth?  I’m sure it is just the lighting in the room.

Poor farmers supply food for nearly 1.4 billion people in the world and they cannot afford to buy new seed each season.  Farmers have had the age-old right and tradition of holding back seed from their current crops to grow the next season.  That common sense and safe way of growing crops is being stolen in front of our eyes.  Hope Shand states:  “half the world’s farmers are poor and can’t afford to buy seed every growing season, yet poor farmers grow 15 to 20% of the world’s food and they directly feed at least 1.4 billion people”   Here, have another cookie.

This plan to control all food and seed has been in the works for decades.  Clear back in 1998 the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and Delta & Pine Land Company of Mississippi announced to all their new patent (US# 5,723,765) which uses genetic engineering to make a plant sterilize itself by destroying all its embryos.  It is classic organized crime.  Come back to God Father to do business or else.

How was this kind of patent and movement allowed here and around the world when research is everywhere as to the danger of genetically altered seeds? We also see the increase in cost of seeds around the world to poor farmers and a Frankenstonian dictatorship being carved our worldwide by Monsanto?

Monopolies in food and seed supply must be stopped.  Our leadership must be awakened as to the profound dangers to our health and food supply here and abroad.  This is classic ‘New world order’  and must be attacked and reversed!

Big Pharma – other control and killing weapon

Critical and planned attacks include keeping people mentally and physically sick.  Drugs make billions and Drug cartels did back door deals with Obama in Obama care,  none of which serves the people.  They only hurt the people.

George Lundberg, MD Editor-at-Large,  MedPage Today, exposes the horrible sellouts and comprises of Big Pharma.  One case he highlights involves GlaxoSmithKline LLC. It pleaded guilty to unlawfully promoting drugs for uses not approved by the FDA, b) failure to report safety data, and c) civil liability for alleged false price reporting practices.

The Associated Press exposed the marketing to doctors offering Madonna concerts, high-paid speaking tours, European hunting trips and fancy resort vacations.

I have been awe struck over the last decade of attacks against the natural health industry and affordable/generic medicine.  With Obama care moving in like a NAZI tank with guns a blazing, masses already have seen their health insurance costs soar, options of care destroyed and lines growing around the block for care.

On a personal level, I am covered by my husband’s health insurance.  We have seen all this last year his monthly rates go up while care has been cut back in several areas.  More cost for less care.  One of the threats Obama gave insurance companies was that either they paid for the premium medication or provided nothing.  Generic medication coverage was not allowed.  I have hypothyroid and have needed to take a daily pill for years to provide what I need.  I was covered under my husband’s insurance until Obama gave the insurance carriers the threat and ultimatum to only cover the premium medicine or nothing.  My husband’s insurance company chose nothing.  This only hurts hundreds of thousands of average American citizens who now will not get covered medicine because of Obama’s absurd ultimatum.

Attack also on mental health

www.bigpharma.com has uncovered disturbing trends with mental illness stats:

$25 Billion:  Amount spent on anti-depressants and anti-psychotics by Americans in 2007

1-in-76: Americans receiving SSI or SSDI due to ‘mental illness’ in 2007.

1-in 184: Americans receiving SSI or SSDI due to ‘mental illness’ in 1987

1 in 468: Americans hospitalized with’mental illness’ in 1955.

My Ph.D. is in Mental Health – Alcohol and Drugs.  I have noticed the growing and big business for decades now of convincing people of their mental illness.  There are so many trendy titles now for ‘mental  illness’ you could not possibly keep track.  However, big Pharma has a lovely anti-depressant and anti-psychotic for you.  Please don’t get better but feel distracted, sedated,  dull and avoid doing anything of substance ever again in your life.  Aren’t drugs the answer?  As a Ph.D. myself,  I recognize that sometime mental health drugs are needed, but RARELY.  I believe this is becoming another cartel to hurt and control masses of people.  Oh yes…and to make big Pharma billions.

Real progress and healing comes from eating options and natural foods, not genetically modified seeds and controls.  Real healing comes from medical options, especially access to affordable-generic drugs and herbal and natural health products.  Instead,  we see the contrived war against health and medical options for the common person.  We must draw continued lines in the sand and DEMAND real health options.

In my ongoing interviews with Dr. Alberto Ruiz on air  www.bestbloodsupport.com  he has discovered a natural and affordable herb MDS 40 in the rain forest of Guatemala, which has been found with most of his customers to turn Diabetes completely around.  How is this not huge national news?  I’ll tell you why, it is affordable, natural and herbal, not BIG PHARMA and not making fat cats rich.  It is simply against the ‘new world order’ agenda and rules to actually get people healthy.  Worse for Big Pharma,  Dr. Ruiz even offers a money back guarantee if someone’s blood level doesn’t achieve normal levels within 30 days.  Check for yourself.  Options matter folks.

We must vote in real leaders who are patriots who love freedom and our Constitution.  We must demand the destruction and dismantling of Obamacare.  We must demand the investigation and dismantling of Monsanto and its controls on seeds and farming.  We must demand more choices with natural medicine and herbs.  Big Pharmacy back door deals with politicians must be stopped and arrests should be made to stop their out of control influence on politicians and medicine.

Join me 7-10pm PAC each day at www.therothshow.com Speak your mind and do not back down.

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