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by Sharon Rondeau

Julian Assange is an Australian citizen accused by two Swedish women of assault and who the FBI is reportedly investigating for the information he released through his website, Wikileaks.org, in 2010

(Aug. 21, 2012) — The founder of a website which divulged thousands of pages of sensitive U.S. military information has called on “President Obama” from his place of refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to end the FBI’s persecution of him.

The release of the information, termed “diplomatic cables,” was considered serious enough for the Obama regime to institute a criminal investigation into how it was obtained.  Wikileaks is said to have published approximately 90,000 documents considered classified by the Pentagon.  Assange claimed that some of his revelations helped to prevent a war between the United States and Iran five years ago.  Some of the information made public pertained to the war in Afghanistan, particularly in regard to monies expended and the alleged resurgence of the Taliban.

Assange claimed that his Wikileaks.org was a whistleblower website and that the U.S. is conducting a “witch hunt.”  Much of the sensitive information was released in 2010.

The UK Telegraph today reported that Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin criticized Obama for “not doing enough to prevent the latest release of secret US documents” via the website owned by Assange.  Palin’s former email account’s contents were reportedly released by Wikileaks as well as an operating manual pertaining to the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

PFC Bradley Manning of the U.S. Army has been charged with leaking the information to Assange.  The pre-trial hearing was  presided over by Col. Denise Lind, who had also presided over the case of former Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, who had questioned Barack Hussein Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president and commander-in-chief.  At that time, Lind refused to allow discovery into Obama’s background or birth record, claiming that something contained therein might prove “embarrassing” to Obama.

Like Lakin, Manning might be court-martialed and allegedly received “unlawful pretrial treatment” in the form of being placed in a maximum security prison and “mistreatment” on the part of his jailers.  Also was Lakin for five months, Manning is currently imprisoned at Ft. Leavenworth, KS.

While Eric Holder ordered a criminal investigation by the FBI, Holder himself has been held in criminal contempt of Congress, and his Justice Department said it will not act against him.

Manning joined the Army in 2007, the same year Wikileaks was launched.  But is Manning the leaker or the source of the information?  Assange has not said whether or not the information he received came from Manning.  Are other individuals involved?

Manning has reportedly identified himself as “a source” to Wikileaks when it was in operation.  Some of his supporters, which include Iraq war veterans, have “occupied” Obama campaign headquarters to protest Manning’s 800+ days in prison without having had his military tribunal, or court-martial.  The Army has reportedly said that it has investigated Manning supporters around the world.

If the Army can investigate them, can it not investigate Obama’s Connecticut social security number, allegedly forged birth certificates, and forged Selective Service registration?  Or are they afraid they will receive the same treatment which Lakin did, described in his recently-released book entitled Officer’s Oath?

He reportedly had access to more than 250,000 pages of classified information which he shared with a “hacker” named Adrian Lamo.  Lamo reported Manning’s revelations to the FBI, which resulted in Manning’s arrest in Kuwait, where he had been serving.

Assange is asking Obama to release Manning from the prison in which he is being held.  Manning has been charged with “aiding the enemy” by releasing the classified information, and his hearing is scheduled to begin on September 21.

Obama himself has been accused of leaking sensitive information critical to U.S. national security, including by former Navy SEALS involved in the cornering and killing of Osama bin Laden.  Former CIA operatives have said that Obama “recklessly” leaked national security information “to gain political advantage.”  Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Democrat leader of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee, stated in an interview that information regarding a computer virus launched jointly by the U.S. and Israel against Iran and other sensitive material were leaked by “the White House.” Sen. John McCain, the ranking member on the committee, identified “Obama” as being responsible, even if he did not “do it himself.”

The day after her interview, Feinstein back-pedaled, stating that she “regretted speculating” about who had been responsible for the leaks, which were declared damaging and “unconscionable.”  Obama has reportedly called for the prosecution of the leaker.

Did the leaker of that information also aid the enemy?  Obama has said that “in some cases,” leaks are “criminal.”  Is the FBI investigating Obama or his close staffers?

Why is Assange calling personally upon Obama to stop the investigation against him?

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  1. Assange committed espionage, Manning was a spy and anyone who aids either is a criminal, a traitor to this nation. Spies do not “leak” information, they transmit it to our enemies and it is no defense to claim that divulging it in the public arena is not proof of intent to aid an enemy. The whole purpose of controlling who has access is to deny broad release. Ask Obama about denying release of his own documents and the power of secrecy becomes apparent.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: And who will ask him?